I was watching Glee today and I was thinking about how hot Finn and Puck are, so I decided to go and see if there was any FanFic written about them yet. There's not. You horny fuckers, why haven't you gotten on that yet (I want to ;D) So, I guess I have to write it. Ugh. I did it for Edward and whatshisface, now I gotta do it here. Short fuck. Just a bunch of horny horniness. POV=Finn

We practiced the dance routine for practically the seventh time. I was getting tired and sweaty. I had no idea why he was making me do this. I was aggravated at him. I was getting it nearly perfect, but he kept fucking it up. I know I try to be this happy and sincere guy who thinks positively and tries to do his best, but Puck here was really pissing me off. It looked like he was trying to mess up. Like he wanted me to stay back. What the hell was his deal?

Huck rips off his shirt, and his sweaty chest glistens. It's sort of gross looking, the way it bulges. He smells gross. I'm just in a really pissy mood. Why won't he leave this the fuck alone so I can go home? I've got bigger problems than trying to help idiot Puck learn this dance.

Suddenly...ouch! He's fallen on me! What the fuck is up with him? How is he that uncoordinated?

And what the fuck is he doing now? He's just laying on top of me. I can feel his sweat soak into my shirt. It's so gross. He's gigantic. Why won't he get off of me? Is he...is that his...What? Is he touching me in that way? Oh my God, he is grinding on me! That's his cock? God, that thing is huge! Holy shit, how hard is he?

What the hell is going on here? More importantly, what the hell is going on in my crotch? Go down! I don't like this! I've known Puck for years, why am I getting hard? He's just laying on top of me, those large biceps keeping him up as his chest glistens from the copius amounts of sweat.

Is he smiling? At me? Can he feel my erection against his? Holy fuck. I don't even like Puck. His face is so ugly. But it's so ugly that it's kind of...good looking. What the hell? When did all this go down? I never got the memo that either of us were gay...

He says, "I'm pretty fuckin' horny right now, and based on the giant bulge in your pants, so are you. This dancing thing is getting me hot. Wanna fuck?"

"What? No!" I yell. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm not gonna lie, I've been practicing because I wanted to get in your pants."

"Dude, you're my best friend? Where did this come from?"

"Dude, why do you think we're best friends?"

"You were my friend because you wanted to fuck me?"

"What? No...I thought you were sorta hot and it started from there. I've thought this for a while. It's just...uh...ugh..."

He stops midthought and shows me physically what he was trying to say...I think. He grabs the back of my head and slams his lips onto mine. I can't help it. These new emotions are killing me. "Oh, fuck, Puck..." I moan as he devours my lips.

"Mmm...I like that," he says. "Say it again."

I do, and he breaths in through his teeth. What the hell is going on here?

He rips off my shirt and pulls me closer as we kiss. Holy fuck, I've never been this hot. I've never gotten this close to sex before. This is fantastic. Holy shit.

I get into the kiss now. Our bodies our touching this magical touch. I've never felt this good before. My skin is on fire and his skin is burning me up. My eyes are swimming as his lips touch mine. His hands go everywhere and these suppressed feelings just rise to the surface. I lay back and let it happen. My hand moves up and touches the back of his head. I rub my hand against the slit of hair, so fuzzy and cute. My hands rub against the stubble-like skin surrounding it. I pull his face closer to mine. I don't know what's going on, but I love it. This is just coming out of nowhere, making it all the more magical.

I undo his jeans and pull them down over his taught ass. I can see and feel his hard cock slap against my bare stomach. He moves his crotch up to my face, and he looks down at me. I don't know what to do really, but I figure it out quickly. I barely hesitate before I dive in.

And the thought I think isn't what you'd imagine. It isn't, "Why am I doing this? Why am I about to suck this cock? I'm not gay."

My thought is, "How the hell am I going to get this entire thing in my mouth?"

I grab it and try, it goes halfway and I nearly barf as it hits the back of my throat. I try again, having a firm grip, and it slides all the way in. He moans. I do too.

He grabs the back of my head and starts thrusting into my throat. He groans, "Holy shit, Finn. You're better than a mom."

I was going to tell him, "Oh, fuck, Puck. You're cock is so big and hard and manly and round and long and smooth and hard and your chest and abs are hot as fuck." But when I tried to talk, all that came out was, "Oh, fghghgk, Pghhgghghk..." so I stopped and just enjoyed the oddly kinky sensation of him mouth fucking me.

Eventually, he pulls it out and rips off my pants. He pulls my legs up into the air, exposing my ass. He grabs his meaty cock and slowly pushes into me without warning. I scream, but he shoves his fist into my mouth, muffling it.

After a couple slow, gentle thrusts, I begin to stop feeling the pain and start feeling the pleasure. My head explodes as he gains momentum and his thrusts push deeper into me. I feel so euphoric as I listen to the echo of his balls slapping against my ass flow throughout the great acoustics in this room.

I can tell I'm close. Puck grabs my throbbing cock and starts jerking along with his motions. He leans in closer and increases speed and power. I try thinking about the mailman, but it's no use.

"I'm gonna come," I yell aloud.

"Me too," Puck yells. "Fuck, this is so good."

His tempo increases. The music in my head quickens. Everything seems more dramatic. Rougher. Stronger. Intense. Everything is hectic. Crazy. Chaotic. Blissful.

He groans and moans and yells and wiggles and moves and shouts and makes all these other noises. I know he's there. In that moment. He's there. On the edge. Everything comes out at this moment. "I love you, Finn." I don't notice this at first.

I can feel his come shoot into my hole as he rides his orgasm out into me.

I get pushed off the cliff. Images of me running over a mailman escape me as I watch Puck ride me hard. I feel the tension rising inside me rapidly shoot out of me. The hardest come shot of my life spews my seed all over my stomach and both of our faces.

I try to breath as Puck pulls out and begins licking the come off of me.

The room slowly stops spinning, as I come to consciousness. I realize how awkward the room has become. The aura has changed. Something is different. What he said as he came. There was more meaning to what he said. He actually meant it. He actually said he loved me at that direct moment. It wasn't a simple fuck. It wasn't just there to release sexual tension made by hormones. To Puck it was actual emotion. There was a reasoning behind it. And I was figuring that out.

I remain paralyzed as he stands up, his cock jutting outward, slowly start to go down.

My head tries to wrap around just went down as he said, "Shit, that was fantastic. Must do it again sometime."

He walks out of the room, still shirtless as he says, "And oh yeah, tell no one."