Title: Until Tomorrow
Genre: Angst.
Warnings: Trying for some 'real world' reactions in this…friends are not always forgiving.
Written for the Lj Community InuRomp


The bamboo door slides open and the look on his face is solemn. The news cannot be good. Usually intense golden eyes are dull and lit with concern. My stomach knots as I sit up in our bed, sheets clutched in my claws. He steps forward and my breath catches in my throat.

"They all know now…even Naraku," he says "Kanna came with a puppet, her mirror and some Saimyōshō…it didn't go well."

For the first time since he appeared in the doorway I, take a good look at him and notice the blood dripping on the floor behind him. He looks worn, and nearly defeated.

"I had just told them about us…my friends…they abandoned me to face the threat alone."

He takes another step and stumbles. I catch him pressing his battered body against my own. I remove his haori and thankfully find the damage is not as bad as I feared. Dressing his wounds, I think about his comrades reactions. I did not expect the news he left to deliver being welcome, but never did I think they would be so cruel.

"The final battle is near," I stutter, "are we alone in this?"

"Looks that way," he says, "…Miroku might help but since Kohaku is dead and Kagome finding out about us…"

I force a smile, grab his chin and say, "If that's the way, so be it. We shall enjoy tonight."

Lowering my lips to his, I start our erotic dance. Lips part. Tongues battle for dominance. Clothing is shredded. Backs arch. Flesh tingles, and when we join, our plight is all but forgotten.

Every stroke is about need. Every moan, filled with desire. Together we crash over the precipice of passion and together we drift into the offered embrace of euphoria's oblivion.

Tomorrow we fight.