Revealed - Part Two (Of Politics and Plight)

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Obi's Wookie article here:


This is based partly off the iTunes description, and partly off the season 2 sneak peek where Anakin calls Satine Obi Wan's girlfriend.

Obi-Wan knew he was one of the last people many would suspect of having a secret anything. Especially a secret relationship.... with a woman. Most assumed he was gay, and he was kinda okay with that. After all, less women wanted one-night-stands with him than say, Anakin. He could only assume his former padawan took said offers, because when they got rare down-time on Coruscant, he never made any contact with him.

Not that he needed any other distractions.

Dutchess Satine was all he needed.

Well, and a certain tatooed enemy/lover who had apparently snuck into Ahsoka's room inside the Temple, ran her through with a lightsaber, and left. Asajj had very odd, unconventional ways... Obi-Wan was surprisingly turned on by them.

After Ahsoka's corpse had been reduced to ashes, Obi-Wan did not return to the Temple for his private meditative study. Instead, he went to a certain office in the Coruscanti Senate building, one he visited frequently. The office of Dutchess Satine of Kalevala.

Later, Master Luminara needed some assistance with... perfecting a style of fighting she was studying, and who was Obi Wan to refuse? Polite, witty, yet reserved, she was a close friend (with benefits) of Kenobi's.

And later still, Asajj Ventress came to visit him... he was on a leave, and she all over the galaxy, so it had been weeks since they'd last met. Obi Wan enjoyed these meetings, as the feisty, dangerous, bold type was not to be found in the Temple.

When the ginger-haired Jedi returned from the club he and Asajj had visited, he found his former Padawan in his quarters.

"Anakin... what pleasure do I owe this to?"

"Owe what to?"

"Finding you in my apartment."

"Ah, well, with Ahsoka gone it's kinda boring.... downtown's so congested cuz of the kriffing Senate meeting tonight... I thought I'd come hang out with you, Master."

"I see." Obi Wan began preparing water and cups for tea. While he was doing so, he kept his back on Anakin, not once speaking. That is, until he heard the noise of a holopad and an oddly familiar feminine voice.

"Obi, sweet, I do hope we're still on for tonight, I've got a conference all week and next week I'm going to be off planet... so my office, immediatly after the orange girl's funeral thing... see you there?"

The image flickered, that disappeared, only to be replaced by Luminara Unduli.

"Master Kenobi, I must ask you for assistance. I need to work on my... flexibility... if you catch my drift. Maybe two hours or so after the services for Padawan Tano?"

Anakin grinned, and made no attempt to turn off the holopad.

"Anakin - "

"Shh, Master, here comes another."

This time, a figure of Asajj Ventress appeared before them.

"Kenobi, I've been given leave for tonight, and I'm leaving for Coruscant now. I should be there in about four standard hours; meet me at that horrendous club you took me to last time, the open bar. If you're absent, I'm afraid I'll have to come retrieve you from the Temple."

"Wow... so how'd Ventress get your scramble set code?"

"Oh, you know, after meeting as frequently as we do, these sort of things do get exchanged."

Obi-Wan moved to take the holopad from Anakin, but the Knight had other ideas. He simply relocated to Obi-Wan's couch and lazily flipped through previous messages.

"Ooh, a blonde... wait, I think I remember this one! Master Tachiri, right?"

Judging by the slight red tint on Master Kenobi's face, Anakin knew he was right.

"Siiiiiri-Waaaaan! Haha, wait."

"Wait. Wait just a minute."

"You're a PLAYER."

Obi-Wan stood in front of Anakin, unimpressed.


"SO?? We all thought you were GAY, and you're a PLAYER???"

Anakin let his upper body fall back to rest on the sofa, and gazed up at the ceiling, looking very disoriented.

"Kriff, I thought I was the 'bad' Jedi."