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The spokesman for the Diclonius race finished his speech. He exchanged a few words with the human spokesman, and a few of them rather harsh. Though there was clearly racism involved, the worldwide discussion seemed to go rather well. Or, at least, it could have been worse.

With a sigh, Kohta shut off the TV, feeling somewhat satisfied with the way things had turned out. It was a slow process, but ever since the Diclonius race had come out into the open, things had begun to progress. Society was indeed very uncomfortable with this discovery, and there was indeed a lot of racism, probably the worst the world had ever seen, but things were improving.

Truthfully, Kohta had been surprised with the amount of Diclonius had been hiding in the world. There had been a lot of fear over the new race. A lot of people wouldn't accept them. Even in America, where all men were created equally, the Diclonius had struggled to find their place in the world.

But there was progress; that was the important thing. It would take time, just like when the slaves were freed, just like when women received equal rights as men, but society was beginning to accept the change. It would take many years, just as it did in the past with other cultures and races, but eventually human and Diclonius would be made equal. It was like the aftermath of a war, when the two warring countries had to learn to get along with their forming enemies. Sure there was hostility, and there would always be people who were too cruel to look beyond the horns, just as there were people who couldn't see beyond different skin color, different religions, different genders, and any other differences in people.

That isn't to say that there weren't those that didn't accept the Diclonius. Though a majority of society was finding accepting these new people to be hard, there were those that greeted the Diclonius with open arms. Even marriages between humans and Diclonius was becoming more common, though the offspring were always Diclonius. It was simple evolution, and while some accepted it, most couldn't.

Aside from being different, the biggest reason humanity had trouble accepting the Diclonius was out of fear. It was true that Diclonius could be very dangerous if provoked, and there had been much violence. Even for a Diclonius, murder was not acceptable. They were now legally equal to humans, which meant that they still had to follow the laws of society. And though there was violence anyway, it was getting better.

Kohta shook his head. He just didn't understand why it was so hard for people to accept the differences in others. People were people. It didn't matter if they had horns or not, just like it didn't matter what a person's religion was, skin color was, gender was, or racial background was. Size, weight, color, beliefs, sexual preference, age, disabilities, none of that mattered. Everyone was the same. If only society could accept that, then there would be a world without hatred and racism.

Turning away from such dark thoughts, Kohta began going through the mail. His eyes lit up when he came across one letter in particular. "Hey, we got a letter from Mayu and Nana."

"Oh?" Lucy came into the room. "How are they doing?"

Kohta grinned as his eyes scanned the letter. "They're really enjoying the college life. Wow, Mayu's joined three different clubs. I hope she'll still have time to finish all her work. Oh, it seems Nana has a boyfriend."

"Really?" That caught Lucy's interest. "And who is this boyfriend?"

Kohta finished reading the letter. "Doesn't say. She wants it to be a surprise. Says she's going to introduce him when we get together over the summer."

"Which reminds me, did Yuka ever R.S.V.P. for the party?"

Kohta looked through the rest of the mail, not finding one from Yuka. "No, not yet. But she is studying abroad. It'll take a while to hear back from her."

Lucy sighed. The hostility between her and Yuka had vanished over the years

Looking down, she lightly stroked the pink hair of the bundle she was holding. "She better come. She can't miss Nyu's first birthday."

Setting the mail aside, Kohta walked over to his wife, smiling down at the infant girl in her arms. The fact that the child had horns didn't even register to Kohta. All he saw was his beloved daughter. "How is she?"

Lucy ran her finger over the child's soft cheek. "She fell asleep a few minutes ago."

"I just wish she would let us sleep at night." Kohta joked, recalling all the times Nyu had woken them up with her crying, wanting to eat, play, have her diaper changed, or whatever.

"She's worth it." said Lucy, placing a kiss on her daughter's head. "I'm going to make sure she had everything I never did. She'll have all the love and happiness that was denied to me."

Kohta wrapped an arm around her. "I just wish I could have given you a happy childhood as well."

"It's ok." Lucy told him, feeling absolutely at peace. "It was worth it."


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