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[Emmett Pov]

The past few weeks have been absolutely brutal! We thought we got one over on the girls, it was all in good fun, honest. But the whole thing backfired on us, well me mostly. The guys are being victimized by their mates as well, but I can honestly say that I'm jealous that I've got the worst of the punishment. I guess doing the mural prank was a really bad idea, not only did we keep getting hit with the consequences but we've also haven't been getting any lovin' from our mates. I feel like I'm going to weep out like a newborn infant if I don't get some sex, at least once before the wedding, which is in three days.

But honestly the torture they have put is through is just awful. First, that night we thought we got them good, they decided to put that damn red dye back in our body wash. It didn't come off like last time either, no, this shit was practically extra strength. It was embarrassing, and I avoided looking at myself in the mirror at all costs, and that shit is hard. I'm one fine-looking sonofabitch.

So the three of us dudes, Edward, Jasper, and I went to school looking like we stood not even two feet away from the sun, letting it fry us faster than hell. It wasn't even the worst of it, one we got there; there had already been giggles and chatter. But us showing up, was worse than the three of our bodies being red for the time being. The whole building of the main part of the school, as well as the surrounding buildings for different subjects, was covered from roof to ground of pictures of us, dressed as women and other embarrassing shit.

The laughter was insane, and even a few teachers that I've tortured while our stay in Forks, had been laughing right along with the student body. If I had been human, hell if any of us had been, then we would have been even a brighter shade of red than we were. Letting out low growls we swallowed the urge to attack, and headed inside to get the first day of hell over and done with. But it only got worse. Our lockers reeked and we could smell the sour and rotting smell of human food from the front of the building, only we didn't know it was from our lockers. Not only had they put disgusting human food in there, they sealed the lockers shut so well that being my size, had I been human I wouldn't have even been able to open it. So we had to leave them as they were. The toping on the cake was the new paint job we earned. Though it was pretty shitty to see that I had the whole gay pride rainbow situation going on with mine. It was unfair that Eddie and Jazz only had pink lockers.

It was fucking awful, and the shit didn't die down at all what so ever. The lockers were of course replaced seeing as they were school property and the mural that they painted over ours, of course had been painted over. The fresh lockers and the new paint job on the gym, wasn't enough. Pictures were still posted on the outside of the buildings, and the three of us were still fucking dyed red. The girls thought it was hilarious; they didn't even bother being near us all that much for the first few days. We didn't get any sympathy from Esme, or Carlisle. And Edward was suspicious that Esmé had something to do with the whole girls getting us back prank, but she just looked too shocked and too horrified by what the girls did to us at school.

Carlisle stayed out of it all together. I think he was genuinely afraid of my mate. I didn't fault him for that shit either; I should have backed off and just had her as my partner the whole time. But no, I didn't. So now I'm a light shade of pink, and ignoring hundreds of text messages and phone calls from Peter, and the Volturi guys, not to mention Jane as well. As soon as I heard her voice mails, her giggle being the first thing, I pressed delete and shut the phone of for a while. That little midget was scary as hell, not as scary as my Bella, but she was close. So listen to her was a huge, no fucking thank you. Her cooing into the phone was nearly gag worthy.

My feminine side...ugh. Chick is diluted.

At the moment, all of us were packing up to head to Italy. The wedding was being held there, not at the castle, but on a beautiful piece of land that looked dreamed up. As soon as we land, I'll be taken away and off with the guys. Bella and the girls will be staying at the castle, and I feel sorry for Aro and those other bastards who have to stay around and endure whatever nonsense they have planned. It doesn't help that our little before wedding parties will be happening. I was too afraid of what was going to happen at hers to even think of the fuckery that could even be near to happening at mine.

"They're not going to do anything drastic are they? Like no strippers, I don't want some man's junk in my Bella's face." I whispered shouted at Edward

He snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Their minds aren't even on a stripper, they're on panties and bras and clubbing. Besides, even before Bella came along, their minds never showed that they went around strippers. Rose would never do that! They have boring spa time and shit like that. Don't worry bro." He tried to reassure me.

This time Jasper snorted and shook with laughter, Peter standing next to him looking at the Edward and me like we were the two most stupid people on the planet. Then Edward let out the most depressing strangle moaning sound and looked horrified and hurt. I looked at him, then seen where his attention was. He was looking between Peter and Jasper. Probably reading their minds, and I had no idea what the hell was going on, and that pissed me off.

"What the fuck, dude, are you alright?" I asked him punching his arm a little.

He shook his head and took off like a light yelling Rose's name louder than I've ever heard him speak before.

And he sounded pissed.

"Don't worry about it Emmett, that was just him finding out that his wife, mother, and sister aren't as innocent as they like him to think. They hang out with male strippers, and female strippers. Hell, Alice tells me all the time about the hot humans they have humped their bodies and damn near their faces." Jasper said nonchalantly like it was nothing.

"And you're okay with this?" I choked out, starting to feel anger build up inside of me.

The picture of Isabella, my beautiful Bella, surrounding by nearly naked men touching on her, or at least practically touching on her; it made my insides burn with jealousy and rage. I didn't want anybody touching her, or her touching anybody else, no sex be damned.

"Sure, why wouldn't I be? I mean we've gone to strip clubs for the many times we've been married and the girls never complained, and why do you think that is? Because, they do the same shit. Only, they're good at keeping it to themselves. Rose is able to keep shit like that to herself, Alice not so much. Hell, even Esmé goes along with them half of the time and gets a little wild." Jasper shrugs his shoulders as he says that like it's no problem, no problem whatsoever!

Yeah, it is a damn problem.

"My Bella would never go to a male strip joint. I'm all she ever needs." I said with conviction.

Both Jasper and Peter shook their heads and gave me sad and pitiful looks then walked out of my and Bella's room. I ignored their looks, because I knew my princess. She would never go to a strip joint, let alone a male one. She may be evil when it comes to pranks, but she's too damn awesome to never do that. Right?

I finished packing my things, and went in search for Bella. She already packed and had been helping the girls along with Esmé decide what clothes they should or shouldn't bring. I think she even said they could hold off on bringing so much since they had time to shop. Whatever, I don't understand women and their need to buy everything in sight; it never once made sense to me what so ever.

Once I made it to Rose and Edward's room, Edward left the room with a sullen look on his face and scowled at the door before walking off completely. I shrugged, he's always been one of those emotional pansy mama's boys. Rose probably forbade him to do something, or gave him rules. But honestly who knows, the boy for a mind reader is hard to read sometimes.

I walked in and noticed Bella and Rose looking at each other with smiles on their faces, which is never good.

"What are you ladies up to?" I asked them as I gave them a wary look

"Oh nothing, we're just so excited about how close the wedding is. Rosalie was telling how happy she is that I'll finally be her sister, and not just her brother's girlfriend. It was a really sweet thing to say Rose, and I for one can't wait either. It will be a blast, nothing will ever surpass whats to come!" Bella giggled and smiled from me to Rose.

I didn't believe her for one second that she was telling the truth. By the look on Eddie's face, and him walking out of here, I think he was sulking because he didn't get his way.

"I'm glad you think so sweetheart, I feel the same." I told her as I walked to her and kissed her cheek and then her lips lightly.

I wasnt going to call her a liar, nothing good would come from it.

"All packed up?" Bella asked

"All done, I don't need every piece of clothing like you ladies do. Us men don't really give a shit about how we look. But I'm sure that you will all look beautiful no matter what." I rushed out at the end, "So, what's this about male strippers? I tried to tell the boys you would never, because I'm all the sexy man meat that you need." I told her as I grinned showing her the dimples.

Rose giggled and walked out of the room to step into her bathroom.

"Of course your all the man meat I need. Forever, right?" Bella said as she looked up at me through her eye lashes giving me a sweet look.

See I told you she would never!

"Forever." I nodded with promise and sealed it with a kiss.

Forever indeed.


At the airport we were all cuddled with our mates, we were going to be on our way to Italy soon, if they ever called our damn flight. Bella made sure we were the only ones in first class. She didn't feel like sharing the space with humans, something about needing privacy to act free.

Whatever. I honestly didn't care where the hell we had to sit, as long as I was with Bella, I'd hide in the luggage compartment if it meant being with her. So I was all good, though first class was awesome. It gave me free room to stretch out and have room to breathe, if you will. I'm not as small and lanky as Jasper, Peter, Edward and Carlisle. I'm a big boy, and I need room to spread my legs and relax, sure I don't get cramps but it would look ridiculous if I sat in the middle seat of the coach section. I'm sure I'd take up a whole row to be honest.

First class is nice, God bless the person who made that up.

"I cant wait to see daddy!" Bella said gleeful

"I'm sure Emmett can't wait to see Jane. She must miss Bella's Beefcake." Alice snickered out

That just caused everyone, including my Bella, to laugh at me and for me to scowl.

"I don't understand why nobody will allow me to rip her arms and legs off, and store her body in a dryer." I muttered through a growl.

"Oh, calm down Emmett. At least she isn't unleashing her gift upon you. She's actually one of the most protective of Bella, from what I hear. Be thankful in which you are safe from her wrath." Carlisle suggested.

He did have a point I guess. I should be glad and thankful I'm not being a victim of her evilness. Still, it irks me so much when she calls me a beefcake. If it were Bella calling me that, I would revel in it, and feel pride. With her calling me beefcake I nearly feel violated at every turn.

I leaned back in my chair and let my left leg lay across several seats while Bella sat on my right leg. Edward held tightly to Rosalie, his sulky face still the very most expressive expression on his face. So damn Emo that one. Jasper and Peter had no care in the world while they held their mates, and Carlisle had been absent mindedly twirling Esme's hair between his fingers.

It's still so weird to see them being to affectionate. Sure they make t gooey eyes at each other but for him to twirl her hair as I twirl Bella's it's weird to me. They have been my parents since my change, and yet I've never seen them kiss in front of me. I suppose it's because I would comment on it, and likely embarrass Esmé.

"So what are you guys doing for your bachelor party? Anything exciting?" Bella asked as she waggled her eye brows

I shrugged my shoulders. I wasnt sure what the fellas had in mind or where it was taking place. All I knew was that it would be away from Bella and her girly shit, without male strippers! I hoped there would be some sort of gambling involved. I love nothing more than cheating the system, and getting loaded with money in the process, it was sort of my specialty.

"I'm sure once we guys get together, we'll figure something out. Though I beg of you to force Carlisle to join us, he's said he wanted to spend time with your father and uncles before the wedding comes." Peter said with a lazy smile on his face looking between Bella and Carlisle.

"Daddy isn't going?" Bella asked with wide eyes

Peter shrugged. "From what I've heard, they have decided to stay in." he finished.

Bella frowned and nodded her head, but whipped her phone out anyways. She got up from my lap and walked away whispering quietly.

"She doesn't seem to happy about her father staying in the castle walls." Peter mumbled never taking his eyes off her as she spoke so low we couldn't even hear her.

"He's never been one to go out socially, unless it was a matter with the law." Carlisle said with a worried look on his face.

"I bet she can get him and the uncles to leave." Alice chimed with Rose nodding along with her.

"I wonder, with them gone, does that mean we have the place to ourselves? It isn't like Aro and her uncles will be unprotected." Char said

Just then a very high-pitched squeel rang out causing all of us to wince. Bella walked as fast as she could while still maintaining a human façade.

"Daddy will be joining you all out. Uncle Marcus and Uncle Caius have also decided to come along, they have yet to be introduced to the wonderful experience of a bachelor party." Bella said happily standing in front of us all, "That means you need to go all out, show them a good time. They don't get out too often. I still remember what it was like when we tried to explain what Wal-Mart was. Uncle Caius demanded to know where they housed the chickens and if the human's deemed that sanitary in these times." Bella muttered with a pout on her face.

"They do not leave for good reason, Isabella." Carlisle said as he gave her a pointed look

She rolled her eyes openly at him and sat back down on my lap.

Not long after that, our flight had been called for us to board. Our luggage had already been loaded on the plan as we waited for the flight to be called, so we each had a bag for a carry on. My bag only had two things that where mine, the rest had been Bella's. What she put in there that she would possibly need on an airplane was beyond me.

An hour into the flight I felt Bella's hand rub my abs down to the waist band of my jeans. She snuggled to my side, creating a nook between my arm that was around her and my body. She flicked the button and unzipped them, then shoving her hand in my pants.

I groaned loudly at the attention she was finally giving my cock.

Honestly, if vampires weren't able to have blue balls, I'd tell them they were wrong. Since the prank fiasco she's been holding out on me. So the contact and friction her hand gave me, felt so nice after no loving for so long.

"Be quiet, if stay quiet, I'll go to the bathroom and you can join me." Bella purred in my ear so quietly only I could hear her.

I looked down at her and nodded, bending so I could capture her lips with mine. I loved the way her soft pouty lips felt against mine, the tugging and pulling along with the grip she had on my cock only made kissing her be more pleasurable.

Not to mention it was the only way to keep me from growling, lifting her up, ripping her clothes off her body, and impaling her on my dick in front of everyone.

All too soon her hand left my pants and she pecked my lips once, then twice and left me to go to the restroom. I waited 30 seconds before joining her.

Once I was in the stall with her she attacked. She jumped on me in the small tight space and wrapped her arms and legs around me. Our lips met and it wasnt gentle, it was a rough needy kiss not at all loving. I needed her, and I smell how bad and how much she needed me. The smell of her arousal entered my nose and I breathed it in deeply, allowing my mouth to flood with venom.

"Now it's your turn to be quiet." I growled lowly in her ear.

Holding her up with one arm, I pulled her pants down to her ankles and sat her down on her feet. I then let my pants fall to my ankles.

"Bend over." I commanded as I nodded to the closed toilet.

Before she could even touch it with her hands I pulled them back behind her and kept them with one hand on the small of her back while I stroked my cock at the sigh to of her, so close but yet not close enough. I lined up at her entrance and shoved my dick in harshly growling lowly, she made no sound like I told her too but the way she quivered and her breathing picked up I knew she was feeling the pleasure as well.

I used my free hand by grabbing her left with my life and her right with my right. I used her arms to keep her from flying forward as I pounded inside of her.

"So fucking tight, so good." I snarled quietly

THe thrusting forward and pulling her back on my dick with her arms felt amazing. She bent down even farther her head nearly touching her legs as she folded forward made her even impossibly more tighter.

I collected her wrists in my right hand and brought my left one in front of her and pinched her clit causing her to gasped out loudly. I smacked her clit for that and pounded into her harder and faster. I stopped and pulled out of her, bent down and took her show off as well as took one leg completely out of her pants. I picked her up and she wrapped her arms and legs around me once again. I didn't need to guide my cock to her pussy, it went straight to its home. Holding her waist with both hands I lifted her on and off my dick while kissing her, trailing my kisses from her lips to her neck.

When I felt her start to tighten around me I gave it to her harder and swallowed her whimper and gasps. She was doing so well at being quiet, which is a major feat for her, she's not a quiet person while having sex what so ever.

Her pussy squeezed me while I felt her cumming down my cock I wrapped my arms around her and bit into her neck, as she did mine. I growled while she latched on to keep from screaming and squeezed my dick even more, causing me to cum as well. I let her ride out her orgasm as well as mine but pumping in and out of her slowly and not as hard. Once she let her teeth release me and started to lick and kissed the mark she left, I did the same.

I held her face in my hands as soon as I let her down and just stared at her into her eyes, a huge smile on my face.

"I love you." I whispered and kissed her lips

"And I love you. Let's get out of here big boy, before somebody comes and gets us." She said as she giggled out

I picked up her shoe while she cleaned herself up a bit as well as me. Once her pants were back on properly I placed her shoe on her foot and took her hand in mine, and kissed the engagement ring that sat on her ring finger.

"Fucking beautiful." I growled lightly

"It really is." She sighed

"I was talking about it being on your finger, it's a fucking beautiful sight." I told her.

Together we left the small bathroom, only to be stopped by a flight attendant. She glared harshly at me, but blushed and smiled sweetly at Bella. I huffed and pulled Bella along back to our seats.

It was instantly quiet as we sat down and I looked over to my father and mother. Carlisle winked and Esmé smiled shyly. I chuckled and pulled Bella against me and buried my face in her hair and sighed.

Bella giggled and wrapped her arms around me.

"You think we could be as quiet as they were?" Edward whispered to Rosalie.

Rose giggled in response, they decided to try the bathroom out as well. Only to come back a few moments later with a huff.

"How the hell did you do it?" Edward growled at us

"Dude, you gotta bend her over, or have her wrap her arms and legs around you." I told him with a blank face.

The thought of Rose and Edward having sex made me shiver. I didn't want to think of Edward fucking my sister any more than I wanted to hear that shit. Nasty.


The flight was relaxing, I had a good time, no complaints. Though I think that flight attendant may have slipped Bella her number, after she scowled at me as we left the plane. Rude bitch. Too bad for her that my Bella isnt into what's between her legs, but what's in between mine. She never stood a chance, though I had to chuckle when Bella fucked with her by winking at her every time she came to check to see if Bella needed anything, anything at all.

"BELLA!" Several voices shouted as we made our way to get our bags and luggage.

They were all there, including the midget of doom. I scowled at her, and she scowled right back. My family and I stepped back and allowed Bella to be greeted by her Italy family. They passed her around as if she were a baby. Demetri and Felix actually cuddled her and cradled her in their arms and blew raspberries on her cheeks and kissed her forehead. The girls kissed her cheeks as well and hugged her tightly, Heidi actually let out a sob when she seen her and clutched Bella so tightly if she were human she would have died.

Death by hug.

Since their little blow out the last time they had seen Bella, Heidi worked hard to get her place back in the place of the guard. Daily reports from the three kings and the other members of the guard Bella felt it was much deserved for her to have her place back. When we asked Bella why she was being so hard on her, she told us all that it wasnt that she was being hard on her. It was that some of them get to comfortable and start to slack, Heidi being one of them, it was a lesson that she will indeed, no matter how much she loves you or how much she thinks of you as family, she can take it all away. They were guards before she was born, there for they needed to still be at the best of their abilities to protect their home and their rulers.

So Bella and Heidi seeing each other after so long, it was over whelming for Heidi. She was scared Bella was going to lose her shit even after she came back to Forks with us, and put a death warrant out on her. But Bella was going to do that. She cares for all the people in her guard.

"Well if it isn't Little B's sidekicks and their girlfriends." Demetri chuckled

"Where's your skirts ladies?" Felix asked looking from my brothers to me.

I scowled as did Jasper and Edward. Peter and Carlisle just chuckled and looked at us expectantly.

"No stockings and heels for you Em? What about your purse?" Alec asked

I growled at him and went to attack him but Bella stood between us.

"Alright they get it. They've learned their lesson. I hear anymore, then your all going to the dungeons and not fed for a month." Bella said as if she were speaking to children.

"She's just joking." Alice laughed out at the stunned look on Esmé and Carlisle's faces

"You can join them as well Alice." Bella hissed and walked away with her luggage.

"You just had to open your big fat mouth didn't you!" Rose snapped at her and walked after Bella with Jane on her heals

"It's never wise to piss the bride off before the wedding, never." Felix whispered with the most serious expression on his face as he looked to Alice.

She gulped and nodded quickly.

The rest of us got our bags with the help of the guard and then escorted to two different limos. Both of them were black with red rims and the Volturi coat of arms on the back window and the sides of the limos. It was insane, but awesome. I almost felt like a rock star, I wonder if this is how we are greeted every time we came back to Italy.

The car ride to the Volterra was a loud one. Jokes and stories started being passed around to those who had something to share, which was everyone. Felix and Demitri were sharing stories about their night outs and the activities they've gotten into while in the castle. Card and drinking games, along with fights that went on where bets were placed. They even said something about getting Caius into the battle room and let him unleash his beast in there, apparently he kicked major ass.

"Uncle C isn't too warm on the inside, he's as cold inside as out. Just depends on the person, if he likes you or not." Bella shrugged

"You're the only person he likes." Felix he said with a scowl.

"Does Felix have a crush on my blond-haired uncle? Let's see how his wife feels about that!" Bella sing-songed.

"You know that's not what I meant!" He growled at her

I growled back and bared my teeth at him.

"Dont speak to her like that." I practically snarled.

He looked shocked at first then looked to Bella and back to me. He mumbled a sorry and looked else where.

"You two are so testy." Alice said

Bella just smiled at her and stared. It was like a stand-off between the two, neither of them blinking. Bella's eyes went black and she growled. Alice blinked and cowered away, causing Bella to smile wickedly.


I was thankful to arrive at Bella's when we did. The atmosphere in the car was stifling and for a vampire that's not an easy feat. It was actually uncomfortable, though I did apologies to Felix for growling at him, after that we were cool. Bella didn't speak to Alice at all, not even including her in the conversation between her and the girls.

It was a bit childish, the two of them, but I wouldn't tell my Bella that. Alice shouldnt have said that Bella was joking when she really wasnt, everyone knew that. And she shouldnt have verbally said that we as a couple were being testy, that could have been left to her self. She gets out of hand and over steps, and Bella uses her powers and how intimidating she is against people.

Aro, Marcus, and Caius were there when we arrived through the tunnel entrance. Carlisle seemed surprised, but I didn't know why he would. Their daughter and niece was finally back home, of course they would be there for her return.

And they call me stupid.

"Oh Stella, you always return more beautiful than the last time." Aro said as he crushed his daughter in his arms and then pushed her so she was still in his arms but arms length away. "You look so much like your mother, she would be over the moon, and proud." He said quietly.

My Bella got choked up and squeezed Aro to her and sniffled as if crying. I think we all got a little emotional. I knew Bella was sad that her mother wouldn't be there for our wedding, it was the only thing that she was sad about. She wished like crazy everyday that she had her mother and that she could see us get married. If I could, I would give her that, her mom there as she walked down the aisle to me, and became my wife, I would give her, her mother if I could.

"I've miss you!" Bella cried in his chest

"Have you forgotten us Tesoro?" Caius asked as he pouted.

It was creepy to see him act that way. He didn't for a second look sweet or caring, the guy honestly looked as if he were ready to rip a throat out at any seconds notice.

Life for him as a human must have sucked. Either that or he didn't get enough tit when he was a baby.

Bella let go of her father and flung herself into both Caius and Marcus. The funny thing is they weren't even ready for her, she knocked them both down. They both looked surprised and started chuckling.

It made me feel nervous when Marcus chuckled, he didn't look like the type of guy to ever make an expression other than utter boredom. The whole lot of them were insane, and I mean that with the up most respect.

After they stood up and dusted their selves off, she kissed all three of their cheeks. I went to shake their hands, and when I shook Caius' hand he glared at me. The guy hates me, i found it adorably scary, if that makes any lick of sense. Aro scowled.

"I take it people never use the airplanes for just flying anymore." He huffed

Bella gasped and knocked my hand out of her fathers and look sheepishly at her dad.

"At least we weren't pestering them?" She asked in a quiet voice.

I looked mortified, and felt it too. I always forget about his gift, soul-reader and what not. Jesus, so he's even seen when I jerked the chicken while Bella denied me sexy times. Oh god, how embarrassing. If it were one of my brothers I would be all for laughing but I don't feel like laughing. I feel like throwing up whatever blood I had before we left the house.

God, if you can hear me, just strike me now!

I looked around and noticed everybody struggling not to laugh.


We were ushered to our rooms and Aro saw fit to give me my own room, away from Bella's section.

Bella didnt say anything, she only gave me a covert wink, making me relax. I just got the nookie back, I was about to not have it again. Aro sucks, he said something about tradition and that it wouldn't hurt to keep the snake in my pants away from Bella's garden. That shit caused me to laugh because who says that?

Besides, Bella doesn't have a garden, she's bare down there.

I put my things away in my room and checked out what my room had in it. It was more than a room really, it was like a one bedroom apartment, minus a kitchen. I had my own bathroom with a shower and a jet bathtub, my bed was a king size with silk sheets black of course with gold swirls, my sitting section with a four person couch a love seat and a large leather chair, with gaming systems and games. It was awesome.

When Bella and I get our own places, I'm going to require a room such as this for my mancave.

Once everyone put their things away and looked around their rooms, we all met up in the family room. I was bored and ready to go out and do something fun. But I knew that wasnt in the cards for tonight.

Tonight was for all of us to hang out, then tomorrow it was another day together for everyone until we went off in two groups. One group consisting of the girls, the other group of us guys. Our bachelor and bachelorette parties were tomorrow night. After that, I won't see Bella until after the rehearsal the next day until the wedding. I'm already starting to freak out.

I wonder if we could sneak away and just have sex and cuddle until the wedding.

Maybe I could crash her bachelorette party, and be the male stripper. Better yet, sneaking into her room the night before the wedding and giving her hot nasty sex, she loves hot nasty sex, maybe I'll take her on a date before the wedding, in the forest. Bella covered in blood is hot and damn beautiful.

definitely bloody sex!


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