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Eventually is not that far away.

Booth was lying in his bed. No that was not technically correct he was tossing and turning in his bed begging the activity in his still aching brain to quite down enough that he could get at least a few hours sleep. The events of the last few days were playing over and over in his mind.

Being back at work, his coma dream, Bones coming home, his conversation with Cam, his coma dream, his ridicules lame-ass confession to Bones, a psychic that just seemed to just know shit…He closed his eyes tightly trying to block out the conversation with Sweets but it played loudest in his head almost as if it was trying to drown out what was in his heart. The psychic said…"Sweets did not know about his heart." Great now I'm considering the opinion of a psychic. Groaned Booth as he turned over desperately trying to get comfortable, he let his mind wonder for a moment thinking that if Bones was there with him he'd be able to relax. Just as his breathing seemed to even out and it seemed he might actually fall asleep he heard the familiar sound of his phone indicating an incoming text message. Surprised he was getting a text message at 2:08 in the morning. Booth reached over and picked up his phone up off the nightstand and sighed as he fumbled with it in the dark his hand eye coordination like everything else was not just right. Pressing the OK button he read the message.

Don't forget we.

Have a meeting with Caroline

I need a ride.


Booth smiled at the fact she singed the text Bones, before feeling frustrated that she was most likely still working at two in the morning. Since she was obviously awake he decided to call her. He knew hearing her voice would make him feel better.

"Bones why are still awake a 2:00 in the damn morning?" asked Booth with a heavy sigh.

"I could ask the same of you Booth" replied Bones really not surprised he'd called her " Are you feeling alright?" She knew she needed to stop asking him that but she was still quite worried about him.

"Yeah Bones I'm fine" lied Booth her concern for his well being washed over him and he seemed to relax just a bit " it's just… it's just …It's nothing. What are you doing? "

"I'm in bed" she replied as she snuggled under the covers on the unseasonably cold night "What do you mean by nothing Booth?

Thinking of her in bed really was not the image he needed right now.

"If something is wrong you have to tell me. We're partners Booth."

"I'm fine he lied again."


She never let anything go and he knew that maybe better than most. "Okay…Look…its kind of hard to explain it's just….it's just I'm not completely myself yet" admitted Booth holding his breathe waiting for her reaction.

"I know" said Brennan softly waiting for him to continue

"You know?" he asked surprised if not a little panicked. You think there is something wrong with me?"

"Yes…. Booth I know you and I know you are still not your cocky self, but there is nothing wrong with you." She decided not to elaborate not even sure if she'd know how to explain what she meant.

"I will be….Bones…" replied Booth closing his eyes unable to stop the imagines of her in his arms.

"Eventually…." Her words sounded sad.


"Yes Booth?"

"Eventually is not that far away!"

She was silent and Booth wondered if she understood the double meaning of his statement. "Bones?"

"I am very glad to hear that…Booth" replied Brennan finally with a smile feeling some strange combination of pleasure, fear, anticipation, excitement and happiness.

"Me too Bones …Me too" replied Booth releived and now convinced that now he'd be able to fall asleep.

"Good Night Booth" said Bones softly.

"Sweet dreams Bones" said Booth as he closed his phone knowing his dreams would be .