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Word count: 100 on the dot!

a/n: This one is prompted from bhoney's request for hypothermic Dean and caring Sam. Happy birthday darling! Hope you liked this tiny gift.


He was hot. But why was he shivering so hard? The heat stung his body like thousands of needles. It hurt damn much, felt like hell.

When strong arms were wrapped tightly around his chest, he gasped. Alistair?

"God! I'm sorry!"

Not Alistair. He never mentioned God that way.

When his back was leant over something real cold, he flinched away and gentle hands pulled him back.

"Just relax Dean."

Those words were said in such caring manner, not malicious as Alistair would have said it.

When the arms hugged him tight, the heat subsided.

He knew.

He was home.