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Star Fall
A Boys over Flowers (HYD K-drama) Vignette
By Maho-chan



"Almost Paradise…"

Jan Di groaned and rubbed her eyes. Opening them, she registered several alarms going at once. The one that sounded like loud annoying bells sat on the bedside table closest to her. She hit it a couple of times until it stopped ringing then reached for the cell phone next to it that was beeping as well. Sitting up, she groaned as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. She turned and found Jun Pyo sprawled next to her on the bed, his face buried in the fur that he used as one of his bed spreads. Scratching her head, Jan Di looked around confusedly, only to groan again as she remembered the reason for all the noise.

As she rose, a few pieces of paper slid off the bed and onto the floor. She slowly bent to pick them up and glanced at the meticulous drawings of constellations and falling stars accompanied by Jun Pyo's misspelled explanations before setting them down on the bed again. Shuffling slowly around the room, his borrowed pajamas dragging about her feet, Jan Di set about shutting all the alarms off. As the radio alarm went off, all was silent again.

Coming back to the other side of the bed, she shook Jun Pyo and said quietly.

"Hey. It's 3:30 am. Aren't you going to get up?"

Jun Pyo moaned in his sleep and batted her fingers away. As he let out a snore, Jan Di sleepily shook him some more.

"Stupid, you were the one who said we should wake up this early. Aren't we supposed to see some falling stars?"

Jun Pyo groaned and covered his face with his hands. Now fully awake, Jan Di gave him an exasperated look.

"GOO JUN PYO!" She said loudly, before pulling away the fur that covered him to reveal his likewise pajama clad body. He winced at the sound of her voice.

She pounced on the bed and punched him lightly in the shoulder.

"Time to get up now! This was your idea, remember? Goo Jun Pyo!" She chastised him loudly.

"Jan Di?" Jun Pyo's eyelids fluttered. He opened his eyes and then turned his head to glance at the clock. "What the hell are you doing waking up now? Oof…"

Jan Di hit him in the chest with one of the pillows. "What do you mean why am I waking up now? Don't you remember? You wanted to go look at the sky and see…something about purses…"

"Huh? Purses? You mean the Perseids." Jun Pyo dragged himself to a seated position and then slowly got out of bed.

Jan Di gave him an odd look. He never got expressions correct but suddenly was an expert at astronomical names.

He staggered from the bed to the couch where they had left their coats, mumbling about the constellation Perseus and timing. Jan Di followed him, an amazed look on her face.

"C'mon." He said gruffly. He put her coat around her shoulders and shrugged into his own before taking her hand. He wandered unsteadily to French doors that opened to his balcony, Jan Di in tow.

They stepped out into the chilly night air. A soft wind blew and caressed Jan Di's face, causing her hair to tickle her forehead and cheeks. She brushed her tangled hair out of her face, as Jun Pyo led her to one of the chairs on the balcony. He sat down and then pulled her towards him so that she was seated on his lap.

Jan Di blushed and complained "We don't have to sit like this; there is another chair right here! And I still don't know why we had to get up so early."

Jun Pyo ignored her protests. Touching her chin, he coaxed her to look up at the sky.

There above them, stars glittered like diamonds.

Jan Di gasped.

As she marveled at the beauty of this, she noticed one star streaking across the sky.

A falling star followed by another, until they were like celestial fireworks animating the heavens.

"So beautiful." She said excitedly to him. "Look at the falling stars!"

"I told you they aren't stars, they are meteors." Jun Pyo softly corrected her, his chin resting on her shoulder and his mouth close to her ear.

Jan Di held Jun Pyo's arm that was clasped around her waist and continued to gaze up at the sky. As the meteors showered the sky with their ethereal light, Jan Di imagined she could hear the sound of them falling.

Only to look chagrined when she realized that the sound was Jun Pyo's soft breathing in her ear. She turned her head, only to stifle a little laugh when he snored softly.

"Hey, stupid, are you really going to sleep now? You were the one who planned this in the first place." Jan Di whispered.

Jun Pyo buried his face into her shoulder and groaned. Shaking her head, Jan Di glanced up at the sky again. Smiling to herself, she turned so that she was facing him. Wrapping an arm around his neck, she coaxed him to lean against her before looking back up again.

Pressing her face against his, Jan Di sighed, content to watch the night sky and warmed as Jun Pyo slept on in her arms.

-Maho-chan :) (9/26/09)