Between Burroughs
by ariviand

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the following characters; they belong to Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments.

Chapter 55: Begging

This chapter is coming soon. I am actually working on it. Seriously. Like right now.

BUT I will be frank and explain why it's so hard to get back into writing fanfiction at the moment. See, almost since the time I began posting my virgin works on this site, I had a writing partner. Miyabita - yes, you've probably seen her name around in my dedications pages and she was the co-author to our Dead Man's Party fic as well as my beta for the first few chapters of Call Me. She was essentially the Alec to my Magnus and the inspiration that kept the pairing alive and inadvertantly fed me new ideas that led to many chapters and stories that I shared with you all here.

But she's retired the role and with her, all my inspiration and my love and my muse sort of... well it dwindled and sputtered out. I could only force a few chapters and I wasn't happy with them anymore. In the months that she's been missing from my literary life, my writing has been little to nothing, as you can see. I could have birthed a Malec baby in that time (what a hot child that would be).

So, the reason for this wicked author's note disguised as a chapter is this: I need a new muse/partner/companion, what have you. To be specific, I really really really would love someone with a firm grasp on Alec's character, a love of Malec, and free time on your hands to write with meee! Otherwise, the Malec as you know it from ariviand may be a thing of the past, because I can't continue on alone. I just can't do it.

I've had a few responses already, but I'll continue to shamelessly put myself out there. Please let me know by email or PM, whatever works best. You can even review this not chapter if you want, but I'm going to pull it down as soon as the next update is ready!

Thank you and I apologize for the false alarm!