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Violet's Point Of View

After about ten minutes, two secret passageways, and a doorway hidden behind a tapestry, we finally arrived at the library.

I rolled my eyes at George once we arrived, trying to catch my breath from having to walk up the steep staircase inside of the passageway nearby. "W-Was all of that walking really necessary?" I asked once I was able to talk again. "Jeez, George!"

George just laughed, apparently not winded whatsoever. He grinned down at me. "Well, it was a shortcut. Not my fault you're out of shape," he said, apparently amused by my inability to catch my breath.

I just glared at him, deciding not to dignify his statement with a response. Glancing around, my mouth dropped open. I'd never seen so many books in my life. Not even in my father's personal library - not that I'd want to really ever read books from there. They were mostly just books about dark spells and curses. Sometimes with graphic pictures of the results. I'd actually been unlucky enough to have decided to pick a random book off of one of the shelves and flick through it. Not only did it scream at me once I'd seen the disgusting picture I'd flipped the book open to, it had also attempted to bite me once I'd dropped it on the floor. Of course, I was sure that the books in Hogwarts wouldn't have quite the same...violent behavior.

I grinned slightly as I turned nearly in a complete circle, marveling at all of the different books that I was allowed to chose from. Only a small chuckle from George broke me from my thoughts.

Blushing slightly due to my reaction, I looked back up at him. "It's amazing in here!" I exclaimed, grinning up at George - my earlier irritation with his 'shortcut' all but forgotten.

He smirked, rolling his eyes at me. "It's just a load of dusty old books, but whatever floats your boat," he said humorously. He glanced around the library, curious now. "That's surprising. Madame Prince is usually stalking students when they come into the library. She doesn't want us to damage the books or anything," he added, grinning.

"Can't fathom why, when it comes to you and Fred," I mumbled quietly, grinning as I looked around the library. A nearby shelf looked promising, so I walked towards it, skimming through the books. One of them - something about spells you could use to trick people - caught my eye, so I pulled it off the shelf. Another, this one about different magical creatures, interested me so I pulled it off as well. Soon, I had about four or five thick volumes in my arms.

George raised an eyebrow at me. "Got enough books, there?" he asked, grinning slightly. He reached for the pile. "I'll help you," he added, taking them from me.

I frowned. "I could handle them," I protested, watching him. He and Fred seemed to always be doing that. Acting as if I couldn't lift something slightly heavy or as if I always needed help. It was really rather sweet of them, and I appreciated it, but I felt like I was taking advantage of them sometimes. Besides, I didn't exactly like being treated as if I were a little girl. But what could I do? Being younger, weaker, and much shorter than the both of them, I was nearly helpless. This frustrated me beyond belief.

George just rolled his eyes. "I know you could. But you're tiny!" he said, grinning. Sometimes, I felt like he did these things just to annoy me. Which, now that I think of it, he probably did. "So that's why I'm going to carry them for you and you're going to not care, right?" he asked, his tone joking.

I stuck my tongue out at him. "I am not tiny!" I protested, trying to look at him as if I were angry. "I mean, come on. I'm only eleven!" I said, now struggling not to laugh. "And yes, actually, I do care."

He just grinned at me and walked towards the librarian. I tried hard to remember what he'd said her name was, but found myself unable to. I was sure it'd come to me later, though. I frowned, looking up at the woman - who, by the way, sort of reminded me of a vulture. It was just the way she looked down at you. It was actually rather frightening.

George quickly got the books checked out for me, insisting on continuing to carry them. "So," he started, shifting the pile of books slightly in his arms. "Do you want to read in here, or do you want to go back to the common room?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

I shrugged then, not knowing. "The common room, I guess," I mumbled, unwilling to admit that the woman in the library kind of freaked me out by the way she was staring at us. By the way she was looking at us, one would assume that we'd just burned down a bookshelf or something. I grinned at this thought, trying to imagine her expression then.

It wasn't until we were out of the library that George nudged me in the ribs - breaking me from my unimportant and completely random thoughts.

"Huh?" I asked, looking up at him, my eyes wide. What had I missed when I was off daydreaming? "What is it?"

George shrugged then, grinning slightly. "You looked a little out of it. Or distracted or something," he said, grinning down at me - my books in his arms. He didn't appear to be struggling with them at all like I probably would have been. Arrogant git.

I shrugged. "I was thinking," I explained simply, looking up at him. I grinned slightly, glancing back down the hallway we were walking through then. "Where are we?" I added, glancing back up at him. I didn't recognize that hallway, though that wasn't exactly surprising. I didn't know where hardly anything was in the castle, it being so large. I'd only memorized one route to my classes, anyway. And even that, sometimes, I forgot.

George rolled his eyes, still walking beside me. "Thinking is overrated," he said, raising an eyebrow as he watched me out of the corner of his eye. "What were you thinking about?"

I shook my head, grinning slightly as I kept walking. "What the librarian's face would look like if you and Fred burned down one of the shelves," I said, shrugging.

"Probably not very happy," he said, chuckling and rolling his eyes slightly at me.

As we continued down the hallway, things suddenly started seeming more familiar. "Oh thank god," I said once I'd realized we were close to the common room. "I know where we are," I added, grinning widely and hurrying towards the portrait.

However, as soon as we reached the common room, we stopped, frowns on our faces. Something was wrong here.

"You know the password, Jelly?" George asked quietly, letting out a sigh.

Frowning, I shook my head, glancing up at the redhead beside me. "No. Do you?" I asked.

"No," came his mumbled reply.

"We're screwed."

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