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Bella POV

I felt my feet digging deep into the earth as we looped around the westernmost section of the forest; the heaviness of my armor was a weight that I hadn't felt accustomed to in many months. The red team had gone charging en masse more towards the east, so we sent those more accustomed to hand to hand first towards the midsection, next the archers a little to the west of their location, and we brought up the rear with the flag. It was our hope that the fighters would keep any Red Team members occupied while the Archers got into place in the trees, and then both groups would be able to pick off any invaders before they got to us.

But of course we had two of our trump cards, Emmett and Jasper, stand guard along with the Stoll brothers and about ten of Hermes' stealthiest kids hiding in the undergrowth surrounding the flag.

It was awhile before we arrived at the location Jasper had found on the map. We had arrived in a small clearing; archers were already getting into position about 30 yards away from our location.

"See? The trees grow very tall in this area, perfect for the archers. And they're close enough together that it won't be easy to see anyone if you're on the ground. But in the air, you've been spotted before it's even crossed your mind." Jasper was sounding very proud of himself, and very sure. Clearly getting him on our team was good in more ways than one. "so where do you think we should put the flag?" Percy responded. He seemed to be in awe of Jasper, and Jasper had definitely noticed.

He didn't answer at first, but Jasper's head darted around until he saw what he was looking for. The branches of the trees, all a deep redish brown, were draped with vines so thick they seemed to be woven into delicate, leafy blankets. He walked about 10 paces in the direction we'd just come, pulled a sheath of vines from their branch, walked about 15 more and grabbed another. He jogged back to us and hung them on the edge of the clearing.

"See, if you do it just so… yes, see how natural it looks? No one would think twice. It's nice and thick. It's like a tent." He looked almost like an artisan, pulling the vines to the positions he wanted. Some of his golden hair had fallen across his forehead, but in his determination he hadn't noticed. Emmett stood still for once, like a statue, holding the flag as gingerly as he could. Percy was shifting from foot to foot, the Stolls and their siblings were goofing off just out of sight.

He paused for a moment when he was done to admire his work before coming back into a standing position just in front of Emmett. "I'm all finished here. Emmett, you come around the back." I think Emmett is tensing up before the fight, because he was really in the zone. He had on this look of deep concentration, and followed Jasper wordlessly around the trees until they were positioned just behind the canopy Jasper had just set up. After a few gestures and near-silent murmers between the two, Emmett navigated himself in the depths of the vines and shrubbery, Jasper made him disappear.

Rosalie, who had been far back and still to the point where I had forgotten she was there, touched my elbow carefully and said, "let's begin our hunt. Shall we?" she held her hand out for me to take. Her closeness surprised me, but it was her subtle excitement and the hint of playfulness that caught me off guard. She was acting almost friendly, and I shot her a small, wicked smirk. "yes, lets."

Edward POV

It took some getting used to, but after the teams began to settle into their positions and their minds became more familiar, I was able to paint a clear enough picture for Chiron. "The red team has their flag at the base of those hills, they have Alice guarding the flag. That's good, because Jasper and Emmett are guarding the blue flag in the thick of the forest, over by the river. I've seen them spar before, and I don't know if I want to see it again."

Chiron nodded and motioned for me to continue. "Jasper has a pretty logical set up over to the west. They have small pockets of fighters waiting to ambush the red team's offense, some reasonably skilled archers behind them, and a rough circle of Hermes kids around the flag, which Emmett has. It's very well camouflaged, and Jasper has himself hidden nearby. Their offensive is led by Bella, Rosalie and Percy. It seems that many of the children of Demeter are skilled with small wooden spears tipped with celestial bronze. There's about ten of them total, and about 15 children of Hermes along with them. Their offensive is much smaller than their defensive, though a little more skilled. On the red team, they have their best archers from Apollo in a circle around their flag. The offensive is really just a roaming pack of Ares children led by Carlisle, and I'm not too sure what Esme is doing. I believe she helped the children of Aphrodite, who used their experience in cosmetics to disguise the archers and those guarding the flag. I think even Rosalie will have trouble spotting them when their troop pushes forward." That last part gave me a little punch to the gut. I knew the archers weren't aiming to kill, but the risk had me on the verge of running into the fray myself.

Alice POV

It honestly surprised me at first that I was allowed to play when Edward wasn't. I mean, until I realized who was on my team. I mean, you don't want to pit Edward against Bella, because he'll be useless. And putting them on the same team will make her useless. And then putting Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett on a team together? It's like they wanted to crush us. Esme is useless in a fight, unless it's life or death. For sport? Not so much. And Carlisle will try his hardest, he really will. But he's a pacifist, honestly. I don't want to toot my own horn, but with my visions I'm sort of supporting my team on my own.

I thanked the tiny Aphrodite girl who smeared mud on my face. Though I dislike squatting in the underbrush covered in filth, I'm not as vain as Rosalie not to appreciate the work the girl did. It seemed like she didn't deserve all of the Aphrodite stereotypes, because she was a magnificent artist.

I watched her dart away; she slid between thin trees like a deer. I fixed my eyes on the Apollo kids in front of me, their backs taught, facing away from the flag. The only way they could ever be seen was from the direction the blue team wouldn't be coming from. I closed my eyes and focused on the visions. They were unusually hazy, but I was determined to glean something useful. We had to have some advantage, after all.

And then, as if someone had flipped a switch, everything went impenetrably black.

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