Norway opened his eyes to Denmark standing in the doorway, his nightshirt hanging off his shoulders.

"What is it, Den?"

"I can't sleeeep!"

Blank stare, "So?"

Denmark ran into the room and launched himself onto Norway's bed making frame shake, "Tell me a story!"

"What?! I'm not telling you a story."

"Pleease, Norge?"

Norway grunted and fell back onto the pillows, "Den, its three in the morning. Go back to your own room."



"I won't leave till you tell me a story."


"Yes! Norge always has the best fairytales!" Denmark wrapped his arms around Norway's neck, "Thank youuuu!"

"I won't tell it if you don't let go."

Right away Denmark sat up, gripping his ankles tightly, "Ok, I'm ready!"

Norway sat back up and ran a hand through his hair, 'Let's see. Maybe… Little Red Riding Hood? Yeah. He likes that one.'

"Alright. Once upon a time there was a-"

"Boy named Denmark!"

For a moment Norway stared at Denmark, questioning both his maturity and his mental state, before continuing with the new version of the classic tale. As the night wore on his words intertwined, bringing life to the story and leaving Denmark hanging on every syllable. Together they watched Denmark Riding Hood slay the wolf with his axe to save Norway (Denmark had insisted on that).

When he was done Norway closed his eyes for a moment, reemerging from the land of fantasy. Cracking them open again he couldn't help but notice Denmark's, clouded with sleep.

"Den, go back to your room."

"But I'm too tired…" Like a falling tree he collapsed onto Norway, pinning them both to the bed, "let me stay… here…" within seconds he was asleep.

Sighing, Norway gently patted Denmark's head, 'As if you ever give me a choice, Den.'