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It had been 20 years since the end of elementary school, 17 years since the end of middle school, and 13 years since the end of high school and the end of their academic careers at Wayside School. "The Original 28," Mrs. Jewels liked to call them. And now they were all in their early 30s and did not need any new education.

Although sometimes they did need some new learning. That was different.

Was Wayside different without them? Well, you might say that. Hardly any of the kids who were there now were quite as wacky as they were. But the teachers hadn't changed a bit.

Mrs. Jewels still taught on the thirtieth floor. The second generation of her class loved her just as much as her original class did. She was still very nice. She was still very smart, maybe even smarter. And for an old lady, she was still very pretty.

Since she was older now, her new class was quite a handful to deal with, especially Sarah Fry, Sarah Ovens and Sarah Bacon. (Mrs. Jewels knew they had to be the offspring of some of the Original 28, but she couldn't figure out whose.) At least, they would have been quite a handful without the help of her teacher's aide, Mavis.

"All right, maybe she's not so much a teacher's aide as she is my daughter who's reluctantly helping out when she'd rather be off somewhere listening to some trashy music. Stop pestering me about it!" Mrs. Jewels snapped.

You heard her. Tell her you're sorry for pestering her about it.

Speaking of Mavis, after her encounter with her, Miss Wendy Nogard had become a completely different person. She no longer felt a need to hide her eary secret from the world, although she never told anyone about her mind-reading abilities. And speaking of her mind-reading abilities, you'll be relieved to know that she only used them for good now.

You'll also be happy to know that Miss Nogard was now Mrs. Nogard. Not long after they first got together, she married Wayside's yard teacher, Louis. Louis still worked at Wayside, although he wasn't the yard teacher anymore. He was the school's architectural director, and he led the construction workers in building a new 19th story in the building, since the old one didn't exist. The construction work started on November 11.

On a completely different note, on November 12, Miss Zarves suddenly dropped dead in the middle of class. Her students had no idea why or what to do.

Ms. Mush was still the cook. Although, technically, she didn't really cook much anymore. Most of the food served in the cafeteria was older than the Original 28. Some of it was older than Mrs. Jewels. Some of it might have even been older than Ms. Mush herself. Nobody could be entirely sure.

Mr. Gorf and Mrs. Drazil were both gone for good, everyone thought. The rumor about Mr. Gorf was proven true when the body of a handsome, noseless man was found in the basement. However, nobody could be sure about Mrs. Drazil. Both she and Jane Smith were presumed dead, but the bodies had never been found. They did find a tattered blue notebook floating in the lake by the Smith's house, however.

And what about Mr. Kidswatter?

That information is classified.

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