Too Quiet

Summary—How Anakin falls to the Dark Side. Obi-Wans' POV.


My Master died,

so soon, so soon.

A demon struck,

too soon, too soon.

I made the blow,

so late, so late.

Now he's a learner,

too late, too late.

A knight I am,

so early, so early.

An assignment we're given,

too early, too early.

A killer he became,

so quiet, so quiet.

Yet emtionless he remained,

too quiet, too quiet.

His first assignment,

so long, so long.

And they married,

too long, too long.

A general we bacame,

so much, so much.

And battles we fought,

too much, too much.

Secrets were shared,

so wrong, so wrong.

And ignored them I did,

too wrong, too wrong.

I watched him die,

so quiet, so quiet.

A monster he became,

too quiet, too quiet.