E/O Drabble Challenge

Word: Over.

Word count: 100

Happy birthday bhoney! not exactly hypothermic!Dean, but Cold!Dean will do just fine, I hope!

I don't own Sam or Dean, and as much as it would make me happy, I never will T.T.....


Dean shivered. "Sammy it's freezing in here." Sam tossed his hoodie over to his brother. "Thanks!"

Sam poked the wood in the fireplace with a long stick. It was starting to burn out. "Shit."

"W-what? Did you b-burn yourself?" Dean's voice stuttered, but the concern in the older brother's voice was still tangable .

"No, it's just burning out."

Dean let out a sigh, he rubbed his hands vigorously over his biceps, his teeth chattering at the cold wind that crashed against him.

"Sammy, I hate camping!"Dean looked over to his brother.

He smiled. "It'll be over soon."