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~Fake Bliss

Tenten sighed. Here she was, standing in a clearing only a few meters away from the marveled Hyuga Neji. It had been an annoying four months; the only thing Team Gai did so far were ridiculous missions. How in the world was washing someone's dog going to help becoming a great kunoichi?

Ever since hearing Iruka-sensei call out their three names, she was a little uneasy. Dealing with Lee was one thing, but after she met Gai-sensei however, she was convinced that she had the worst luck, and if luck was skill, well, you know.

Lee was as energetic as he was during the academy days, maybe even more. That green spandex was a bit over the top. Not only did she have to see Lee in it, but Gai-sensei as well.

The boy prodigy, aka Hyuga Neji, was unfortunately everything she had expected of 'his type'; he was cold, arrogant, and almost unreadable. Darn his Hyuganess!

And to make matters worse, she completely, entirely, and undoubtedly had a HUGE crush on ice cube…

She was just glad that she didn't show it.

She cleared her throat, "Um Neji." His eyes met hers and she almost melted. Almost, were it not for the fact that she did have some pride. "Shouldn't we start fighting? Lee and Gai-sensei will be wondering what we've done."

"You go do whatever you want to do; I'll be training on my own." With that he turned and started toward a clearing.

"Hey wait! Gai-sensei said that we were sparing partners!"

Neji stopped, not even bothering to turn. "I don't see how training with you will benefit me in the least."

Tenten was dumbstruck; she had a hard enough time believing that she actually liked someone as cold as him, but so did his fangirls, not that that was any consolation. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Let's face it, Tenten. Your fate is just like all of those other kunoichi."

Tenten frowned, eyebrows knitted together. "My fate?"

"My byakugan can see it all. You're just a kunoichi; lacking in taijutsu, average genjutsu, and barely passable ninjitsu."

Tenten couldn't believe it. He was underestimating her because she was a kunoichi! He hasn't even seen her fight at all yet! All of her soft feelings for him were roughly pushed aside as she gave him a glare worthy of Hyuga Hiashi. Her nostrils flared; how dare he! Not all kunoichi are as he said. The chauvinist little—

Neji narrowed his eyes. "We all that you'll only be good for getting information out of people. Your fate is the same; the only thing kunoichi are good for is seduction really. That in it of itself is wrong. Therefore stating the fact that fate has given kunoichi no real purpose in shinobi life other than to be killed by carelessness because of lack of skill."