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Title: Biology
Harry Potter (AKA James Toland), Julie Reynolds, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Adam Weasley, Maple Weasley, Robert Denton, Gaius Malfoy, and Ophelia Vivas
Pairings: Harry/Severus, Ron/Hermione
: Drama
Words per Chapter:
AU from book four on, het, slash, Muggle world, violence, language, post-war, hiding Harry, life left behind, and the standard whatever else this demented author thinks up.
The war ended and Harry Potter disappeared. Years later, a young secondary school science teacher runs into some people from his past. The life he had will be changed forever as they try to drag him back into their world.
This is one of those stories where Harry leaves the Wizarding world. Since this is still in the UK, I have done as much research as possible to get the education system accurate. I've even had one of my friends in England helping me with information. Yet, I might get something wrong since this is not the system I'm use to, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make. Also, this story is dedicated to my good friend Daeleniel Shadowphyre, who seems to like this story for some reason.

Chapter 1: James

James Toland experienced yet another day in his life as a secondary school science teacher. He had already spent quite a bit of his morning listening to the female students giggling over him being hot, at least in their opinion. He hadn't had too many classes so far that day, but he was already exhausted and frustrated. He was use to listening to the girls' gossip about him, and he had learned to not react to it. But it didn't mean that he wasn't tired of it, and he disliked it more when it was early in the year.

At that moment, however, James sat in the employee lunch room, trying to enjoy a quiet lunch. He sparingly glanced at the others that ate their leftovers, lunch meat sandwiches, and whatever other food they had picked up before settling there. They were all talking to each other, though James preferred to remain silent over talking with the other teachers. It was only the beginning of a new school year, but everyone already knew him, except the woman that was seated across from him. She ate; her silence was welcome over the others. James didn't mind, though he kept his eyes away from her tuna fish sandwich. He focused instead on his Thai style cucumber salad. Most of his co-workers looked at him strangely for his food, but he thought that it was better that he was eating fresh food. Plus there was the fact that he was a vegan, though it was only in his diet. He had spent a lot of time researching to make sure he got everything he needed nutrient wise anyways.

The woman looked at him as she chewed on her sandwich. She didn't look away at all. She only watched him. She decided to speak after a moment. Clearing her throat after swallowing, she got his attention. "Hi, my name is Julie, Julie Reynolds. I'm teaching history here. What do you teach?" She didn't even ask who he was. He looked down at his food and ate another bite. He was slowly chewing at that bite of salad.

"I teach science, though I also teach Biology since that's my speciality." He hadn't spoken until he had swallowed the food in his mouth. He didn't offer his name since she hadn't asked. He was not always one to speak a lot, at least around new people. It was a habit he had gained a long time earlier, not that anybody knew exactly where that was. James had just gone to thinking about his next set of classes for the day. He had to go through the syllabi in his head, since they were not exactly the same.

Julie frowned at his lack of a response. She thought he would say a bit more than he had. "So what's your name then? Have you been teaching long? This is my first day here." She seemed to want to have a conversation with him. James finished his salad at last and looked at her.

"My name is James Toland and I have only been teaching a couple of years. Plus, the first year and day are the hardest." He closed the plastic container and stuck it in his bag with the fork. James seemed to be slightly aloof right then, though that was kind of normal for him. He looked back at her and took in her appearance. She had a bob cut that he didn't think looked very good for her face. She was slightly podgy. He noted that she could stand to get more sun, as she was very pale with matching brown hair and eyes. James just sat up straight in his chair instead of bothering to lean back. He wasn't that fond of slouching anyways, which is what a lot of the others did.

Julie gave him a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you James. I've taught before, but I had to change to a different school. I want to see how schools run differently. I mean, I know private are different from public, but it's all complicated. Especially when you add that each school is different from the other as well." She finished the last bite of her sandwich.

James only gave a nod in response. He then stood up. "If you'll excuse me, I have a few last minute preparations for my classes this afternoon." He grabbed his bag and left the staff room. Julie sat there, shocked. She hadn't ever met anybody that disappeared that quickly.

Another teacher looked at her. "Oh, don't worry about James, he's quite aloof really. A strange one he is. Half the staff believes that he's keeping some very big secrets from everyone. It's best that you don't try to be his friend, it will likely amount to nothing." Julie looked at the teacher, who happened to be a woman. Her jaw had dropped at the woman's casual dismissal of her colleague. That annoyed her more than anything, for they were supposed to work together, not insult each other.

Julie stood. "That is the worse thing I've heard in my life. He's a colleague; you should show him some kindness. If you act like this, it's no wonder he doesn't interact with anyone." She then left the room. Many of the other teachers only shrugged after she left. As far as they were concerned, she could try as hard as she wanted. They had all attempted to get him out of his shell at one point, it never worked. All they were left with was silence and an estranged teacher.

Julie found his classroom with relative ease. Many girls stood there giggling. James seemed oblivious as he moved around the room gathering materials for his class. She managed to shoo the girls off, getting dirty looks in the process. She only shook her head and made her way into the classroom. It seemed typical of any science classroom she had seen. There were many different pieces in the room. His wooden desk was in front of the class. She noticed because of its height and the stacks of papers. James seemed like a highly composed man, yet his desk was a complete mess.

"May I help you?" Julie jumped and saw James standing in front of her, not having expected him there. She immediately felt like squirming under his gaze, which his crossed arms did not help to dilute. Julie instead looked at the floor to help gather her composure. She hadn't expected him to be somewhat hard looking.

Once she felt certain enough, she looked at him again. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to talk. Can we? I mean, you seem like a nice person." She smiled at him. His arms uncrossed and he nodded with a slight sigh. Julie felt like she had gotten a small victory. That was more than the others had apparently gotten. She kind of wondered why that was, but wasn't going to question her good fortune.

James gestured her to come into the room more. He moved over to his desk and began to straighten up the mess of papers. "I'm sorry this might be awkward. I don't usually see such persistence in a member of the staff." He wasn't looking at her. He was organizing his papers rather methodically. It appeared as if the mess was instead related to his students rather than his own behaviour. "Sorry about this mess. The students like to randomly pile the papers up. They don't seem to have the ability to do it neatly." He hadn't looked up just yet. "This is what I get from summer assignments. We have those in the science department here. I honestly hate them."

Julie watched as several stacks appeared as he continued to organize. All the papers were neatly typed and obviously been some kind of research paper. "No, I understand. It really can be frustrating." James nodded in agreement as he continued his clean-up. "So, why did you decide to be a science teacher? If you don't mind me asking that is." James finally looked at her, a new stack partially in his hands.

"No, I don't mind. Actually, nobody's ever asked me before. Really, I like kids, which explains the teacher part. I rather liked teaching when I did so at the boarding school I attended. As for science, not a big fan of Chemistry, but I do love biology, I found that out when I took a biology AS-level. I had been thinking of possibly maths before, or maybe something arty, but I enjoyed the biology class more. Plus, you sort of can't teach unless you know science. But it works, even if I don't like chemistry." He chuckled at the last part, since he apparently found it amusing. He went back to sorting his stacks once again.

Julie nodded. "So, if you like biology, why not become a doctor?" James looked at her with a raised eyebrow and chuckled. That made her blush at the thought of him laughing at her.

"Quite simple really, I didn't want to. I wanted to teach, and I happen to really enjoy biology. It all works out and it allows me to do to things I like, teach and work in the biology field. As I said, the only real downside is teaching the regular science classes, but there's a downside to every job." He finished with the one stack he had in his hands. There were still more that needed to be created, but at least there was some organization appearing. He looked back at the papers, but he did reach up and reflexively brush his bangs from his forehead. She instantly noticed the odd scar that his bangs had been hiding.

Julie watched him for a moment. "That's a rather interesting scar. Where did you get it?" The question came faster than Julie could think. James looked at her. He seemed a bit startled. He automatically flattened his fringe against his forehead. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to ask that, it sort of came out."

James sighed after a moment and tightened the ponytail he had. "No, it's a normal reaction to my scar. I generally try to keep it covered up with make-up. I got it as an infant. It has faded a lot since then, but it's still somewhat noticeable." He the looked at the clock over the door of his room and saw the time. "You should head to your classroom; it's almost time for class." She nodded. Julie watched him as she left. He was a strange person, but at least she had gotten him to talk, though the scar had caught her interest, whatever it meant.

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