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Chapter 1

Class was hellish that day. Edward was out on a "camping trip", which left me to deal with Mike, Jessica, and their constant chatter all day. I walked into Bio still hoping my Bronze haired Adonis (heehee) would be sitting in his seat, even though I had said goodbye that morning. I was also hoping the 'back off' vibes I was giving out would keep Mike at bay, but he was as oblivious as always. I fingered the lightning bolt shaped pendant that I now hung on the outside of my clothing. Since my "little trip" to New York, I had taken up the habit of wearing it every day. Not that I could leave it at home, my father had made it so no matter what I did, it always appeared around my neck. I usually just tucked it under my blouse.

Maybe I haven't been too clear. I, Isabella Marie Swan, am the daughter of Zeus. Renée Dwyer is my mother, and Thalia Grace is my sister. I had been living, not in Arizona, but in New York for the majority of my life. About two weeks ago, I rushed off to help Percy and Annabeth defeat the Titan, Kronos. While there I kicked some major monster ass, but I also lost one of my best friends in the world. Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite. And one of the bravest half-bloods I know.

Needless to say, Edward was quite pissed when I got back from my mysterious and unplanned New York vacation, with some minor cuts, bruises and sprains. I still haven't been "ungrounded" as I like to call it. I can't so much as breathe without Edward's permission. But he had to hunt, so I'm free to practice my sword skills and Iris message my friends all I want. Until Sunday, that is.

My blade is much like Percy's, but lighter. Her name is Cirrus; she is Celestial Bronze with wispy white patterns across the blade. The hilt has a lightning bolt engraved in gold. The symbol of my father, and a way to let any monsters know they've screwed with the wrong half-blood. Cirrus is also a way to channel electricity into my opponent.

Mr. Banner started droning on about the correct way to hold the microscopes we would be using tomorrow. I didn't pay attention, since we had all learned this in 8th grade. My attention instead was focused at the clock. Today was an early release because of some mega wicked important national announcement, so this class was the last of the day.

One hydra head and two hydra heads and 3 hydra heads and…


I gratefully jumped out of my seat and bolted from the classroom at a speed to rival Edward's (well, not really). I jogged across the parking lot to my car, and after dropping my keys in numerous puddles, I managed to get the cab unlocked. I joined the queue out of school, and prayed silently for the line to move faster.


I hadn't even unlocked the front door when a suspicious looking mailman popped out of nowhere.

"Lord Hermes." I said, inclining my head as pulled out the key and unlocked the door. I expected him to smile jovially at me, deliver a letter from camp (or perhaps my father) then disappear in the blink of an eye the way gods usually do. But he seemed tense.

"Bella. I've been sent to retrieve you and Annabeth and bring you to New York right away. There is a pressing matter to which we must all attend." I sighed. Trouble, and not even a month after the last epic battle.

"Sure, Hermes. Just let me write a note to my stepdad and I'll be ready to go. "

He snapped his fingers. "No need, already taken care of. Now, just one more stop in San Francisco and we can begin."

"Begin what?" I asked. But the messenger god ignored me, and in a flash of green light we were standing on a small boat in San Francisco bay.

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