Time Loops.

Numbers in Nerima.

I own neither Ranma 1/2 nor Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

This was supposed to be a one-shot story. RadiantBeam convinced me to let the Numbers come to Nerima at the end of the story.

Then, a mutual friend of ours, Fuyu no Sora, convinced me to go an extra mile and write out their (mis)adventures in Nerima. Thank both of them if you like this.

Tre frowned, even as she panted softly, someone was trying to get into the room, thankfully Ranma had built several extra rooms to the Tendo house for her sisters to sleep in, but she and Uno had taken the guest room with Ranma. Standing up, ignoring her nudity, she looked at the window as a young boy slipped in. "Who are you?" She asked, narrowing her eyes and preparing her IS for battle.

The boy's eyes widened at the nudity, the smell that was coming off of her and the fluids he could see dripping down from between her legs, nope, there was no doubt just what she was doing before he came into the room. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head and his nose shot out a blood shot so powerful he flew backwards and outside.

"Nnngh... Tre.... Get back to bed... Not in the mood for another round with you and Uno." Ranma muttered against Uno's chest, hugging and cuddling up to her.

"Hey!" She pouted, crawling back into bed, pulling the sheets over her and sandwiching Ranma between her and Uno's breasts again.

The next morning Sette rubbed her eyes as she walked from her room down the hallway with nothing more than a small, well, for her, she was rather tall and busty after all, towel over her breasts. "Thought I heard something last night." She muttered and opened the bathroom door to take a bath. She blinked as she looked at the sheer size of the bath, it had to be larger than the whole house. "How did this get here?" She wondered, dropping her towel as she began to scrub off.

"Ah, Sette!" Sein grinned at her from in the bathtub. "Isn't Ranma great? He said he got the idea from someone named Washu, a giant bath for all the girls in the house!" The blue-green-haired cyborg kicked her feet up and down, splashing water all over the bath-tub. "Honestly, this is much better than spending time in prison and then going to work for the church." Ranma had filled them in on what their lives would have become in the normal time-line, they honestly liked this looping business better and better. Plus Sette, Otto and Deed all had fun personalities!

Sette nodded as she washed her pink hair. "Yeah, I'm glad myself."

The door opened as Otto, Deed and Nabiki wandered in. The middle Tendo sister looked around, snapping awake. "Gee, Ranma, you had to go all-out here, didn't you?" She groused, though she knew that the water bill wasn't going to be high, since this was an alternate dimension from the rest of the house. Lessons from Washu always did pay off, after all.

The others turned to her, blinking. "Wait, you know what's going on?" Otto asked, confused, she thought only Ranma had been looping.

Smirking, Nabiki nodded. "Yep. Been looping longer than anyone but Ranma around here. And I've met you girls before in previous loops." She still wondered why she replaced Teana in that one loop. Subaru was so sad in that loop that it almost made her cry. Still, she got Cross Mirage out of it... Then Brianna Diggers had to get her hands on it. Nabiki still wasn't sure about having an overdrive being an arm-attached gatling gun, even if it did have a ton of fire-power to it.

The four blinked and nodded as the new girls went about cleaning up. Nabiki took a good look at Otto and shook her head. "Always wondering if you were a boy or a girl."

Otto pouted and cupped her chest. "I can't help it that I was designed with such a small chest." She nearly started crying before Deed hugged her and glared at Nabiki, who held her hands up innocently.

"Hey, sorry, I know it's a touchy subject. You always wore such baggy clothes that it was hard to tell. You're kind of cute though." Nabiki had mellowed out a lot during the loops, it probably didn't hurt that she had nothing to gain by being mean to people, since everyone had a damn long memory for slights against them. Normally the loopers and Anchors were quick to forgive, but that didn't mean that they forgot.

Otto blushed softly. "Thanks." She didn't know what to think about that compliment as Nabiki shook her head at her.

"Don't get the wrong idea here." Nabiki said before dousing herself with cool water and then jumping into the bath-tub. "I'm not into girls. Even ones who can pass as a boy."

Otto pouted and wondered if maybe she needed to talk to Ranma about this, he knew about relationships, maybe he could help her out with this.

And thus, Nabiki sighed, not knowing what was about to befall her.

It didn't take long for the doors to the bath to open up and Dieci and Cinque, both wrapped in towels, to wander in silently.

Sette looked at the two, scratching her head. "Where's Nove and Wendi?" She didn't need to ask about Tre or Uno, since the two of them had taken up residence in Ranma's room, and the other sisters all knew better than to go in there, since Quattro had done that once, demanding to know what the screaming was about. Just what was that thing going "peebo" anyway? She wondered, seeing as how it jumped on Quattro's back and exploded, none of the sisters ever wanted to check on Tre or Uno when they were screaming for more from her father.

Even if she was the only one, Sette thought of Ranma as her father, though maybe Otto and Deed did as well, they were a lot of fun to play and spar with at times.

"They're..." Cinque began, but stopped as there was a rush of air, two figures running past her and made her and Dieci drop their towels. "Right here, apparently." She said and closed the door behind her before someone spied on the naked girls.

"Oh, come on, Nove!" The taller of the two grinned nervously as she was pinned to the wall by a glaring Nove. "It wasn't that bad."

"Not that bad? You pinched my ass! That hurt!" Nove yelled back. "I'd pinch yours, but you'd enjoy that!" Wendi grinned at her, not disputing what was said.

"Looks like it hurt." Nabiki muttered and whistled, causing the two to blink and look at her. "As much as I'd love to see two incredibly good-looking naked redheads go at it, and, Nove, you might need some lotion for that spot, I would rather like to be able to take a bath in peace, you want to fight, go outside, we don't need the house wrecked." Stretching, she ignored the looks she was getting. "What? Ranma and Akane did that enough before we started looping, I don't need this place to get wrecked any worse than it can on a good day. The crazies haven't shown up yet, so this place isn't going to fall apart soon." At least not for a few days, when Ryoga showed up, then Shampoo a couple of weeks later. Then again, it had been a couple days, since Ranma had taken the time to build the extra rooms and not go to school. Not that she blamed him, she only went sometimes out of boredom, plus it was more fun after Ranma showed up, if he went. Maybe she should find a way to get Kuno to come to the house soon?

"Not that, what about going at it?" Nove asked as she put Wendi down, getting a kiss on her cheek for that. Nove had to push her off before she got a little too into it, and blushed as her hands pushed against the most obvious place available. Stupid perky, firm hand-holds. She thought irritably to herself.

"Eh? Oh, that.." Nabiki shrugged and sunk herself further into the water. "Ranma can turn into an incredibly hot redheaded girl at times, and there's been clones of him running around, it was always fun to watch." If her eyes were open and looking to the side, she might have seen Otto's look of interest at that.

A while later, after Kasumi had called everyone down, the Numbers, dressed in the clothes that they had either borrowed from Kasumi, Nabiki or Akane, or the clothes they had when they got to the Tendo Dojo, all sat around the table eating.

"Hey, dad, what are we going to do today?" Sette asked, looking at the slightly tired, slightly grinning Ranma, in some sweats and a shirt, next to him was Uno and Tre, both in bathrobes and nothing else, well, as far as anyone could tell, nothing else on but robes that barely covered their chests and hips.

"Well, after breakfast, I think it's time for you girls to get some clothes and other things." Ranma said, blinking at Otto, who seemed to fidget slightly. "Otto, do you need something?"

"Ah... Can we..." She pointed at the kitchen, getting a nod from Ranma, who looked at Kasumi, who nodded pleasantly.

"Go ahead, no one will bother you, right?" The eldest Tendo said, smiling in such a way that no one would dare argue with her, even Tre and Uno couldn't find it in them to disagree.

Once in the kitchen, Ranma looked at the blushing, fidgeting Otto. "...You know, right now, I want to hug you tightly and call you all sorts of cute names, Otto."

"Ah..." The flat-chested girl whimpered and looked down.

"It's okay." Ranma smiled at her and put his hands on her shoulder. "Come on, what's wrong?"

"Um... Doc, err.. Ranma, I..." She blinked as he shook his head.

"Call me Doctor, or Ranma, whatever feels more comfortable for you." She nodded at him. "Now, what's wrong?"

"Well, that girl... Nabiki..."

"She make fun of you?" Ranma blinked as Otto shook her head. "What then?"

"She called me… cute..."

Ranma blinked, before a small grin came to his face. "Well, well, my dear Otto, it seems that you have a crush on Nabiki." He grinned at her blushing face. "Don't worry, I'll get you set up on a date with her."

"But, she says that she's not into girls." Otto pouted softly and Ranma chuckled at her, pulling the girl into a hug. "Doctor?"

"Don't worry about that. She might say that, but she's quite willing to be in a relationship with a girl if the girl isn't scum and is a good person, and you're both." Ranma grinned and let go of the hug, oh, he could easily set up a date for Otto. "We'll work on that in a bit."

The shorter girl nodded as Ranma led her back into the dining area. "Okay, girls, finish up and we'll go shopping."

"Yeah!" Sein, Wendi and Nove cheered as one as all they and their sisters started to eat more. Kasumi was surprised, even though she had seen it for three days now, how much the girls could just eat.

Akane grumbled and left for school, upset that she couldn't get any of them to go with her, though considering that only the three girls with the flattest chests could wear her shirts, well, she felt rather upset and jealous and didn't want to be around them at all.

"Saotome, can I speak with you?" Nabiki said as she walked to the dojo. "Alone." Ranma sighed and walked with her, stopping in the dojo.


"What's your game, Saotome? You generally aren't this nice of a person in the loops." Nabiki gave him a flat look as Ranma shrugged.

"Well, at first, it was just for fun. The girls saw me as Scagiletti, the one who made them, it was easy to get most of them to just go along with what I had planned, pull some pranks, cause mayhem, don't fight, it was easy." He took a deep breath and sighed, closing his eyes.

"What changed?"

"Sette, the tall pink-haired girl, she called me dad. She called me dad, Nabiki..." Opening his eyes and seeing the stunned look on her face, he nodded. "You and I both know until the loops end I can't have children, no one awake in the loops can." For someone like Nabiki who had knew Ranma for millennia, the sheer regret radiating from his words was palpable.

"But she... Sette knows what's going on now... She's looping... She still calls me dad... Otto, Deed, they look to me like a father, it, it's different than just using them to have fun." He sighed and closed his eyes once again, a half pained, half hopeful expression on his face. "Yeah, at first it was just fun, but... But after Sette said that... And the rest were all having so much fun and were so happy..." He stopped once again and looked Nabiki right in the eyes and for the first time in very, very long while, she saw the real Ranma Saotome, oldest of the Anchors and not the mask he had build around himself to keep his sanity.

"I promised myself... I promised myself that if they ever remembered, the next time I saw them that I would help them have as much fun, as much freedom as they wanted, no matter the efforts I had to put into it."

Starring into the eyes of her friend, part-time enforced mentor and oldest companion in this ever repeating hell, the eldest Looping Tendo sister came to the conclusion that this one oath that not even the Ultimate Force of the Multiverse could ever break.

She pitied Scagiletti for the mad scientist had no idea just what was about to hit him (repeatedly) in the face.

"You're a stand-up guy, Saotome..." she lowly comment, her mind cast back to the critical event that more then any other had shaped Ranma into the man he was today. Done a lot of thinking after that debacle so long ago, huh?" she whispered.

Seeing him nod and sigh, Nabiki shook her head and smiled softly. "Fine, fine... Whatever, I was just curious." She started to walk back to the house pensive, Ranma following her.

As they came back, the oppressive aura that hanged between them dissipate, a smile gracing Ranma's face when he saw the assembled girls, ready to go.

Absentmindedly, Nabiki wondered how much of it was the mask. But the more she looked at it, the less she saw the mask in it.

"Well, girls, let's go." He chuckled, nodding to Uno, who was in her secretary outfit and Tre in her spandex suit.

They barely had the time to exit the Tendo property when a shout dripping in pure unaltered anger stopped them.

"RAAAANNNNMMMMAAA!" Ranma blinked and looked into the yard. "Huh? Ryoga?" He looked at the bedraggled lost boy, behind him, Genma in panda form was holding up a sign about some nonsense about teaching his worthless son a lesson. "I don't have time to play with you." He tsked at them before turning back, intent on ignoring the two bubbling annoyance.

"You think... That I'm playing!?" Ryoga roared and rushed forward.

Unamused, Ranma merely turned his head looked back at them, his hands still firmly tucked in his pockets. His eyes glinted a cold blue and a sardonic smirk twisted his features.

Ryoga never did understood what happened to him. One moment he was rushing forward, intent on crushing his hated nemesis' head to a pulp, the next, he was on his knee, sweet dripping from the pore of his body, an unquenchable FEAR twisting his entrails his vision narrowing on Ranma.

It was like his limbs were made of lead, his breath was coming in short gasp and adrenaline was flooding his body, his brain locked between the two most basic instinct, fight or flight.

For a moment, Ryoga had the impression he the basic outline of a great feline, its body intertwined with that of his rival.

And then...it stopped. Did I...did I dream all that? He thought feverishly.

Looking around himself, he saw that it had certainly been no dream as the panda was likewise picking himself up, a look of wariness clearly visible.

And while none of the girl had been driven to the ground, all of them were starring at Ranma with look varying between surprise, wonder, awe and contemplation.

Ranma chuckled and looked at the others around him. "Sorry, been a long time since I did that." He walked to Ryoga and lifted him up, grinning at him. "Look, Ryoga, I can do that to you with ease, do you really want to fight me?"

Ryoga grumbled, he might have been bull-headed and stupid, but he wasn't that stupid. "Fine..."

"Look, Ryoga, you want to show up and fight, that's fine, just don't attack me in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, send me a letter or something." Ranma rolled his eyes as Ryoga dusted himself off. "Actually..." Ranma turned to look at Nove, Wendi and Deed, a plan forming in his mind. "Nah, nevermind, not right now." He shook his head. "But, you can come back any time, I'll have someone to spar with you any time you want a good fight." He chuckled and motioned for the cyborgs to go with him.

"GROWF!" The panda jumped in front of him, waving a sign. 'Where are you going, boy?'

"Boy, Genma, you don't pay attention, do you? I'm going shopping for clothes for my girls, so, out of the way." He kicked the panda in the gut, sending it up into the air and out of the area. "Shall we?"


It hadn't taken long for the rather large group to arrive at a nearby mall, where the ten cyborgs rushed in, looking for clothes, the only thing Ranma said was to not rip, tear or otherwise damage anything.

Not that he was against that as he sat down on a couch near the front himself, but this was a loop where they could have fun, he had done damn near everything he could do in Nerima. Leaning back, he closed his eyes, drifting off slightly.

"Hey! Nove!" Wendi called out, grinning as she held up some nearly transparent light red sleep-wear. "I think this would look perfect for you."

Nove shook her head, fighting off a blush. "No thanks." She muttered and walked down to the leotards, blinking as she saw a deep blue one that looked almost armored. Shrugging, she went to the changing rooms to try it on. Ranma had stated that their spandex suits weren't needed anymore. They were their own people now.

"Whee!" Nove stopped on her way to the changing rooms, blinking as Otto and Deed ran through the clothing racks, spinning them around and around as they ran around, Cinque was looking through other clothing racks, blinking as Sette picked her up and helped her look at the ones on the higher shelves.

Nove shrugged and opened the changing room door, her eyes widening as she saw Dieci inside, completely naked as she changed. It wouldn't be so bad, since Dieci had her back to Nove, but that mirror on the other side of the room showed all of Dieci's talents entirely to anyone who happened to walk in by accident. "Ah... Sorry." She gulped and closed the door, her face turning redder than her hair. She had seen Dieci naked before, it was just embarrassing to walk in on her when she was changing after all. She was surprised that the door wasn't locked, but that wasn't important. She shook her head and took the next door, blinking as Tre stopped her, handed her a piece of clothing and walked off.

Nove shrugged, she honestly didn't understand Tre some days. Stepping inside, she closed the door and stripped naked, before pulling the leotard on, blinking as she adjusted it. The thing was a deep blue, strap-less, leaving the top half of her breasts bared for the world to see, not that she minded, it looked good on her. Turning around and glancing over her shoulder, she blushed slightly as it didn't cover her entire rear-end, still, it made her look good. She looked at the article of clothing that Tre had given her, a short-sleeved jacket that she slipped onto her shoulders. The thing was short, and it wouldn't close without squeezing her breasts tightly. It still gave her a small sense of modesty as it covered most of what the leotard didn't on her breasts. She did a small spin and smiled softly. "This looks good." She muttered, nodding to herself, she was going to make sure that Ranma bought this for her. She needed some accessories to it, but the basic look looked good. Stripping down, she put it to the side, making a note to make sure that he bought it for her.

Meanwhile Deed was playing dress-up on Otto in another changing room, both girls giggling as they put on weirder and funnier outfits. "Otto the biker punk." She giggled as she finished putting on the leather outfit for the more boyish girl, dressed in a bandanna, sunglasses, leather jeans and a sleeve-less leather jacket with a blue shirt underneath.

Smirking, the short girl crossed her arms, trying to look tough. "Hey, what's up?" She tried to emulate a deeper male voice, getting Deed, dressed in her bra and panties, to nearly fall over laughing.

Otto stopped trying to look tough as she giggled softly. "I rather like this. Think the doctor will let me have it?"

Deed nodded as she put on a pair of tight blue jeans, a short-sleeved shirt and a jean jacket, before looking into the mirror, blinking and leaning against Otto. "...We look like a biker couple."

Otto blinked and shook her head. "Nah, it doesn't look good on you. You would look better in a dress."

"You think so?" Deed blinked in confusion as Otto nodded, the two changing clothes and trying on different things. Some things they agreed on, other things they both agreed would look better on someone else, especially with Deed's long, brown hair clashing with some of the "tough girl" outfits they tried on her. Otto, on the other hand, looked damn good in the more "punk" outfits that they tried.

Just for fun, Deed had slipped out just long enough to grab a short tuxedo and had Otto put it on. The long-haired girl had never blushed so hard in her life. "Wow... Otto... If I didn't know better, I would swear that you're a guy right now. You look good."

Otto smiled and wondered if they had more clothes like this.


Ranma was startled awake as someone shook his shoulder. "Huh?" He blinked as Nabiki looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Hey, Nabs..."

"I'm surprised you let your guard down."

"Nah, if you had any hostile intent, I would have reacted." He muttered and stretched slightly. Looking around, he smiled as he saw the girls going to town with the clothing. "It's good to see them having fun."

"Think you can afford this?" She asked, blinking as a cloaked figure walked in, handed Ranma a wallet, then left. "...Who?"

"Just a clone I had dress up turn some of my gold into cash." Ranma shrugged and smirked as he looked around. It was so good to see the girls having fun. "Don't you have school?"

"Don't you?" She shot back, getting a laugh from the two of them. Considering that the both of them could make things that would make them both insanely rich and famous, school was such a bore and only done when they had nothing else to do.

It didn't take long for the girls to get their clothes bundled together, most of them wearing various simple outfits, save for Cinque, who was wearing a blue skirt, sleeveless top, black leggings and brown boots, smiling softly at him; and Uno, the light-purple haired woman was wearing her secretary outfit. Tre was wearing a fairly thick blue sleeveless shirt that was skin-tight and black pants.

Wendi was wearing some biker shorts and a halter-top, showing off all of her curves. Looking at it, one had to wonder just how she got it on in the first place, it looked almost painted on. Nove was wearing a red t-shirt and a loose pair of shorts, while Dieci was wearing a brown long-sleeved shirt and snug blue jeans.

Otto was wearing a black shirt and light blue shorts that went down past her knees. Deed was wearing a light teal button-up shirt and a brown skirt combination while Sette wore loose-legged brown pants and a multi-color t-shirt, "tye-dye", Nabiki supplied as she realized what it was, and a bandanna in her hair that matched her shirt. Sein opted for a pair of jeans and a blue-green shirt.

Ranma looked at the casheer, wondering if it was okay for them to wear the clothes already. "Don't worry." The lady smiled at him. "I already rang them up... And all of these clothes..." There was a lot of clothes, not that Ranma or Nabiki were surprised by that, there.

"Saotome, you do have a plan, right?" Nabiki muttered to him as she watched the prices on the clothes go up and up and up as they were rang up. "How are you getting this all home?"

He rolled his eyes. "Clone express." He muttered as the final articles of clothes were rang up. Handing the lady far more than it was worth, he and the other cyborgs started to vacate the store with their goods.

"Uh, sir... Your change..."

Ranma waved it off. "Keep it." It wouldn't do her any good in the long-run, but maybe she could have some fun until the world reset.

Nabiki raised an eyebrow as there were several pops around them, Ranma's clones appearing, taking the clothes and running back to the dojo. "You just gave her 70,000 yen to play with."

"Like I ever needed it, Nabs." Ranma rolled his eyes. "Okay now then... Huh?" He blinked as he realized that Sein, Cinque and Sette had disappeared.

Wendi giggled and pointed to the toy story, Nove, Otto and Deed were following them in.

Shrugging, Ranma decided to go in as well, it wasn't like he had much else to do.

Though, he had a bad feeling for some reason. He just couldn't figure out why.


Cinque knew exactly what she wanted, she needed Sette's help to get it, since Sette could reach up there and she couldn't. It was amusing for most people watching, as the silver-haired eye-patched girl dragged the far taller pink-haired girl with her through the store to the stuffed animal collection.

Pointing up, Cinque smiled at Sette, who stared at what she wanted. "You sure?" Seeing her nod, Sette shrugged, grabbed the stuffed animal and pulled it down. "Here.. A genuine "Bonta-kun" replica." The thing was slightly taller than Nove, though considering she was the second shortest of her sisters, it wasn't a big deal. But Cinque, the shortest of all her sisters, was absolutely tiny compared to the thing.

Though, considering that Cinque smiled happily and hugged the Bonta-kun doll, Sette supposed it didn't matter.


Ranma looked around, blinking as Sein was with Dieci, both of them looking over the various board and card games. Still, he couldn't help but wonder why he had a bad feeling. Seeing something catch his eye to the side, he groaned, now he knew why.

He just hoped that something stupid didn't... Oh, who was he kidding?

Still, there was no hurry. He just wondered how massive the explosions were going to be.


Sette had turned away, just for a moment as she looked at the toys on the racks. Seeing a small panda, she wondered why she felt the urge to buy it and throw darts at it when she got home, or let Cinque use her throwing knives on it. Something about it annoyed her... Maybe it was because of that stupid panda that bothered her "dad"? She wasn't sure.

Still, as she turned away, she heard a voice, an annoying, sugar-filled, sweet and skin-crawling voice. "Antonette! Antonette!" The voice called happily. Turning, Sette's eyes widened as the Bonta-kun doll that Cinque had been hugging was suddenly taken from her, leaving her on her butt.

"Antonette! You're mine now!" The voice revealed itself to be a small, petite girl in a pink dress, long curly brown hair and blue eyes as she hugged the giant teddy bear to herself. "No one shall have you but me! Azusa Shiratori!"

Cinque would be blinking, but since her right eye was missing and behind an eyepatch, she settled for winking a few times. "You... Give back Bonta-kun!"

"No! Antonette is mine!" She squealed and hugged the thing closer to her.

"Give..." Cinque's eye flashed dangerously as several knifes appeared in her hand automatically. "Back..." There was genuine anger in her voice, which was something very few people could actually claim to cause her. "Bonta-kun!" She threw her knives at the girl, trying very carefully to not harm the teddy bear.

"No!" She yelled and ran way as the knives hit the ground. "Antonette is mine! Mine!"

Watching, Sette sweat-dropped and looked up, grimacing. No wonder Cinque was so mad. It was the last one in stock. "Hey, Cinque, wait..." She winced as the short, silver-haired girl ran after the kleptomaniac, pulling her knives out of the ground and throwing them at Azusa.

"Rumble Detonator." Cinque said, her vision nearly red. No one, but NO ONE, took her fuzzies away and got away with it!

Sette winced as there were several explosions in the store, people running and screaming, crying about bombs or something like that. Which probably wasn't too far off from the truth, now that she thought about it. Sighing, she caught up to Cinque, who was pulling a burnt and damaged Bonta-kun doll, the right side of its face was burned off and the left foot was damaged, there was stuffing leaking out as Cinque hugged it and walked away, sniffling softly.

Sette ran up to Cinque, but not before kicking Azusa away, trying to calm her down. "Um, dad..." She saw Ranma sighing as he caught up to them.

"Come on, let's go back to the dojo..." Ranma shook his head, making sure to leave money for the bear and the repairs by the register. "And you, register-boy, don't be so paranoid, this is Nerima after all." He rolled his eyes, blinking as Sein ran through the walls, literally, with a few games. Sighing, he tossed some more money onto the small pile and left, Sette and Cinque flanking his sides.

Inside the store, Azusa groaned and stood up. "One-eye girl, I will not forget this! I, Azusa Shiratori, will never forgive you for taking Antonette away from me! Oooh, pretty birdies..." Her eyes swirled as she fell over.


Later on, Uno was walking down the streets of Nerima, alone. Not because of a fight or anything like that, but because Ranma had wanted them to get to know the area on their own. Tre, Sette, Nove and Cinque had stayed behind, the first three to spar against each other lightly and Cinque was there because Ranma had told her to vent some frustration.

Oh well, Uno was enjoying the walk at least. The people were fairly nice, even if that one lady with the ladle seemed to be able to hit anything she wanted to. Those poor birds dropped to the ground with deadly water accuracy. Blinking as she came across a sign. "Help wanted?" She shrugged, she had nothing better to do, and she was curious as to what kind of clinic used acupuncture for treatment.

Once inside, Uno looked around, it was quaint, homey, and not too bad of a place to be, if one needed to relax before getting treated. Her eyes widened as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking at it, they widened further as they saw it was nothing but bones, spinning around she turned to face...

A man in a black martial arts Gi, glasses on his face and short brown hair smiling at her while holding a skeleton. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you with Betty here." He apologized to her. "So, what can I do for you?"

"I saw the sign outside and was idly wondering why you needed help." Uno said as the man chuckled softly.

"Ah. I just need someone for a bit, help out clean up, answer phones and organize patients files." He smiled at her.

"Oh," Uno smiled softly at him in return, "easy enough, mr..."

"Tofu. Dr. Onu Tofu."

She blinked, that was a weird name, then again, she was named after number one, so, it wasn't that unusual. "Well, like I was saying, this is easy enough, since I can perfectly hack into any computer system in the world with no one knowing that I was there to begin with, so filing and organizing files would be easy for me."

"Hack any system?" Tofu blinked as she nodded. "Prove it."

She shrugged, a small blue screen appearing in front of her, as did a blue keyboard as she started typing several things down. "Here, see for yourself. This is a live feed of the security system of a place called the "White House"."

Tofu blinked as she turned the blue screen to him, his eyes widened as he heard audio from the screen.

"Mr. President."


"We have confirmation on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."

"Excellent, begin the war immediately."

"Yes, sir!"

The screen turned off as Uno smiled pleasantly at him.

"You're hired. When do you want to start?"


A couple of hours later at the Tendo Dojo, an event of major importance was taking place.

"Here you go, Cinque." Kasumi smiled as she handed the incredibly short one-eyed girl the large teddy bear. "I couldn't fix the face completely, but Ranma did say that you might like it like this." The foot had stitches over it, keeping it sealed up, the face had some new cloth that was a lighter shade of fur than the rest of the bear. There was a black eyepatch sewn into the bear's head over the damaged eye.

Cinque's good eye sparkled as she hugged the bear tightly to her body and dragged it over to the sitting area, sitting down by the couch as she held it. It was kind of funny to Kasumi, to see such a small, young-looking girl hugging a bear that was almost twice her size happily.

"Hey, dad..." Sette spoke up as she entered the room, dressed in jeans and a red tie-dye t-shirt with a red and silver bandanna in her hands as she looked at Ranma, who was sitting on the couch next to Cinque.

"Yeah?" Ranma looked over his shoulder to look at her as she smiled nervously. "What's up, Sette?"

"Going to go run around town, that fine?"

Ranma shrugged as she put her bandanna on. "Yeah, that's fine, just don't get lost."

"If I get lost... Flare my power, you'll come find me?"

Ranma nodded as he looked her over. "You know, your outfit is missing something..." He muttered and pulled out a pair of yellow-tinted glasses and tossed them to her. "Here."

Sette blinked and put the glasses on. For some odd reason, she had the urge to find some flowers and hold up her fingers in a 'V' shape.

Deed blinked as she came down the stairs, dressed in shorts and a tank top as her hair was damp. "Where's Sette going?"

"Just for a walk." Ranma shrugged. He wasn't too worried about her, she could take care of herself. He blinked as the door to the back yard opened up and a girl with brown hair stepped into the room, glaring at Cinque. "How the heck did she find out that we were here?"

"You!" The girl pointed at Cinque. "Give me back Antonette!"

Cinque stood up, a blade appearing in her hand as she stood protectively in front of her bear. "Go back to whatever sugar dump you crawled out of."

The girl twitched before smirking at her. "You! I challenge you to Anything Goes Martial Arts Figureskating next week!" She pointed at Cinque. "I win and Antonette is mine!"

"Uh, Azusa..."

"What?" She whirled on Ranma, who was shaking his head.

"Don't you and Mikado have nothing but matches all of this week?"

She blinked a few times before snapping her fingers. "Oh yeah! Okay, fine! In three weeks then! See you at Kolkhoz High then!" She disappeared before anyone could say anything.

Or at least, she thought so, the instant she turned around a blade sunk into the ground under her, exploding and sending her flying into the air through the roof.

Ranma sweat-dropped as Cinque looked on innocently. "What?"

"You're going to need a partner who knows how to skate, Cinque... Get practicing with Nove."


Blinking as there was an explosion back at the house, Sette was tempted to head back, but figured that if there was a real problem that she wouldn't be too needed. Cinque, Nove and Tre were better at combat than she was anyway, and Ranma had been telling her that she could find her own way in life, she didn't need to be a pure fighter anymore. While being a fighter was important for the loops, most people who were looping weren't pure fighters anymore. Heck, Ranma himself had said that he was as much a scientist as he was a fighter these days.

Ignoring those thoughts, the tall pink-haired girl shrugged and just walked around, drinking in the sights around her. This place wasn't as technologically advanced as Mid-Childa had been, but at least it wasn't completely stone-age. Although, she had to admit, the yellow tinge that she saw the world was rather neat, thanks to the sunglasses she was wearing.

She blinked and spun around as she heard a thump and then an engine rev up as a motorcycle drove up to her. "Otto?" She blinked a few times, looking at the boyish girl, dressed in jeans, a black shirt, a sleeveless blue jean vest, ankle-boots on her feet and black glasses on her face.

"Hey." She smiled at her sister. "Isn't this bike great? Dad got it for me." It looked like a rather fancy motorcycle, allowing Otto to lean back, since the handlebars were rather long. "I think he called it a Harley."

"You call him dad, too?" Sette smiled as Otto nodded. "Sweet. By the way, I think you hit something."

Otto blinked, she hadn't noticed anything as she tried to show Sette her new wheels. "Really?"


"Odd... Wanna get on and ride?" Otto smiled as Sette did just that, slipped behind her and hugged the smaller brown-haired girl from behind as Otto revved the engines and gunned it down the street.


Tatewaki Kuno was having what he would like to think of as a good day. His Fierce Tigress, Akane Tendo, again showed him how much she loved him. Oh sure, it hurt a little bit, but he knew that she didn't want to reveal her affections in public. Why, as soon as he could get her alone, he was certain that his persistence and love would shine through.

Thoughts on his Fierce Tigress fled his mind as he rounded a corner and saw her, a beauty of all beauties. Tall, buxom, long pink hair, a red t-shirt that screamed free spirit, jeans that hugged her legs and showed off the curves of her lower body and a bandanna that didn't detract from the way she looked, especially those pretty pink eyes as he got closer. "Ah! The pink-haired Goddess who rivals, nay, surpasses the Goddess Athena in beauty. Come to me, my Goddess! I wish to date thee!" He yelled and ran at her, only to be hit from behind by something loud and annoying, sending him flying. "Aiiiiieee! The love of the Heavens is one fraught with pain!" He called out as he disappeared into the air.


Pushing her long hair over her shoulders, Sein stretched and smiled softly. "Hey, Deed, this place is pretty neat, isn't it?" At least she thought so. No mages with ungodly amounts of power flying around, no military assholes ordering her and the others around, and best of all, in Sein's opinion, no one had any real expectations of what they were to do.

"Yeah..." The brown haired girl smiled softly and looked up, blinking. "I thought people around here couldn't fly."

Sein scratched her head and looked up. "Huh, weird, people can fly if they scream something about heaven and pain?" She honestly had thought that people in this world couldn't fly under their own power.

The two shrugged off the slightly odd sight, they had seen weirder from being on Mid-Childa after all, and continued on, wondering what to do when Sein blinked slightly. "Hey, Deed, do you hear that?"

"The sound of flesh getting whipped and girls crying out in pain or pleasure?" Deed asked rhetorically as she and Sein moved closer to the sound. Motioning to Sein, the blue-green haired girl grabbed her sister and the two phased through the wall partly, just enough to lean through and look to see what was going on.

They blinked as they saw a dark-haired girl in a leotard holding a whip-like object in her hand, laughing hysterically as she used her weapon, snapping it around the limbs of one of the three girls in different colored leotards on the ground and throwing them into the walls, each other, the garbage or the ground. "Now maybe you can respect the Black Rose a bit more." She sniffed, turned and leapt away, laughing the whole time. "OHohohohohohohohoho!"

Deed didn't know why, but she found that laugh rather... Interesting. "I think we should check on those three, huh?"

Sein shrugged and phased through the wall completely, pulling Deed with her. The two helped the injured girls up and asked them what had happened.

"She's Kodachi Kuno, the Black Rose! She's the captain of the St. Herberke Rhythmic Gymnastics club. We have a match with her later this week!" One of the girls cried out pathetically,

Sein blinked in confusion and scratched her head. "So you jump her and tried to beat her up and she defended herself and beat you up when you had her outnumbered three to one?"

"Yes, but..."

"And then you three tried your hardest to beat her, but she proved to be too much for your feeble attempts and now you're injured and looking pathetic and going to try to say that you either had to or that she attacked you first, right?" Deed spoke up, snorting as she stood up. "Come on, Sein. I can't believe that I felt sorry for these three."

"Good point."

"Wait..." The girls groaned as Deed and Sein left them. "You're supposed to listen to our story!" They cried as one.


Hours later, Sein and Deed found themselves relaxing in the living room of the Tendo home as a knock on the door was heard. The two looked at each other and shrugged as they saw Tre, dressed in a robe that barely covered her chest or hips, her hair mussed up and a satisfied smirk on her face, walk to the door and open it.

Sein shrugged, what Tre was doing wandering around after having sex was her own business. Besides, she rather liked how relaxed and happy Tre seemed to be lately, especially when she wandered around in that bathrobe of hers.

"Oh yes, come on in." She heard Tre and idly looked back to see who was coming in. Her eyes widened as she saw the three beaten up and bruised girls.

"Hey, Deed! It's the wimps!" Sein grinned and pointed at them as her sister turned to look.

"We're not wimps!" The girls yelled as one. "She was just really good!" They sniffled softly. "And you could have at least helped us here!" The girl with short brown hair said softly.

"I told you that we should have left that guy with the bandanna." The girl with wavy black hair glared at her teammate.

"Hey, he offered to help get us here." The first girl whimpered. "How was I supposed to know that he couldn't find his way out of the alleyway without getting lost?"

Behind them, Tre stretched, causing her robe to shift and move up, flashing her panties to anyone who was looking, before she left the room and went upstairs. Moving down the hallway, she knocked on a door with a duck sign titled "Akane" on it.

"Come in." She heard Akane's voice as she opened the door and stepped in. On the bed, Akane was resting on her back as she read a book. Akane was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts as she looked away from her book. "Oh, you..." Akane sighed and sat up. She didn't like the woman in front of her. Tre was taller, bustier, curvier and was dammed fast and strong, Akane had seen that during the sparring matches she had with Sette, Nove, Wendi, Cinque and Ranma. Most of that was just the girls trying to either tag Ranma or refine their own abilities. Plus the fact was that Tre seemed at least as good as Akane was in pure skill.

Tre rolled her eyes, she really didn't like this girl. She wasn't too bad most of the time, but then there were times that her temper or jealousy flared up and it just annoyed her. "There's three girls here to see you downstairs."

Akane could only blink.


Two minutes later in the dojo Akane, Sein, Deed and Tre sat around listening to the girls' story. Tre actually found herself agreeing with Sein and Deed, these girls were incredibly pathetic, they had the element of surprise, superior numbers and, presumably, skill and ability. After all, what kind of idiot would try to take on superior opponents without having a strategy in mind?

Something in the back of her mind was telling her that she might be in that class of people if Ranma hadn't taken Jail Scagiletti's place. Whoever that guy was. She thought to herself.

Tre wasn't to blame for not knowing who Jail Scagiletti was, since Ranma had taken over his place in the loop that one time he was the only "Doctor" that she had ever known, literally, and she had never looped before that point, she really had no idea who Jail Scagiletti was.

Though Ranma had mentioned that if they ever woke up in future loops that they would know who Jail Scagiletti was and the differences between the two of them.

"So, please, Akane! You have to help us! The honor of Furinkan High depends on you! You're the only female martial artist that we could turn to!" The leader of the three, practically begged Akane, tears falling down her face softly as she tried to move the heart strings of the youngest Tendo.

"Don't worry." Akane grinned at them and thumped her chest dramatically. "I'll definately win the match for Furinkan!" Seeing them thank her tearfully, she couldn't help but feel a surging swell of pride. She was certain she'd be able to win this. Just a bit of practice and she'd be able to do anything!

The three smiled as Tre led them out of the dojo.

"Do you know how to use these?" Sein asked as she lifted the ribbon and moved it around. "The girl that beat them up was using this to throw around trashcans and those girls."

"Besides, Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics?" Deed asked blinking as she picked up a large hoop and tossed it up and down. "How does that work? Just using blunt and soft objects to hit your opponent?"

Akane nodded as she picked up the clubs, one in each hand. "Yeah."

Sein blinked as she saw Akane in a leotard. "How'd you do that so fast?"

Akane shrugged as she lightly waved the clubs around. "Anything Goes clothing speed change." Seeing the blank looks, she shrugged. "What? It's a real technique. Mostly useless in a fight, but it's useful when your clothes get wrecked somehow."

Sein and Deed sweat-dropped as they watched Akane through the clubs up into the air, before they landed a few feet away from her. "Is that supposed to happen?" Sein asked, curiously, blinking as Akane growled and grabbed a ribbon and started to twirl it, before it somehow got tangled around her ankle, causing her to trip and fall down, twisting so that she landed on her back, but it caused her to get completely wrapped up in the ribbon.

Deed sweat-dropped more. "Um, I hate to say this, but you aren't exactly coordinated, are you?"

"Shut up!" Akane growled as she tried to squirm out of the ribbon. "I'll get this!"

"Especially if you have help." A male voice spoke up from the Dojo door, causing the three to blink and look at the door. Ryoga was leaning on the door frame, smirking softly. "I heard about the attack from the girls, and I don't think that it's right that they would get beat up so mercilessly. Plus, I can train you in Rhythmic Gymnastics."

Sein shrugged, she found this boring and left the room.

Deed, on the other hand, took a step forward. "Can you teach me too?" Seeing both Ryoga and Akane look at her weirdly, she blushed softly. "I... I want to learn some other weapons, if that's okay?"

Ryoga shrugged at her. "Sure. Besides, Akane could use a sparring partner that's learning with her."

Akane nodded and smiled. Deed was one of the few of the new girls that was living at her home that she didn't mind. She was nice, fairly quiet, compared to Nove and Wendi at least, and she wasn't insanely better than Akane was in martial arts unlike most of her sisters.

Deed smiled, this could be fun.

Hours later...

Deed wiped some sweat off of her forehead, she had avoided the worst of the accidents that had happened during the training.

Akane, on the other hand, was on the ground, struggling to untie herself from both the hoop, which she had tried jumping through, and the ribbon that she had been using. "Grr... I'll get this!" She couldn't believe that Deed hadn't gotten wrapped up like she had.

"You're doing better, honestly." Ryoga tried to smile reassuringly, it was hard. He had never seen someone so clumsy claim to be a martial artist before. Then again, she wasn't too bad, she just lacked a serious trainer or sparring partner.

"Dinner!" Kasumi was heard yelling from the kitchen.

Deed stretched and grimaced at the smell coming from her. "I'll go get washed up and changed. Ask Kasumi to hold some food for me, please?" Seeing them nod, she disappeared into the house.

"Do you mind if I eat too?" Ryoga asked, rubbing the back of his head as Akane smiled at him.

"Sure." She said as she kicked the last of the equipment away from her. "Follow me."

Smiling, Ryoga did just that, walking out the door and following the sweet girl Akane, walking by a field of flowers, a few bears in ice-capped snow fields and... Wait, what? Ryoga looked around and growled loudly. "WHERE ON EARTH AM I NOW?!"


"So, those three got someone to replace them, huh?" A female dressed in a black dress huffed, before grabbing her dress and pulling it up and throwing it off of her, revealing that she was wearing a black leotard underneath with a giant mallet strapped to her back. "I, Kodachi the Black Rose, will not stand for this." She jumped into the air, jumping to the roof of a two-story house and started bounding from rooftop to rooftop effortlessly.

Landing in the back yard of the Tendo yard, Kodachi blinked, the house was rather big, it looked like the house had gotten an addition to the upstairs, extra rooms added to the ends of the hallways as the house was expanded on the sides. "I must admit, this architecture is quite well done." She mused to herself quietly. The lights were mostly off, seeing as it was getting late. She shrugged to herself and jumped to the roof, quietly creeping around. She would deal with the problem now rather than letting it get out of hand.


Deed, dressed in a light brown nearly transparent nightie with nothing underneath, sighed as she flopped onto her bed, eyes closed. She just felt so relaxed after bathing and eating that she just wanted to rest and sleep. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes slightly, before they opened up wide at seeing that girl in the alley way hanging from her ceiling. "Uhh..."

"I must say, that you're prettier than I would have thought you would be." Kodachi said, giving Deed, who started blushing pretty hard, an appraising eye. "Although, my tastes do not run that way, I must admit that you would be a near rival for my perfect beauty." Suddenly Kodachi dropped from the ceiling and pulled out the mallet from her back, before swinging down at Deed, who rolled out of the way and grabbed one of her blade handles that was on the table next to her bed, igniting her blade and holding it in front of her defensively.

"What the heck?" Deed stared at the girl in front of her. "You compliment me and then attack me?"

Kodachi laughed softly. "Ohohohohohohoho... You think that I attack you for no reason? You were going to replace those girls that attacked me. And I, for one, believe in all fairness of the fight."

"Uh... I don't think it's fair to attack someone when they're nearly naked and trying to get some sleep." Deed sweat-dropped at her. "Look, if you wanted to attack me, couldn't you wait until morning?"

Kodachi blinked, she hadn't heard someone say that to her before. "Well, I suppose so, but it becomes such a problem when people see me do this kind of thing." She jumped forward and swung the mallet down at Deed, who tried parrying the mallet, only to grimace as she was driven back against the wall. At least her blade had destroyed the wooden mallet. "Such a dangerous weapon." Kodachi laughed at her and pulled out a ribbon from behind her. "You are a very formidable opponent, I look forward to facing you down at the match." She started laughing, before twirling her ribbon around in front of her, many, many black rose petals flying out of nowhere before she bounded out of the open window next to Deed, who was coughing slightly.

Deed looked at her room and pouted, not only did the rose petals make a mess of her room, but her bed was broke now. "...Maybe Otto won't mind me sleeping with her tonight." She blinked as the door to her room opened and Ranma stepped in, dressed in just his black pants and nothing else.

"Deed, you okay?" He asked, looking at her and, his eyes narrowed at this, the black rose petals scattered all over the room. "Did Kodachi hurt you?" He was surprised as she dropped her blade, suddenly jumped at him and hugged him. "Hey... You okay?"

"My bed's broke, my room's a mess and that girl hit on me before trying to hurt me." She sighed. "What's wrong with her?" Ranma shrugged as he hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.

"I'm not sure. We'll get you a new bed in the morning. I'm sure that either Sein, Dieci, Sette or Otto will let you sleep in their room tonight."

Deed smiled softly at him. "Thanks." Mentally, she made a note to talk to Akane, she was going to so replace the youngest Tendo in the upcoming Rhythmic Gymnastics Martial Arts match.


"No." It was a simple, flat statement. It was breakfast time, the rather large group of girls were sitting around the table, as was Genma, Soun and Ranma, but they weren't girls, so they didn't count for that.

"She attacked me, though." Deed said to Akane as the large amounts of food on the table disappeared rather quickly. Interestingly enough, it wasn't all Genma's fault. By her side, Nove was trying to tell Wendi to stop trying to feed her.

"That's why I'm going to take her on." Akane said with a determined look in her eyes. "She showed up to my house, attacked a guest after putting three of my classmates out of action?" The girl balled her hands into a fist. "I won't stand for this!

Deed frowned slightly, she really wanted to go against Kodachi too. "Fine... But I'm still training with you." Akane nodded and smiled, she didn't mind training with Deed, the girl was pretty nice about it.

Nabiki rolled her eyes at the conversation. "Really, Akane, you can have a million chances at Kodachi, she is Kuno-chan's sister after all."

"Just watch, I'm going to get good enough to beat her and avenge the honor of my school!" Akane stood up, taking a dramatic pose, the wind started to blow and water crashed against the rocks behind her.

"Dad, Uncle Saotome, stop that." Nabiki groaned as the two men chuckled sheepishly, Genma putting away the fan and Soun taking down the projector he was using to make the waves and rocks. "Besides, Akane, it's only three days away, can you get good enough in that length of time to beat her?"

Akane nodded at that. "Ryoga already taught me how to do the moves, and Deed's going to help and..." She moved from her spot, only to trip over something fall to the ground with a "splat". "Oww!" She cried out, reaching for her ankle. "What the? P-chan? What are you doing under mommy's feet?" She asked, before wincing as her ankle throbbed. "Owwies."

Ranma slipped up behind Nabiki and tapped her shoulder. "When did that happen again?"

"While you were building the extra rooms."

"Oh." He had missed Ryoga showing up at all. Something seemed off though... "Doesn't he usually show up to kill me at night?" Near him, Tre frowned as she overheard that and looked at the pig in disgust.

"You were busy and I told him to come back at a later time." Seeing Ranma look, she smirked at him. "I just told him that it wouldn't be honorable to attack someone who would be tired and he left quietly."

"Just like that?" Ranma sweat-dropped as he watched Akane try to get up, but fail and fall down, clutching her ankle. "...History always repeats itself..."

"If you aren't careful about it." Nabiki nodded sagely.

A few minutes later, Akane was sitting on her bed, grimacing as Kasumi wrapped up her ankle. "I'll be fine." She reassured Kasumi and tried to stand up, only to fall flat on her face. "Oww..." She grimaced and reached for her ankle.

"You need to be careful, Akane. It's a light sprain but..." Kasumi trailed off, shaking her head.

"Dammit!" Akane cursed and punched her bed. "So, it might be healed by then, it might not be healed in time for the match?" She cursed and sat back. "So, what? There's three days, and it's not like..."

Deed cleared her throat, getting Akane's attention. "I can cover for you." She offered, blinking as Akane frowned.

"You don't go to our school, don't you think that they wouldn't like it?" Hearing that, the brown-haired cyborg shrugged, it didn't matter to her, she wanted to take on Kodachi again. Akane sighed and grimaced, she couldn't believe she was asking this, but at least Deed was easy enough to get along with. "Then, please, give her hell."

Deed grinned, she could do that.

Meanwhile in another room, Ranma had Deed's blade hilts taken apart as he cleaned and adjusted them, blinking as Nabiki cleared her throat and glared at him. "I did something wrong, and you aren't going to tell me because you're pissed, right?" He asked, turning back to the blades and working on them.

"Close, Saotome. Very close. But I'm more pissed at why you didn't offer to heal Akane's ankle." She asked, her arms crossed.

"Why didn't you?" He shot back at her.

"I was going to, but I wanted to know why you didn't."

Ranma sighed and put down the blade hilts, before turning to Nabiki. "How many times have we done this?" When Nabiki blinked, he shook his head. "The whole "meet Kodachi, fight Kodachi, deal with this match". How many times?"

"A lot."

"I've done it, Akane's done it, hell, I think you did it once."

Nabiki grimaced, she hated that loop where she had been the youngest and Akane had taken her place, that had sucked horribly. "Okay, point, so, you just want to see something different this once?" Seeing him nod and go back to working on the hilts, she frowned. "I'm calling bullshit, Saotome. Even so, you would have at least offered to fix her ankle for her, even if you had to make her swear on her honor that she wouldn't participate in the match." Seeing him stiffen, even if slightly, was gratifying enough. "So, spill, what's the deal?"

"...Remember a long time ago?"

"Too vague." Nabiki rolled her eyes. "Be more specific."

"Remember what Akane did to Yggdrasil?" Ranma asked, getting Nabiki to stop, her eyes widening and her face paling as the memory of WHAT Ranma had put the both of them through in retaliation for having caused the emergence of the Fith Generation Loops. "I found out, much later, that she set back Skuld's work by at least a few hundred... Thousand... Loops." He growled the last part out, taking deep breaths to try and keep his cool. "Skuld told me... She told me that it would only take, maybe another thousand loops, at most, to finally get the loops to end... They were stabalizing, Nabiki! We hadn't been in a fused or crossed loop in so long that I was starting to enjoy everything again." By this point, Nabiki could clearly hear the sound of Ranma's knuckle poping as he clenched his fist in pure frustration.

"I... Akane smashed it... And fucked everything up." Nabiki blinked in stunned stupidity. "...Sorry." She knew exactly how pissed Ranma was, he was so much older than most of the other loopers that he was tired of doing the loops. He may not have looked it, but he really was a tired old man, and there were times that it really showed.

Plus the fact that they had used HIS backdoor access to Yggdrasil, a gift from both Urd and Skuld had only added insult to injury.

"Yeah. This is actually the most fun I've had in a long time, so, I'm not going to let anything ruin it for me." Ranma muttered and went back to working on Deed's blade hilts.

Nabiki was silent as she thought about that. "It's a weak excuse, Saotome. I've done worse to you, others have done worse to you, so, why do that to her?"

Ranma shrugged as he finished putting the blade hilt back together. "Maybe it is. But, honestly, Nabiki, we've both seen this scenario a lot of times, let someone else try for once." He smirked and turned around as he put the last pieces into place. "Who knows? Maybe something interesting will happen for once?"

Nabiki grumbled, sighing as she conceded that point. "Okay, fine, so, what are you doing?"

Ranma shrugged. "Kodachi's going to cheat, we both know that. I'm just tuning up Deed's blades so they won't kill Kodachi by accident." He grinned as he thought about the... modifications that they had. "I think Deed will like what I did."

"So, what about Nove and Cinque?" Nabiki asked, smirking as Ranma sighed.

"They're not bad at ice-skating, but I can't give them my full attention just yet." Ranma smirked and laughed softly. "Oh well, when this is over, they'll have more fun."

"I bet." Nabiki muttered.


Deed slumped to her knees, panting hard as her long brown hair pooled around her head. "That... Not fun..." She groaned as the ribbon in her hand slipped from her numb fingers as she tried to catch her breath.

"Get up. Your muscles will cramp otherwise." She heard Ranma speak as he helped her to her feet. "Walk it off, you're doing pretty good."

Deed nodded, not having the energy to really say anything against that, since she was too tired at that moment.

Ranma shook his head and smiled as Deed hobbled around the dojo. By his estimation, they had been working out, well, Deed had been working out, for about six hours straight, mostly dodging and trying to avoid some of the things that he recalled Kodachi having. "Deed, when you've cooled down, take a bath, okay? We'll continue in the morning."

Seeing her stumble out of the dojo, Ranma shook his head and walked over to a corner in the room and sat down in front of a small pile of disassembled parts before picking them up and pulling out a screwdriver to work on it.

Idly, he wondered just how much Deed would enjoy the final product.


Nove stumbled into the dojo, slightly tired, but she wanted to get warmed up before Cinque came down and wanted to learn how to skate better. She honestly wanted to know what was going through her midget of an older sister's head right now. And considering that Cinque was the only one of her sisters shorter than Nove, it actually meant something for her to call her sister a midget. Or it didn't, she just liked to tease her older sister. "Ah..." She blinked as she saw Ranma in the dojo, flipping Deed's laser blade hilts in the air up and catching them as they came down. "What are you doing here?"

Ranma shrugged at the short redhead. "Eh, was training Deed most of last night, after everyone went to bed, then I sent her to take a bath while I finished modifying her weapons."

Nove blinked a few times, before frowning softly. "Um, forgive me for being wrong, but wouldn't that mean she would have a chance to drown in the bathtub, if she was incredibly tired?" She blinked as Ranma chuckled, walked up to her and smiled. "What?"

"You're a good sister, Nove. But Deed won't drown." He had made sure of that. Seeing her blink in confusion, Ranma shook his head. "Don't worry about it, you'll get wrinkles on your face too quickly." He chuckled and ruffled her hair.

Nove blushed and turned away. "Ah, that's not..." She cleared her throat. "So, up for some sparring?"

Ranma grinned and slipped into a casual stance as he clipped both of Deed's blade hilts to his pants. "Sure."

If anyone was looking at the two as they squared off, they would be disturbed by the nearly identical grins both Nove and Ranma had at that moment.


Otto blinked as she woke up and saw Deed sleeping on her bed. "Deed?"

"Tired... No wanna dodge... Ack!" Her twin mumbled in her sleep, getting the flat-chested, boyish girl to sweat-drop, wondering just what kind of training Ranma had put her sister through to get that reaction.

Still, Otto shrugged, got out of bed, careful to not bother her twin and slipped out to bathe and wake up in the morning. As she walked down the hallway, she was joined by Dieci, Sein and Uno. "Morning." The three nodded back at her. When they got into the bathroom, they saw Nabiki and Akane soaking in the giant furo with Wendi and Sette.

Sette looked up and waved at them. "Water's fine."

As she washed down, Uno looked at Sette in confusion. "Just where is grouchy?" She asked, getting a laugh from Sein, Wendi and Dieci. Granted Tre wasn't grouchy very much these days, but she could be. Hell, even Nove managed to crack a smile more often than Tre, and that was saying something, considering how angry the two seemed to be all the time.

"Tre left just before you got here." Sette smiled at them. "She said something about finding dad for some fun if he wasn't busy." Behind her, Akane sputtered and twitched, why the hell was the tall pink-haired girl saying something like that so dammed early in the morning?


Tre blinked as she put her hand on the door to the dojo, before blinking as she heard the sound of flesh meeting flesh. Frowning slightly, she opened the door and blinked as she saw Nove in mid-air, twitching as she was pummeled from various points before taking a shot to the chin that sent her tumbling head over end down to the floor, crashing onto her side and rolling with the blow and ending up kneeling, one hand on the floor and holding her hand up to her face, grinning, even as she was bruised, bleeding and dirty from the blows.

Landing on the floor, Ranma smirked at her, taking a stance as he chuckled. "Not bad, Nove, you almost avoided that attack."

Wiping some blood off of her face, Nove grinned savagely and rushed forward, cocking her fist back as she tried to get to Ranma before he could do anything to stop her.

She found herself thrown across the room as Ranma grabbed her arm, flipped her upside down, before kicking her in the side and sending her crashing into the wall on the other side of the room. "Oww..." Nove groaned and slumped, not getting back up. "That hurt." Nove groaned.

Ranma chuckled and grabbed Tre's hand as she tried to punch him and flipped her over his shoulder onto her back, driving the air out of her. "Drat." She smirked up at him.

"What was that?" Ranma asked, chuckling at the purple-haired cyborg.

"Was just seeing if I could avenge my loss from yesterday." Tre smirked up at him, chuckling and wincing. "Guess not."

Ranma chuckled and shook his head. "Nope." He let go of her and walked over to Nove and helped her to her feet. "You okay, Nove?"

"Urgh... Just get me some food." The short redhead muttered as Ranma let go of her. She stumbled and nearly fell down, but Ranma grabbed her to stop her from falling. "Sorry."

"It's okay. I guess I got a little out of hand there." Ranma picked her up, carrying her out of the dojo.

Nove grimaced but didn't complain as he took her to the living room, sat her down on the couch before putting his hands over her body, a soft white glow coming from his hands and easing the pain her body had been feeling a moment ago. "What?"

"Healing magic." Ranma chuckled at her.

"Why didn't you heal Akane then?" Nove wondered, wondering what made her special enough to get healed like this.

"I have my reasons." Ranma chuckled and stopped healing her. "You're good to go, anyway..."

"Hmm?" Nove blinked as Ranma pulled a bucket of water out of somewhere and chuckled.

"I gotta wake Deed up. She needs to keep her strength up and eat something."

The short redhead didn't know what to think as Ranma left the room, but didn't think much on it. She blinked as Tre came into the room and sat down in another chair and leaned back. "Um, Tre..."

"Yeah?" She blinked as Nove looked at her, her face flushed slightly. "What?" She frowned at the short redhead. "Don't tell me that you're getting attracted to me."

"What? No! But your robe is rather short around the legs and open in the top."

Tre smirked and shrugged, causing her breasts to shift under her robe. "It lets people look at my breasts, ass and legs if I want to." She crossed her legs, showing off a hint of her panties underneath, causing Nove to growl, get up and quickly leave the room. "Ahh... Alone time now." Tre chuckled and leaned back against the chair, enjoying the time alone.


Deed snuggled against the soft, comfy bed. She was just too tired, not enough sleep, too...

She was rudely awakened as a splash of ice-cold water hit her, forcing her to sit up with a gasp, her eyes wide. "Gah!" She panted, looking around with wide eyes.

Ranma chuckled softly as he lowered the bucket. "Sorry, Deed, but you need to get up and get something to eat." He ignored the way she twitched and glared at him. "Also, you might want to get dressed."

"Fine, fine." She grumbled as she got out of bed, wincing slightly. She felt so stiff and sore right now.

Ranma shook his head. "Just get down to get some breakfast, okay? You need to eat something to get your strength back." He said gently and patted her on the back softly.

"Did you have to soak me?" Deed asked, nearly whining as Ranma chuckled at her.

"I tried to wake you up for over ten minutes now." Ranma shook his head and left the room.

Deed sputtered, twitched and grumbled. Couldn't he have at least not soaked the bed? It would take hours, if not days, for it to dry out completely. Sighing, she stripped out of her wet clothes and got dressed. At least she had taken a bath before going to bed.


Later at the table, Sein grinned as she saw Deed eating a lot more than she normally did. "Wow, worked a little too hard last night?" She chuckled as Deed gave her a bit of a dirty look. "What? You did, otherwise you wouldn't be eating so much right now."

"Six hours, okay? We worked out for six hours." Deed grumbled and looked at Ranma. "So, what are we going to do today?"

He smirked at her. "You'll see when we get there." He chuckled at the groan of dismay she was giving him. Oh, how much fun it was going to be.

Deed didn't know why, but she felt like someone just walked over her grave. Or maybe that was Wendi's foot rubbing across her feet as the redhead tried to rub Nove's feet, she wasn't sure.

Ranma blinked as he saw Uno excuse herself from the table. "Busy?"

"I've got a job." She smiled at him, causing everyone to blink at her. "There's a clinic nearby, a Dr. Tofu's clinic, he hired me for some work there."

Ranma laughed as she left. "Ha! Now that's irony." Of everyone at the table, only Nabiki got the joke and chuckled quietly. "Alright, Deed, meet me in the dojo when you're done eating, I need to show you something."

Deed sighed and went back to eating. She really didn't want to deal with this without a full stomach.

"Which training method did he use?" Nabiki asked as she took a drink of water. Nearly nothing would surprise her.

"He kept yelling to dodge." Deed said, blinking as Nabiki spit out her water. "Is that bad?"

"No, it's generally just humiliating, annoying and dammed effective." Nabiki coughed a few times. "Ask Keiichi, Naruto or Ichigo if you ever meet them."

Deed nodded, wondering just what crazy things Nabiki and Ranma had seen in the loops.


Hours later, Sein walked into the dojo, wondering how Deed's training was going. She had seen Ranma leave an hour ago, saying that he was going to check up on something and had left Deed training alone. Sein's blue-green eyes blinked in confusion as she looked at her sister. "Uh... Are you into bondage, Deed?"

On the floor, wrapped up in several ribbons that somehow managed to tie themselves around her breasts, spread her legs slightly, gag her and tie her arms up behind her, was Deed and she was glaring at her older sister, who chuckled, walked over to her, grabbed her shoulder and phased her out of the ribbons. "How did that happen?"

Deed whimpered and shook her head. "Been like that for an hour! Do you know how BORING it is when you can't do anything?" Sein took a step back, grinned softly and raised her hands up in a defensive gesture.

"Hey, come on... I was just curious."

Deed grumbled and shook her head, sighing. "Sorry, Sein, just a little cramped and no one came to help me out for an hour. I'm not using more than one ribbon ever again." The long-brown haired cyborg sighed and looked at the mess. "Much less four at once. Dad's going to be upset too."

Sein shrugged and scratched her head. "Eh, at least you didn't try that at the match, huh?" Suddenly Deed started laughing as she nodded, that would be rather humorous.


Two Days Later...

It was the night of the match, Akane looked around as people started to come to the St. Herberke school gym, which looked closer to a dome than a gym, and pile in. "Where is Deed?" She asked, wincing as her ankle still gave her problems when she tried walking on it.

"Otto was bringing her." Sein said, before smirking as the sound of a rumbling engine was heard. "Ah, there they are." The two looked on as Otto, dressed in her black jeans and leather vest, dark sunglasses on her face as she drove her motorcycle to the gym, Deed was riding on the bike, sitting behind Otto while dressed in purple pants and shirt while holding a duffel bag.

"Thanks, Otto." Deed smiled as her twin stopped the bike and let her get off. "See you inside." Otto nodded at her as Deed waved to Sein and Akane, walking to the both of them.

"Oh wow! Look how handsome he is!" A nameless girl said loudly while pointing to Otto, who blinked behind her glasses and blushed hard as more girls were whispering, giggling and pointing at her.

"Uh... Uh..."

"Oh wow, handsome and cute!" A very pretty girl smiled as she stepped closer to Otto. "So, what are you doing later?"

"Watching my sister take on Kodachi Kuno." Otto said, her voice breaking as she tried to keep her cool, it got harder as girls started crowding her and asking for her sister's name so they knew who she was cheering for. "Uh, her name's Deed, you'll see her when the match starts." She gulped as someone boldly slipped their hand on her lower back, she was thankful she didn't get off the bike or someone would have been squeezing her butt. "Um, excuse me!" She roared the engine and the girls backed away as she peeled out of there to find a parking spot.

"Awww! He was so cute too!" The girl that had tried to feel Otto up pouted as the biker had left.


Nabiki sighed as she sat in the stands, looking around as people started piling in the stands, some on the upper levels, most, like her, were sitting on the lower levels to get a better look at the ring where the match would take place. It was closer to a Professional Wrestling ring in terms of size and design, but she knew it wasn't just for show. She smirked softly as she saw Ranma, Uno and Tre sit down just in front of her. "Hey, you three. Not being Deed's spotter?" She asked, curious and blinking as Akane sat down next to her. "Okay, so, who..."

"Nove is." Otto said as she and Sette sat down in the same row as Nabiki and Akane, just down a bit from them. The small group was sitting right next to the ring floor to get a better look, not that any of them needed to sit so close, but it would be easier for them to cheer Deed on from there. Dieci sat next to Nabiki, right next to the steps that made up the isle, Cinque, being the shortest, was sitting right in front of her.

Uno blinked a few times. "Where's Sein and Wendi?"

"Welcome to the Rhythmic Gymnastics Martial Arts Match and... ACK!" People blinked and started muttering as there were sounds heard over the loud speaker.

"Sorry about that!" A new voice was heard. "My name's Sein and myself and Wendi are taking over for the announcers for the rest of the match!"

In the ring, a girl with a short black ponytail, dressed in a white dress shirt and black dress pants was announcing the contestants. "For St. Herberke, the Champion, Kodachi Kuno!" She yelled, gesturing towards the girl in a black leotard, her hair done up in a long black ponytail. "And in this corner..." She trailed off, blinking as she saw Deed, dressed in a leotard as she held a ribbon in her hand. "Um... Who?"

"Deed." When the ring referee asked for a last name, the brown-haired cyborg sweated slightly, before she blurted out the first name that came to mind. "Saotome!"

In the stands Nabiki started laughing as Ranma twitched slightly, next to Ranma, Uno looked on amusedly as people looked on in slight confusion.

Otto scratched her head before smiling at that. "So, I'm Saotome too then?" Nabiki, hearing that, nearly fell over laughing, and only stopped when Ranma turned to give her a flat look.

"Can I be Sette Saotome, dad?"

Ranma sighed and chuckled ruefully. "Sure." He really didn't have any real objection to it, though it did feel weird to have anyone call him dad, or even take his last name, other than as a joke.

Sitting on the lowest level, Takewaki Kuno nodded as he looked at the opponent of his sister. She was a pretty girl, but nothing compared to his fierce tigress or the pink haired Athena. "Ah, if not for them, that lovely lady would be almost worthy of my affections." Kuno said softly, smiling as she rested his Bokken on his shoulder. If only he had found his Athena's name.

"Representing Furinkan High! Deed Saotome! The rules are simple!" The referee yelled at the crowds. "No time limits, no bare-handed blows! If either contestant is knocked down or falls out of the ring, they will lose."

"Ohohohohohohoho!" Kodachi laughed as she held a length of rope in one hand and two clubs in the other hand. "Shall we begin?"

"Gladly." Deed smirked and lashed her ribbon out at Kodachi, who batted it away with her rope, then wrapped up the end of the ribbon with her clubs as she spun around, swinging the rope at Deed, who spun to avoid the blow. Her eyes widened as Kodachi jumped into the air, laughing the whole while and wrapping it around her ankles.

"Oh no!" Wendi stood up, yelling into the microphone. "It seems as if Kodachi has wrapped up Deed by her ankles and is about to trip her up, if that happens..."

"Immediate forfeit!" Sein finished for the redhead next to her. "Oh, look at that, Champion Kodachi uses her rope to try and sweep Deed off her feet, it's almost like it's a club or rod."

Deed winced as she felt the blow to her ankles but she rolled with the blow, put her hand on the mat and used it to flip away from Kodachi. "Ball!" She called out as Kodachi called for a hoop. Catching the large ball that Nove threw to her, Deed re-directed it straight at Kodachi while kicking her feet loose. Sure, she could fly, but that wouldn't be as much fun. Plus it would be a hassle to explain why she could fly in the first place.

"Hoop." Kodachi called out, using her rope to snag the inside of the ring, spun it around a few times, before spinning her body to add momentum and launching the hoop at the ball that was thrown at her, cutting it clean through.

"What the heck?!" Deed's eyes widened as she bent backwards to avoid the hoop, only for her eyes to widen as it cut clean through one of the corner posts.

"Hey!" Nove yelled at the referee. "Isn't that illegal?!"

"It's not a bare-handed blow." The referee shrugged as Kodachi grabbed a ribbon that her second tossed to her, before lashing out, the end wrapping around the hoop and pulling it back.

Deed grimaced and jumped to the side as the hoop was pulled back, tearing up the mat a bit in the process.

"Ohohohohohoho! You are good." Kodachi smirked as she snapped her ribbon, letting the hoop fly back at Deed, who had grabbed the two halves of the ball in the ring and used them to knock the hoop harmlessly, well, as harmlessly as a razor-sharp hoop was, out of the ring and onto the floor.

"Why the heck are you cheating anyway?" Deed asked as she grabbed her ribbon.

"Cheating?" Kodachi put her hand up to her mouth and laughed, most people shuddered as it got louder. Deed didn't even flinch. "My dear girl, the true essense of Martial Arts Rythmic Gymnastics is to control an endless array of tools, watch!" Kodachi jumped into the air, snapped her ribbon out and wrapped it around the nearest object, which happened to be a steel chair, before she pulled back and swung it at Deed, who had snapped her ribbon out, similar to Kodachi and wrapped it around the referee bell and swinging it at the chair, both colliding and knocking each other out of the ring with a loud crash.

"Incredible! I didn't even know that the ribbons were that sturdy." Sein yelled excitedly and jumped back with Wendi as Deed wrapped the ribbon around the announcer table. "Woah! Never thought I'd ever see a table go flying like that before! What's this? Champion Kodachi is countering with... Some idiot in a kendo outfit and wielding a bokken." Sein blinked as someone whispered in her ear. "Oh! That's Kodachi's older brother, ladies and gentlemen!"

Wendi looked at the judges next to her. "Is the use of a brother legal?"

"LEGAL!" They yelled as one and raised white flags.

Kuno saw the table flying at him, before he thrusted his wooden sword out, smashing the table, and Deed's ribbon, to pieces.

"Deed!" Nove yelled as she tossed two small objects at the brown-haired girl, who caught them, one in each hand.

Kuno, meanwhile, crashed into the isle in the bleachers and shook his head. "That... Did not hurt." He muttered as he rubbed his head and stood up. His eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of pink. "My pink haired Athena! I wish to date with thee!" He rushed forward, his arms open, before a green light enveloped him and sent him flying up and out of the gymnasium.

"Um, Otto, I think you blasted someone."

Otto blinked at Sette in confusion and looked at her hands, which were smoking. "What happened?"

Back in the ring, Deed activated her Twin Blades and took a defensive stance.

"Ohohohohohoho! I see you can use two, huh?" Kodachi laughed and twirled her rope in her hand. "You shall see that you aren't as good as you imagine!" She and Deed jumped up into the air at the same time. Kodachi called for her ball in mid-air and swung her rope, which was quite obviously a rod disguised as a rope by this time, at the ball, Deed crossed her arms above her head the blades lit behind her.

"Twin Blade..." Deed trailed off as she recalled something Ranma had said to her in training.


"It's not always what you know, or what you don't know, or what your opponent's using. Using a move that you know is always good. But the best moves are always used when you modify them on the fly."

"Really?" Deed asked, blinking.

"No, I just made that up."

"GAAAH!" Deed yelled as Ranma laughed at her and tripped her up.

"But I wasn't lying. My best moves are always modified on the fly." Ranma smirked at her.

*End Flashback*

Deed's eyes glinted as the ball rushed towards her, her blades were surrounded by an orange aura of power. "BREAKER!" She screamed, swinging her blades forward, destroying the ball, hitting Kodachi in the upper chest and slamming her down, hard, through the mat and into the floor, her body surrounded by an aura of energy as Kodachi was forced through the mat.

Everyone was silent as Deed landed on the mat silently, waiting.

The referee walked up to the Kodachi-shaped hole and peered down. Kodachi was alive, but clearly out of the fight, skin smoking as she groaned. "Champion Kodachi Kuno is out of the fight! The winner is Deed Saotome!" She yelled, gesturing to the brown-haired girl, who was starting to blush at the cheers she was getting.

"And there you have it, folks! Deed is the winner of this big match!" Sein was all smiles as she watched the way people were cheering for her sister.

Kodachi groaned and climbed back into the ring, panting and groaning with each move. When Deed looked at her curiously, she stood up tall and laughed softly. "My, my. That was the best match I ever had, girl. You are very good. I look forward to seeing you again."

In the stands, Ranma blinked, several times before asking what was on his and Nabiki's minds. "Did she just... Befriend Kodachi?" Who knew that attacks like that could actually work outside of Nanoha's universe?

Nabiki started chuckling. Oh, this was going to be a fun loop.