So, I haven't even finished "Call Me" yet, but it's coming to a close. Much as I don't want to send my baby off to school to play with the other boys and girls, I know it's time. Time to cut the apron strings. Time to let go. Time to move on.

I figure I've got a handful of chapters left to write on that story. Going to stick to my word, and conclude after the party from City of Glass. But I don't want any tears when I change that story from In Progress to Complete. Because then I'll shift my attention to a new project. This baby.

I was toying with ideas for a name, looking for something epic in the way of a fourth "book". I was going for the usual City of _____. But that seems to imply I'm going all out, and that I'm going to include all of the characters. Of course, that's not the case. In the style of "Call Me", I'm going to keep the focus on Alec and Magnus. So for the moment, we're going with "Between Burroughs," because technically, that's exactly what this story is going to be about – how Alec's and Magnus's relationship progresses beyond the stopping point of City of Glass. How they balance their professional lives with their personal lives. How and where they meet up, between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

So, I'm hoping some of my loyal readers/reviewers will keep reading. I am open to any ideas or suggestions for this new story! It's just in its infancy. I don't even have an idea where this is going to go.

Thanks for sticking with me. My one-month anniversary with this site is coming up! Hope to have this story up and running by then.

Kisses and canoodles,

P.S.: This isn't just a tease. I'm currently writing Chapter One as you read this. And will post as soon as it's ready.