Time Loops

Numbers in Nerima

Chapter 8

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It was a dark and stormy night, an evil that the world hadn't seen in a long time had awakened from its long slumber as the rock holding it in finally broke and fell apart. The great evil stood up, before falling down and planting its face into the dirt.

As it raised a feeble hand up into the air, it let out a word that came to represent sheer terror for everyone that would hear it in the future.



Mousse grimaced as he jumped into the air, barely avoiding an explosion that took his spot moments later. As he landed on a fence, he looked around, his eyes darting around behind his thick, coke-bottle size glasses, trying to find the source of these explosions.

"Got you." A soft, female voice said, which caused his eyes to widen as he spun around, chains whipping out from his robes, before several knives pinned down his robes to the sidewalk under him. "Now…" He watched as a small girl, wearing red shorts, a light red shirt, a black eye patch and long, silver hair looked at him, frowning. "Leave my sister, Nove alone."

Mousse grimaced as she basically straddled his chest. "Why should I listen to such a little girl?" Now, if it was Shampoo, he might actually listen, not to mention that she was a lot better looking than some little girl with silver hair.

Narrowing her good eye, Cinque brought out a Stinger Knife and held it above his head. "Because I can make practically everything I've touched explode, and since I've touched all of these knives, well… It wouldn't be pleasant, would it." She slowly swung the knife above his head. "Now… You are going to stop attacking my sister whenever you feel like it. You are going to leave her alone unless you give her a proper challenge ahead of time and you are not to announce it as you attack her, do you understand?"

"Why should… GRUK!" Mousse's eyes bugged out slightly as she grabbed his throat, his mouth was forced open as she put the knife just centimeters away from his lips.

"Now, you are going to leave Nove alone, or the next time I see you, I'll tie you down, and drop this into your mouth before making it explode, do you understand?" When he nodded slightly, after a few moments, Cinque got off of him before canceling the knives that were pinning him down. "I don't wish to kill you, but to protect my little sisters, I will do anything, even sacrifice my own life for them if I have to, as long as they live, nothing much matters to me, understand?"

"…Fine…" Mousse muttered, just loud enough for Cinque to hear, before she walked off, leaving the myopic Amazon to stew in his anger for awhile. He couldn't believe such a little girl did something like that to him. "Stupid outsiders, can't they just mind their own business?" He whispered as he got up and walked off. Some further… Planning was needed.

Watching this, a certain purple-haired entity smirked and tapped her chin before disappearing. "Oooh! Won't Ranma want to know about this?" She giggled as her voice disappeared onto the wind.


Sighing as she walked back to the Tendo place, Cinque wondered about where her life was going. She liked how her sisters were able to live and enjoy themselves. But what about her? What did she have? It didn't help that, as she walked past a window, she took a look at herself and sighed heavily. No matter the fact that she was older than anyone but Uno and Tre, she looked like she was ten, twelve if she was lucky, and she couldn't change that. It really did suck, since while she looked after her sisters, she just wouldn't get older.

little girl, little girl, little girl.

She clutched her head and grimaced as those words rolled through her mind over and over again. "I didn't ask for this body. I didn't ask to be a cyborg. I didn't ask to be like this." Tears were leaking out of her good eye as she tried to stave off what she was hearing in her mind. "I didn't want… I didn't want any of this, I can't help what I am."

She didn't know how long she was standing there, but the next thing she knew she felt a hand on her shoulder, startling her as she spun around, her eye was red and puffy as tears still leaked out of it. "What..?" She blinked as she found herself pulled into a hug. "Ranma, what?"

"Heard that you were feeling down." He muttered as she hugged him back tightly. "And I was walking with Dieci to go to the zoo. Want to come with?" He wasn't surprised when she didn't answer right away, the way her small body shook and trembled was a good indication of her mental state. Despite the fact that she was the one who looked after her sisters, Cinque still had human emotions and insecurities, and considering what Mousse had said, at least according to Lilith, he wasn't surprised to find that she was in an emotionally unstable and fragile state of mind at that moment.

After a few minutes, Cinque pulled back, blushing hard as Ranma gave her a paper hand towel. Wiping her face off, she smiled as he stood up to his full height. "Um… Can I come with you?"

"I think I asked if you wanted to join us." Ranma chuckled at her and held out a hand for her to take. "Come on." Taking his hand, the two walked a few feet where Dieci was waiting for them quietly. When they got to her, she smiled and grabbed Cinque's other hand.

"So, we were heading to the petting zoo, right?" Dieci asked and smiled as Ranma nodded and Cinque's face lit up.



Cinque was in heaven, okay, not really, but it was as close as she could get in life as she held a small bunny in her arms and was petting it. Near her, Dieci was petting a small deer, she didn't even know how the zoo got a deer so tame, but she wasn't complaining, especially since it was just eating out of her hand and tickling her with its tongue.

Watching them, Ranma just sat on a nearby bench. When he was younger, he might have sat on the wall behind him, but those were days long past and…

"Who the hell am I kidding?" He muttered before jumping up from his sitting position and sitting on the edge of the wall. "Much better." He couldn't help it. He loved the high ground. Idly, Ranma wondered if maybe there was something that required all anchors to have a quirk of something that they really enjoyed to do for fun. He loved being up high, looking down at the world, Nanoha had her love of flying, Naruto had his love of ramen, and Shinji had his love of music, though that last one seemed rather mundane compared to the rest of them, but it was still there. Looking down, he resisted the urge to laugh as some sheep walked up to Cinque and butted their heads against her back to get her attention. When she turned and practically squealed in delight, Ranma shook his head. She was acting just like the teenager that she was. It was… Rather refreshing, actually.

Down in the pens, Dieci was laughing as the deer practically started nuzzling her with its head and neck. She didn't know why Ranma suddenly asked her if she wanted to come with, but she wasn't complaining. Especially if it gave results like this.

As for Cinque? Well, the poor girl looked like she really was about to die from happiness caused by cuteness overload. When a baby cow came over and mooed at her, she passed out, a blissed out smile on her face as the animals converged on her.


"Nnngh… No more licks… I have no more food… no more… hee hee…"

Dieci sweat-dropped as she heard Cinque talk in her semi-conscious state. "I don't know if that's normal or not…"

Ranma shrugged as he rubbed Cinque's back, the small girl was laying down on his lap and twitching occasionally. "I've seen people who were coming down from a sugar rush act similar for awhile." He chuckled as Dieci nodded at him. "She'll snap out of it soon enough.""I hope so." Dieci chuckled softly. "I'm not used to seeing her like this.""I don't think anyone is." Ranma laughed softly, but secretly, he was glad that Cinque could just let go and be a kid at times. Even if someone calling her a child hurt her badly, being able to just let go and be herself was something that he enjoyed to see.

"Hey, Ranma…" He turned to Dieci, who was looking at the ground, her face seemingly in thought. "Why us?"

"Huh?" He might have had a lot of abilities, but reading someone's mind when they asked a vague question like that wasn't completely within his realm of abilities. Maybe if he was Xavier or a deity, he would be able to, but he was neither, so it wasn't really something he could do.

"Why care about us?" Dieci sighed softly, her face troubled. "I heard from Nabiki… You have women who love you, and there's a few people who dislike you, but still look up to you… And you even have people who look up to you as a surrogate father, even though you were mean to them… So, why us? Why even bother caring about us?"

Ranma scooted over to Dieci and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Because I'm a horrible person, because I want to teach people, I want to make up for what I did in the past, and because I thought that you and your sisters deserved better than being left behind without any experiences for yourselves."

"Really?" The two looked down at Cinque as she looked up at the two of them. "You aren't a bad person."

He shook his head, sighing and chuckling softly. "I'm a jerk, asshole, selfish and utterly rude to people." He closed his eyes and leaned back. "I'm too scarred, mentally and spiritually, to really do much anymore, I guess I'm just trying too hard."

"No you aren't." Cinque said as she sat up and hugged him tightly. "Nabiki told us, about the man who originally created all of us… About Jail Scagiletti… You're a better person than he is, no matter what you think."

"Cinque..?" Ranma blinked, he hadn't expected her to hug him. "What..?"

She pulled back and smiled at him. "You aren't a bad person, you wouldn't have cared to help us if you were… A bad person wouldn't help Nove, Wendi, Sette, Tre or comfort me when I was sad."

Dieci chuckled and put her arm around Ranma's shoulders. "I think you're a nice guy too, better than what you think." She giggled softly. "Thanks for helping us."

Ranma was old, older than most everyone in reality by this point, he wasn't prone to erupting into emotion, but these girls, the former numbers… He surprised both of them when he hugged them tightly, tears falling down his face. None of the three spoke for awhile, Ranma, because he was just… Happy, and the girls because they weren't sure what to say.

In the end though, they decided to just enjoy it.

Deep down, Cinque wondered if Ranma was helping them, or if they were helping him. It seemed to be a bit of both from her point of view.


Sein and Wendi were at a local park undertaking a task of monumental importance. "He's pretty cute." Sein pointed out a random jogger as he ran by them.

Yes, both Sein and Wendi were partaking of the "check out the cute boys" mission that most teenaged girls in Japan went through.

Wendi nodded and giggled as she saw a small girl with red hair trying to keep a much larger dog from running off with her and failing as it suddenly woofed and started to run, causing the little slip of a girl to get dragged through the air as he feet were forcibly removed from the ground. "Yeah…" Wendi pointed out to another boy as he walked by them on a pathway a few feet away. "He's got a cute butt."

Sein nodded and laughed as the dog ran into that boy, causing him to crash into the ground. "Maybe we should stop the dog?"

Nodding, Wendi waited until it got close and froze the ground under its feet, causing it to slip and fall, sliding for a few feet where Sein grabbed it and started hugging and petting the large dog. Wendi wondered if maybe the dog was a Saint Bernard, it was definitely big enough.

"Thank you." The young girl panted as she got to her feet. Her outfit was a little scuffed and dirty, but she was smiling. "Yosef is usually a good dog, but he's so strong."

Sein smiled at the young girl as she rubbed the big dog on the belly after it lay down on the ground. "He seems like a good doggie." She smiled more as the young girl nodded. "It might be easier to ride on his back, don't you think?" The girl's eyes lit up as Sein stopped rubbing the dog's belly, causing him to get to his feet. Grabbing the girl, Wendi put her on the dog's back and the two laughed as the dog took off, this time the young girl was able to at least avoid being dragged through the air like she had been last time.

"That was fun." Wendi giggled softly, but blinked as the ground started to rumble. "Uh… Is this supposed to happen?"

"It's Japan, don't they have earthquakes every ten seconds?" Sein scratched her head. "Or am I thinking Los Angeles?"

"I think they have Monsoons every ten seconds."

"Aren't those supposed to be over by India?" Sein scratched her head as the rumbling, to them, got louder. Most people probably wouldn't be able to hear it until it was too late.

"Maybe… What about out of control forest fires?"

"You're thinking California."

"Oh yeah." Wendi nodded before the two jumped back as the ground started to bubble up and then explode outwards. "Huh, that was odd."

"Where am I now?" A familiar male voice was heard and the two blinked as the dust settled and a slightly dirty Ryoga was standing there. "Huh? Oh, it's you two, uh…"


"Sein." The two said flatly as they looked at him through lidded eyes.

"Oh yeah…" Ryoga nodded and blinked, grumbling to himself. "Actually, I never knew your names, I just knew Tre and Deed." Tre, because he had fought her and Deed because she beat him up. Looking at the two of them, his eyes lit up as something came to his mind. "Hey, um… I'm a bit lost…"

"You don't say…" Sein shook her head. "The day you're not lost is the day I admit that I'm a lesbian."

"Aren't you though?" Wendi asked the green-haired girl, who shook her head.

"No… What makes you say that?" Sein looked at her bustier sister in confusion.

"Well, you did teach me how to grope breasts in the bath." Wendi held up one finger.

"Well, yeah…" Sein sweat-dropped slightly.

"Then I heard about what you did to Caro, Subaru, Teana, Nove, Rio, Corona, Einhart, Lutecia and Vivio…" A second finger went up.

"Uh, yeah, but that…" Sein was sweating heavily at that point, a slightly exasperated look on her face as Wendi pointed out the things that she did.

"You groped Teana's crotch, Rio's chest and slapped everyone else on the butt…" Wendi stopped and looked at Sein curiously. "You know, that reminds me… Shortly after Godzilla broke everything, you took off with Teana for a long while… Are you attracted to her or something?"

Sein crossed her arms, closed her eyes and turned away. "Hmph! Just because I might have taken Teana out to some bushes and did some incredibly kinky things to her, you just assume I'm a lesbian. Well, I'm not."

"Riiight…" Wendi drawled out, giving Sein a half-lidded stare. "And Hayate Yagami will spend the rest of the loops as a nun who took a vow of celibacy."

The two blinked as they heard a thud, turning, they saw Ryoga passed out, blood pooling out from his nose as his eyes swirled.

"Huh, what's with him?" Wendi asked, getting a shrug from Sein as the only answer.


Looking at Dieci, Cinque felt her face flushing slightly as the two of them were at a tailor shop and getting measured. It wasn't Dieci being nearly naked that caused her to flush, but rather the girl who was measuring her. It wasn't too often that she was in her under garments and getting measured, after all.

Dieci, for her part, had her eyes closed. Though she was mentally swearing that the girl measuring her body was taking her sweet time touching her butt, and she was sure that last touch was a caress. If she hadn't been asked to strip down to her underwear, she would've been dressed in her normal clothes, but this was something special. Her face was turning more and more red as the touches lasted a little too long for her comfort. "Are you done?" She didn't like pushing people away unless she had to, but this was too much.

"Just finished." The girl behind her smiled as she stepped away. "Now, we'll need to get a variety of styles for you two to try on…" She trailed off as a clothing rack full of various clothes were pushed to the fitting room.

Seeing this, both girls sweat-dropped. Yep, life was much easier when they were pranking Mid-Childa, this was torture in comparison.


"I did it." Sette said calmly as she walked into the living room, getting Uno and Nove to blink at her in confusion as she walked up to Nabiki. "See?"

The three girls in the living room sweat-dropped as Sette started to rub her belly and pat her head at the same time. "Ah, Sette…" Nabiki did have to admit, that was impressive, since it was only a couple hours since she started to try. "That's… Nice."Sette blinked a few times at her. "But, didn't you say that only truly dexterous people can do that?"

"I said that people have trouble rubbing their bellies and patting their heads…" Nabiki shook her head and fell over as she saw that Uno was actually trying to do the same thing as Sette, and failing at it.

"This is harder than it looks." Uno blinked as she found herself having a hard time doing it.

Nove shook her head and left the room, wondering if insanity was contagious.


The sun was starting to set as people started to go home and relax after school or work, though some were going to various eateries to get a meal before going home.

Ranma looked at the restaurant he stood in front of, he was dressed in casual dress pants and a dark shirt, before wondering why he felt like he needed a cigarette… Or maybe something to lean back against and try to look cool before shrugging it off and shaking his head. Tugging on his pigtail, he wondered if maybe he should spend a few loops with his hair loose. "Heh, that would throw a few people off." At least for a few moments, maybe, possibly, ah, what did he care? Tapping his chin, he nodded and chuckled. "Next fused loop, I think I'll become a lawyer with short hair… I just hope that former super hero isn't still trying to be a lawyer by that point."

He turned and raised an eyebrow as he saw two females get out of a taxi. One was short, with long silver hair that was tied up into a ponytail, wearing an eye patch and was wearing a modest black dress that had straps on her shoulders, she had white gloves over her arms and she blushed as he smiled and gave her a thumb's up. Her companion had her long brown hair tied up against her head in loops while wearing a shoulder-less brown dress that hugged her curves in all the right places.

The two blushed more as people openly stared at them, some of them crashed into various things, flower pots, bikes, parked cars, mailboxes, telephone poles, an out of control motorcycle and a purple dinosaur, killing it instantly… All-in-all, minor things.

Smiling at them, Ranma walked up to them and looped his arms through their arms and walked with them into the restaurant. "You two are beautiful." When they blushed more, he shook his head. "I mean it, Dieci, Cinque, you two look very nice right now.""Thank you." They both said, their faces red as they were led to a small table in the corner.

"Um, so why take us out to dinner?" Cinque asked after a waiter came by and dropped off some menus.

Ranma chuckled softly. "Well, I figured that since I'm spending the day with you two, I should make a full day of it. Besides…" There was a soft smile on his face as he looked at them. "I figure that you two could use a nice night out on the town without your sisters." He felt a little bad that he hadn't given either Cinque or Dieci more personal attention, but considering that they were the most stable and balanced of their sisters, they probably wouldn't have been jealous even if he spent all his time with their other sisters.

"Wouldn't they get upset?" When Ranma shrugged, Dieci sighed softly. "You're rather easy going, aren't you?"

Ranma chuckled softly at that. "I've had a long time to go through a lot of different emotions, I'm just taking the time to be relaxed this time." Especially since he could actually take a step away from the insanity for once. The three went quiet as they looked over their menus.

After a waiter came over to them and got their orders, he nodded to them. "I'll be back with your orders soon." He said and turned, muttering something.

"Excuse me?" Cinque said, frowning and narrowing her good eye at him. "Just what did you call Ranma?"

The waiter turned, his face was surprised that she had heard him even speak. "Excuse me?" She couldn't have heard him, that was impossible. No human had ears that sharp.

"Apologize to him." Cinque might not have been physically intimidating, but the way she was glaring at him made the waiter quite nervous, well, that and the knife that seemingly appeared in her hands. People pulling knives out on each other wasn't anything new in any restaurant in Nerima, but for some reason, he felt that the girl knew just what she was doing with that weapon.

"Cinque…" Ranma spoke softly as he grabbed her hand, getting her to look at him and stopping her from doing something crazy with that knife she called out. "It's okay. He doesn't know anything.""But…" She was confused, it was almost as if Ranma was used to being insulted. "He called you a lolicon."

"I know." Ranma sighed softly and looked at the waiter. "Sir, you should know that these lovely ladies are in fact close to my age. Cinque here is sixteen while Dieci is fifteen years old…" Ranma grinned at him in a vaguely creepy manner. "So, calling me a lolicon because someone looks like a young girl is rather insulting to her, and the last person that insulted her ended up pinned to the ground by knives."

The way that he was grinning, the vague feeling of total doom coming down from somewhere, and where did the outline of a demon cat come from? "Ah… Yes, good point. My apologies, young miss, drinks are on the house." He bowed and quickly made his way to the kitchen.

Dieci looked at Ranma and giggled softly. "Where did you learn to do the creepy face look?"

"That… is a secret." Ranma waggled a finger at Dieci and was quite thankful Xellos wasn't running around in this loop. Or at the very least, he hadn't felt the fruitcake yet.


Dieci looked out at the park as she, Cinque and Ranma walked through it. It was starting to get late, the sun was low in the sky, making the formerly blue sky a nice mix of reds and oranges. She had to admit, after a nice dinner like that, other than the waiter's original comments, taking a relaxing walk was fun. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. It felt rather nice, not being asked to snipe anyone, to not have to fight.

Sure, she was as combat capable as her sisters, but, she didn't really want to fight if she could help it.

"Are we always going to be forced to fight?" Cinque spoke up suddenly and caught her attention. Dieci wasn't sure if Cinque was thinking the same things she was. It might have just been a general question, but Dieci agreed with the sentiment.

Ranma sighed as he looked into the evening sky. "Honestly, that's up to you." His back was turned to them as he spoke. "Every universe, every universe you go to, there will be problems. Most of them can only be solved with violence, since people aren't willing to listen until after you've beaten them down. And sometimes, it just isn't enough." He turned to look at them and smiled. "But, you don't have to enjoy fighting. For some of us, it's because we need to survive in dangerous worlds. For others, it's because we enjoy it. Some of us, it's both. If you don't care to fight, it's up to you, but not everyone is as kind as I am." Which was saying something, considering how he was some days and loops.

Dieci shook her head. "I kind of figured that we'd fight a lot. If I can support my sisters, that's all I care about."

"That's good…" Ranma trailed off and turned to the side, his eyes narrowing. "What the..?"

"Hahahahahahahaha! This is so good!" An old, male voice was heard as a dust cloud was kicked up. "Panties! Panties! Panties!"

Groaning, Ranma just slapped his forehead. "I can't believe I forgot that he showed up now." He held up his arm and pointed lazily at the approaching figure, a red ball of energy formed around his fingertip before launching it at the person coming.

The two girls had to shield themselves from the wind and dirt of the explosion that came up from that attack.

After it ended, Ranma frowned. He had barely used anything in that attack, and it had that kind of effect? The ten foot diameter and four foot deep hole in the park made him stare at his hand, concerned. Were his seals slipping? It was something to look into.

"Uh… What was that?" Dieci asked, looking slightly worried.

"An annoyance taken care of." Ranma shook his head before blinking as a charred ball crashed in front of him. "…You're still together?"

"…Panties…" The ball groaned as Ranma nudged it.

"Yeah, you're okay." Ranma shook his head. Oh well, if Happosai was alive, he'd cause problems in the future. Maybe he'd just put the little bastard out of everyone's misery ahead of time. Then again, Soun and Genma's reactions were hilarious when dealing with Happosai.

"Is it… Alive?" Dieci asked as she got close to the ball.

"Wait…" Ranma's warning came a moment too late as the ball seemed to gain life as it leapt up and squeezed Dieci's breasts.

"Hot'cha!" The male spoke as he rubbed his face all over her breasts. "Ah, how I missed this, such beauties, so firm, so soft, so perky, so…" He stopped as a clacking sound was heard and he felt a metal tube pressing to his head.

"I'm going to ask you politely to let go of my breasts right now, sir." Dieci was calm, except for the twitching in her eyebrow. "I might… Accidentally blow your head off if you don't let go."

Happosai sweated slightly and did let go of the girl's chest. "You wouldn't hurt an old man that just wants to have some fun, would you?" He got all doe-eyed as he looked at her. All she did was frown at him.

"I might be a nice person, but I don't like it when people grab my breasts without my say so."

"Oh…" Happosai seemed to pout, before he grinned and disappeared. "How about your rear? Oooh! So firm and big for your size and…"

"Let go of my sister." Cinque said softly as she held a knife to Happosai's throat. "She doesn't want you grabbing her and I don't blame her." Her good eye widened as she found herself flying through the air.

"Go away, little girl, this isn't something that you would underguuk…" Happosai grabbed at his throat as he let go of Dieci's butt and sank to his knees. His eyes were wide as he felt the oxygen get cut off to his body.

Dieci spun around and glared at him. "I did not give you permission." Sure, Sein and Wendi would sometimes grope her in the bath, but that was out of fun, and she wasn't adverse to fun, but this… This left her feeling dirty all over. A yellow ball of energy formed at the tip of her gun. "Just… Go away." Despite never raising her tone of voice, the words still came across as menacing and cold before she pulled the trigger, blasting Happosai and sending him flying out of the park.

Ranma frowned as he finally let go of choking Happosai, partly because he wasn't really in a mood to kill the guy, and partly because he had to move to catch Cinque on her return trip.

She blinked a few times and looked at Ranma, smiling at him before leaning up and giving him a small kiss on the cheek. "Thank you." She was blushing as he put her down and helped straighten her dress out.

Smiling, he walked over to Dieci, who was still trembling with anger. "Hey…" He touched her on the shoulder and wasn't surprised as she hugged him, trembling heavily. "Shhh… If I see him again, I'll set him straight, okay?"

She nodded against his chest and he sighed before turning slightly so that Cinque could hug the both of them. He mentally growled at Happosai. 'Dammed asshole, this night had been so fun too.' He hoped that both Cinque and Dieci would calm down. Whether or not they continued their outing was up to them.



Turning, the redhead looked at Sette as she sat down on the roof next to her. "What?"

"Do you… Dislike me?"

Nove stared at her as the pink-haired hippie gave her a rather blank, flat look. "What makes you say that?"

"Of all of our sisters, you, Wendi and Sein spend far less time with me than anyone else. Perhaps you dislike me or are uncomfortable around me?"

Nove winced, Sette had started to sound like a person for awhile now, but she seemed to revert to a more… Machine-like droll when she was upset. Even if Ranma had prevented her from becoming completely emotionless, she still had trouble with emotions, not that Nove felt herself any better sometimes. "No, Sette, I don't dislike you. There's just so much that I want to experience that I don't always get time to hang out with everyone." Even if this world was insane, it was pretty fun. "Besides…" Nove smirked at Sette. "Sparring with you in the morning is a lot of fun."

Sette cracked a small smile and nodded. "Yeah, that is a lot of fun, isn't it?" Nove relaxed as she heard Sette start to sound normal again. "May I join you?"

"Sure." Nove chuckled as Sette moved right next to her and sat down, looking out at the city. "…He was right?"

"Who? Dad?"

"Yeah…" Nove smiled as she gestured out to the whole city. "Look at it… It's beautiful near the end of the day."

Sette nodded, her small smile not leaving her face.

It was a peaceful, beautiful moment that deserved to just end on that note.

Sadly, it was a peaceful, beautiful moment in Nerima. Something was bound to cause it to end.

That something in this case was a flying, blackened ball of smoldering flesh that crashed onto Nove, hitting her in the chest.

"Oww… What the?" Nove blinked as the thing trembled slightly before looking up at her. "Um, are you okay?"

"No… Oww… That mean girl… Hurting me like that…" Its eyes got all big and watery as it looked at her. "You won't be mean, will you?"

"Uh…" Nove wasn't sure what to say.

"So, just let me have a good cry on your busom!" The thing grinned and grabbed Nove's chest, squeezing and rubbing its face back and forth quickly. "Wow! So big! So natural! So soft and firm! Hot'cha!" He jumped off and grabbed Sette's chest, leaving Nove twitching and glaring angrily at him as he groped and squeezed Sette's chest. "Oh my! These are even larger! How great! I love this!"Nove stood up and made a grab for him. "Get off of my sister!" She missed, her hand grabbing Sette in the breasts, causing the pinkette to blush even harder.

As for Nove? She suddenly stiffened as she felt a body rubbing against her butt. "What the hell?" She kicked her foot back at her butt, several times, before the person jumped off and grinned at the two of them. "Who the hell are you!"

"I'm Happosai." He grinned and held up three items of clothing. Both Nove and Sette blushed as they saw him holding their bras and Nove's panties. "Thanks for the silky darlings!"

Both cyborgs twitched and nodded to each other as Sette stood up. The little freak had to die for doing that to them.


"What's wrong, Sein?" Wendi asked as they got close to the dojo. "You've been looking upset for the past few minutes.

"I feel… As if someone was fondling boobs and I wasn't invited." She pouted as she continued to walk.

Wendi grinned and got behind Sein before grabbing her modest chest and squeezing. "Well, I think you just do it because you're jealous of how big the rest of us are."

"Hey, I've groped Cinque before." Sein protested, but she didn't stop Wendi from getting a few more squeezes in before the redhead let go. "It's just been a long while.""Uh huh…" Wendi gave her a flat stare as the two continued to walk towards the dojo. They stopped as they saw something bounce off the wall, Nove on her Airliner and Sette in mid-air were chasing it down.

"Stop, you panty-stealing freak!" Nove growled as she sped up to get in front of it. "Now you can.. EEK!"

"My my! You've got a nice crotch too, my dear!" Wendi growled as she saw him do that, but Sein winked and grabbed her shoulder, the two disappeared into the ground. "Well, I'm off, hahahahahahahaha!" Happosai bounded away, leaving her a trembling mess of anger as she and Sette both redoubled their efforts to catching and possibly killing the little freak of nature.

Happosai turned and stuck his tongue out at the girls as he was getting away. He landed, only for a moment, and jumped into the air again, when suddenly he found himself encased in a block of ice. He looked around, wondering what the heck this was.

"Got him." Wendi smirked as she and Sein popped up out of the ground behind Happosai. "Nove, Sette… He's all yours."

Both girls nodded, and Sette had a nearly feral, for her, grin on her face as the ice cracked open just enough for Happosai to breath.

"Have mercy?" Happosai whimpered as the two were giving him evil grins, his feet were still frozen after all, so he couldn't avoid anything they would give him.

"I believe the correct response is… No." Sette said softly as they converged on him.

Wendi and Sein both winced at the sheer violence that was inflicted to the poor perverted bastard. Granted, Wendi wanted to do the same herself, she was sure that Nove didn't like anyone nuzzling her crotch like that, at least in public, and only by people that Nove herself liked.

After the two were done venting on Happosai, they took back their undergarments and walked back towards the dojo, Wendi and Sein following right after them.

"So, what did he do, besides touching you two?" Sein wasn't stupid, but she was curious, and she did wonder why they left that guy back on the street, bruised and beaten like that.

"…He stole my panties and our bras… Without taking our clothes off!" Nove grumbled as she stormed forward, Wendi following right after to try and calm her down while Sette walked behind them.

Sein? She stopped and thought about it. Being able to do something like that? She looked at her hands. She could probably do something similar herself, but hearing what Nove went through…

"Hey…" She poked the bruised Happosai after walking back to him. He groaned and looked up at her. "How did you take Sette and Nove's bras and steal Nove's panties without taking their clothes off?"

Happosai looked up at her and blinked. He blinked again as he stared at her confused face. This was a position that he didn't find himself in very often. Most of the time, girls and women wanted to beat him up. Someone asking how he did his best moves? "I doubt you could appreciate my style and…" He blinked as she picked him up to look at him, eye-to-eye.

"I can go through the ground freely. How about I drop you off, oh, say, about three miles underground near a volcano?"

He looked at her dumbly. "…You can go through walls?"

Sein snorted, that was easy. "Walls, roads, weapons…"

Happosai slowly grinned. Maybe he could have a worthwhile apprentice after all. "My name's Happosai, what's yours?"


The old perverted Grandmaster of Anything Goes grinned. This… Could be fun.

To Be Continued…

Um, I don't have much to say this time, actually.

This chapter was mostly focused on Dieci and Cinque, since I felt like they hadn't gotten much screen time (and I was asked to give them more screen time). And I've had thoughts of Sein and Happosai meeting since BEFORE ViVid had Sein groping all the girls in the bath.