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I met Ezekiel Young from Salt Lake city about two years ago

And he told me he was single

And we hit it off right away.

So, we started living together.

He'd go to work, he'd come home, I'd fix him a drink, we'd have dinner.

And then I found out….

"Single" he told me…

Single, my ass!

Not only was he married

...Oh, no

He had six wives.

One of those Mormons, you know?

So thatnight, when he came home, I fixed him his drink, as usual.

You know, some guys just can't hold their arsenic.


Something was wrong.

Hal, Kai, and Kaji went to the second perp's house to bust him, but when the kicked down the door and charged in they were met with silence. No shouting, pleading, or obscenities. Just silence.

"Maybe no one's home…" Kai suggested.

"Well, let's search the house first. Then we wait to arrest him." Kaji commanded. The two rookie investigators nodded and split up.

After a few hours, Hal and Kai met up again. The whole house was swept clean. Not a trace of the drugs anywhere to be seen.

"Hey…I think we found our perp…" Kaji called out from the kitchen.

When they walked in, they found a grisly sight indeed.

They found a man, lying face down a puddle of bile and blood, his own presumably.

Kaji turned the man over and, surely enough, it was their guy.

Ezekiel Young, a traveling salesman also known for selling blotter LSD. Dead with his merchandaise gone without a trace.


"Autopsy results show that the cause of death was arsenic poisoning." Mari read tonelessly, flipping through the documents faxed to them by the Meguro Police. "It was probably mixed in a drink, his BAC was .03." Hal and Kaji were sitting on the couch, frowning. At this point, the case should have been handed over to the Meguro police station, since the NCD didn't handle murder cases, but the killer had stolen the LSD and was probably out there dealing it themselves.

Kai suddenly burst into the room, a manila folder stuffed with papers tucked under his arm.

"Kai! You're back!" Mari squeaked, delighted to see that her love interest had returned from the Intelligence Department, safe and sound.

"Hn. So did you get any useful information?" Hal asked after taking a drag from his cigarette, The brunette nodded, rifling through the papers.

"Mr. Young had married six women over the years and dated many more. His most current affair was with a French dancer, Annie Roux. She is currently employed at the 'Silhouette' strip bar. She's been charged with assault and battery twice before, but was found not guilty due to insufficient evidence in both cases." Kai showed them the photo of Annie. She was in her late twenties. She was thin and her skin was rather pale, making her appear almost sickly, but her brilliant green eyes shone with life. Chin length, ginger colored hair framed her face. She was wearing bold and bright make up, her lively face was in stark contrast to the rest of her.

"Sounds like we found our new perp." The blonde man commented, exhaling smoke as he spoke. Kaji was still a little skeptical.

"She's not necessarily the killer. It could be any of the other girls he suckered into dating him."

"Hey! Good-for-nothing!" Kai's head snapped up upon hearing his "nickname", "Gimme those files."

The brunette handed over the folder.

"Well," Hal skimmed over the documents "It says here that 'Silhouette' is only a few blocks away from the house Young was renting, and neighbors reported having seen him walk home with a scantily clad younger woman, a red head. Some even said they were living together. That means she knew where he lived and had a way of getting in without arousing suspicion. She's the only woman he was in a relationship with that had that advantage."

Kaji sighed.

"Well, we don't have enough substantial evidence to make an arrest."

"We can fix that." Hal responded with a cocky grin. "That's our job as investigators, is it not?"

"We'll make a trip to the Silhouette tonight, then." Kai pumped his fist in the air, another undercover mission! Mari gushed over how cute the youngest investigator's enthusiasm and determination was and proceeded to hug the poor man. Hal's eye began to twitch violently as he watched the analyst smother his partner.

Kaji was long gone, on his way to Hiki's office to authorize the mission. He knew better than to be in the same room when Hal and Mari were fighting.


Strobe lights flashed and men whooped and cheered as the dancers removed what little articles of clothing they had on while seductively wiggling their private bits for all to see. Money was tossed at them for their efforts.

Hal watched intently, but for a vastly different reason than all the other spectators. They were there to satisfy their disgusting needs, he was here to catch a potential murderer and LSD dealer.

He did everything in his power to keep from vomiting from sheer disgust. This type of entertainment did not appeal to him in the slightest. Nevertheless, he was the one stuck with the unfortunate job of going into the bar since Kai's innocent mind would probably be overwhelmed by it all and Kaji…well, he just flat out refused. And Hal wasn't about to provoke the wrath of the much bigger, and most likely stronger man. Especially not when Hiki wasn't there to restrain him.

The flashing lights made it nearly impossible to identify faces clearly, so he gave up and began listening in on conversations in hopes of hearing something instead.

"Whoo! She's a hot one!"

"Hey! Over here!"

"I'd tap that."

"C'mere. She's in the back."

"Are you sure?"

Hal almost did a double take. "She's in the back."

There were two younger men a few seats away from him, they looked shaky and high strung. The Matori cop watched them out of the corner of his eye.

"Hell yes, I'm sure. Now, let's hurry."

"Yeah, I need another hit or I'm gonna go nuts…"

It was a very vague lead, and there was a good chance it wasn't Roux, but on the off chance it was her, Hal didn't want to be the idiot to pass it up.

He followed behind them, looking as casual and inconspicuous as can be. Although, the two men were so caught up in their hunt for drugs that a neon sign that read "I'm following you" in big, bold letters could have been hanging above Hal's head and they still wouldn't have noticed.

The NCD investigator was led into the back, where the storage rooms and lavatories were. The two men disappeared behind one of the doors. After a few minutes, they came out, looking quite content, stumbling a little as they walked.

Hal walked towards the door and opened it. The inside was lit only by a bare hanging bulb that flickered every now and then. A red headed woman, sitting cross legged on a crate of beer.

"Ah, a new customer." She drawled, attempting to hide her French accent. It was Annie, alright. "It's nice to see some fresh faces around here."

She stood up and made her way over to Hal, her hips sashaying with each step.

"You're a cute one, aren't you?" Annie whispered huskily into his ear, one hand tilting his face towards her while the other was rested on his chest. She wore grin that could rival the Cheshire cat's. "Maybe after you're good and high we can have some fun, huh?"

Hal fought the urge to retch and flashed a sly smile of his own, reaching for his handcuffs in his back pocket.

"That's a tempting offer…how much do you charge?"

"200 yen a packet." The blonde investigator handed the French woman the money and slipped the plastic bag of little paper strips he received in exchange into his pocket.

He quickly turned her around and attached one of the cuffs to her wrist.

"You're under arrest for-!" Hal was elbowed in the stomach. Having been caught off guard, he loosened his grip just enough for the redhead to escape to the main area.

The Matori agent clutched his stomach, he should've seen that coming. She didn't get charged with assault and battery for nothing, after all. He whipped out his transmitter and called Kai and Kaji, who were waiting outside.

"She's heading for the entrance!"

The chief and rookie investigator positioned themselves at the front doors, guns loaded and ready.

When Annie Roux exited 'Silhouette', she was faced with the barrels of Kai's and Kaji's guns. She raised her arms in surrender, she had nowhere to run anymore.

"You are under arrest for violation of the Stimulant Control Act and the murder of Ezekiel Young." Kai said as firmly as he could, attaching the remaining cuff to her other wrist.

"He got what was comin' to him." She hissed as she was dragged away into the back of their car.


He had it comin'

He had it comin'

He took a flower in it's prime

And then he used it

And he abused it

It was a murder, but not a crime!


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