Chapter One

Enjoy mi amigos! this is my second fanfiction! i don't know if it will be as good as my last one, but i guess we'll see. Enjoy!


A storm was beginning to stir over the people of Jump City as a new criminal came to town. He was a very rich and influential man from Africa. His dark skin and slim figure didn't exactly scream that, but his presence and demeanor did.

His name was Darwin Survia, also know as the hunter.

If your wondering how Mr. Survia got so rich, I will explain. He started off as quite a poor man in the middle of nowhere. He hunted his food in the wild forests that surrounded his small village. One day, a lucky one for him, a group of men with guns and traps came to his isolated village in search for bizarre and wild animals, dead or alive. After they had been unable to catch anything for weeks, they asked for Mr. Survia's help. He agreed and caught more than they could have hoped for. They took him along with them and made more money than they ever had. The rest you can probably guess.

So why was he coming to a place with no wild animals? He had come because he was rich and bored. He had hunted everything from moles, to elephants. He'd done it all, and it had all become too easy. Now he wanted new entertainment.

Everything was prepared, all he needed were the Teen Titans.


The Titans were at home playing another card game.

"I do not understand." Starfire started.

"What don't you understand?" Robin asked.

"Yeah, we've explained the game like five times!" Beast Boy exclaimed exasperated.

"Yes, I know. But I do not understand why you must say 'go fishing.'" Starfire explained.

"Uh, star, it's 'go fish.'" Cyborg whispered.

"Oh. But why are there fish at all."

"Never mind." Beast Boy said collapsing in his chair.

"Anyone up for pizza?" Cyborg said.

They all stood up and walked toward the exit.

It opened before they got there. They all stopped.

"Ummm.. Maybe it's a ghost?" Beast Boy suggested.

A small round thing bounced into the room and stopped at their feet.

"That can't be good." Cyborg stated as a little red light turned on.

They all passed out as gas filled the room.


Anyone want to guess what he's planning?