Me: Well, this is a first....The fanficton author being a mere commentator on the character's writing...

Fang: Well, you have a thing for 'firsts', Saint...

Me: Yes, yes. So...This is your fic. Tell 'em about it, Fang.

Fang: I don't want to.

Me: Why?

Fang: 'Cause it was still your idea!

Me: No! You were the one who said "You keep posting this crap, and I never even get a say!"

Fang: Yeah, but I didn't mean for you to take my journal and turn it into a Fanfiction!

Me: Why do you have a journal, anyway?

Fang: ....College Comp. teacher's idea....

Me: Awww....Are you embarrassed?

Fang: No and shut up.

Me: Alright....You're still agreeing to do this, though?

Fang: You won't give me a choice...

Me: Then add what needs to be added...

Fang: Not sure how to do this...

Do I Need a Disclaimer? Would J.P. Really Sue Me?: Well, just in case J.P. is that messed up, I....Don't own myself? How screwed-up is that? I don't own the Maximum Ride book franchise, how about that? That makes more sense...

Jingle Bells

Ari smells

Did Max just lay an egg?

This Fanfiction stuff...

When will enough be enough?

I might go insane...



Jingle Bells

I can't tell

Which Iggy is which...

Or who's with who,

Or who's with two

Or who may not exist


Dashing through Saint's house

Looking for escape.

There's no way out in sight.

Especially with Pook' and Spif'.


She writes disturbing things

Figgy, Mylan, and more.

And her friends are just as bad!

Where is the exit door?


Jingle Bells

Jeb means 'Hell'

Iggy's down under

At least, I think

This really stinks

That guy sure gets around...



Jingle Bells

Dylan smells

He's a real Dill Weed.

Wish he'd die

I'd let out a sigh

I'd be down one enemy!


Fanfiction freaks me out

Things happen that scare me

All kinds of strange pairings

And plot bunnies running free!


Don't know where the authors

Get there wacky plots

I think that drugs may be involved

To come up with such strange thoughts!


Jingle Bells

MR sells

J.P. makes more dough

Has he forgotten

Without me

Down the drain MR will go.



Jingle Bells

Oh what the Hell?

This song goes on too long

I better cease

This ongoing piece

Before I become one of 'them'.

Me: It's funny. And catchy.

Fang: Whatever...

Me: Ahhh...And the master writer scoffs at his own work. A sign of one of true talent...

Fang: You sound like our College Comp. teacher.

Me: You think you're the only one that picks stuff up from her?

Fang: Obviously not.

Me: So...Let's go pull other cool stuff out of your journal!

Fang: Saint...Please....

R&R? Well, you don't have to...It's a question, after all. I mean, you probably think it's stupid by now, anyway, and people are just gonna leave me comments aking fun of me....Or flaming me....Or-

Me: Fang. Rule #1. Just say R&R and leave it at that. Goes with Rule #2. Confidence.

Fang: Sure....