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Sleet slapped Sam's face like thousands of icy needles, the wind blowing bitterly cold.

"Must you always tempt fate?" Sam asked his shivering brother as numb fingers tied the final knot holding the travois together. After his unanticipated jaunt into the frozen river, Dean was too waterlogged, bloodied, and bruised to walk.

"Ha-had to s-s-see if it woul-d-d work." Dean muttered through chattering teeth. Sam's coat and space blanket were doing little to slow the loss of body heat. Keeping his eyes open was suddenly an arduous task and he shuddered again as they slipped close.

"No, you really didn't." Sam said under his breath, tone softening as worry bled through frustration. He cupped Dean's face in his hands, tapping his brother's cheek until the lethargic gaze met his.

"Keep 'em open bro, at least until we reach the car."

Dean's attempt to bat Sam's hands away failed miserably but he huffed his agreement, prying apart frosted eyelashes as far as they would go. Sam stood, shaking his head in disbelief as he lifted one end of the conveyance.

"Seriously, the frost faeries were dead, Dean. Did you have to clap?"

"Qu-quit-tt whinging and get ov-v-ver it, S-S-Sammy. Now mu-mush!"


A/N: I really hope everyone remembers Peter Pan, or this drabble will make no sense at all.