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Chapter 6

Snape stepped out of the fireplace and immediately started looking around the medical ward for Madam Pomfrey. He did not have to wait long as she had heard them arrive and was coming to greet them.

"Ah Professor Snape, the Headmaster said you would be stopping by with a new student" said a middle aged woman with slightly graying hair. She looked from him to Nequam.

"Good Heavens child, you look like you're about to faint." And indeed Nequam had gone very white and looked as if she might be sick.

"Come and sit" Madam Pomfrey said leading the shaken girl to the nearest bed. "Was this your first time traveling by floo powder?"

Nequam swallowed and said softly "Yes, Madam"

Madam Pomfrey nodded "I thought as much" she said. Then she pulled out a piece of wrapped chocolate from her pocket "Here eat this, it'll help."

"I must inform the Headmaster of our arrival" said Snape. Then he turned and walked swiftly out of the hospital ward. Nequam paled further as he left and then she was alone with the strict looking nurse.

"Eat the chocolate dear, it will make you feel better" said the nurse again.

Nequam unwrapped the chocolate and took a small bite and was surprised when she instantly started to feeling better. She took a larger bite enjoying the treat that she had rarely been allowed in the past.

"That's better. You're getting some of your color back now" said Pomfrey smiling slightly, kneeling down so that she was closer to small girl's level. "My name is Madam Pomfrey, I am the Matron and nurse in charge of the Hospital wing here at Hogwarts."

The small girl nodded and said "I'm Nequam Riddle, Madam."

"Yes, I know. The Headmaster told me about you. He said that you had been living on the streets?"

"Yes, Madam" Nequam said looking down feeling scared and ashamed.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Your safe here" said Pomfrey softly placing a hand on Nequam's shoulder.

Nequam looked back up at her and although her face still looked somewhat strict, her eyes were warm, full of patience and compassion. And Nequam felt the tight coil of fear in her belly start to unravel. She felt as if she could trust Madam Pomfrey; that she would be safe and she didn't have to be so afraid anymore. She smiled softly and said "thank you."

Madam Pomfrey smiled back "you're welcome" she said rubbing Nequam's shoulder softly.

"Now you should try and get some sleep. You've had a long day" she said as she stood back up and pulled a bottle out from her robes.

"I would like for you to drink this" she said, holding it out for Nequam to take "It's a Dreamless Sleep Potion; it will ensure a good night's sleep and aid in your recuperation."

Nequam cautiously took the bottle and brought it closer to peer at its contents. The liquid inside was purple and gave off a faint glow. She removed the lid and moved it to her nose; it was odorless. She took a small swallow; it tasted odd but not nasty or harmful. Quickly drinking the rest, she replaced the lid and handed the now empty bottle back to Madam Pomfrey. The effects were fast and she lay down on the bed, her eyes filling heavy. The last thing she was aware of was being covered with a blanket before she fell into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.