Chapter Thirteen

I can't believe it. This is the last chapter. i didn't realize how close i was to being done. anyway. i think this is one of my longest chapters almost. anyway. this story is longer than my last one. i had a lot of fun with it. so anyway. i'll stop talking now. read. and enjoy of course.


Raven laid in the med bay. Her floating body covered in bandages and bruises. The metal clamp now gone from her wrists, leaving red and purple skin. Beast Boy watched over her carefully. The others occasionally came in. Starfire also had her clamps removed and had immediately flew around the tower with excitement.

Beast Boy would not leave the Med Bay. He slept at Raven's feet and watched her the rest of the time. The others would bring him food, that he would barely touch.

"I worry for friend Beast Boy," Starfire said as she met with Robin and Cyborg.

"I think we just need to wait this one out. I think things will get better once Raven is better." Robin said.

"Yeah. Don't worry Star. This'll all blow over." Cyborg assured her placing a hand on her shoulder. "In fact, I think things will improve." he said with a large smile.

Starfire Smiled and nodded and flew off to do… well whatever it is that she does.

"What about the Hunter." Cyborg asked as soon as Starfire had disappeared. They had all searched the island as long as they dared for Mr. Survia. They had to leave because of Raven's condition.

"Keep an eye out for him. That's all we can do right now.


Raven woke up a few days later, weak and in pain. She looked around the med bay and saw a small cat sleeping next to her feet. Raven swung her feet over the side of the bed and attempted to stand. Beast Boy woke up when Raven hit the floor with a loud smack.

"Raven!" he exclaimed wide eyed as he knelt beside her.

Raven trembled slightly in pain as Beast Boy helped her sit upright on the cold linoleum floor. Beast Boy turned into a gorilla and lifted Raven easily back into her bed.

"Your awake!" Beast Boy stated.

Raven took a minute too think of what had happened. The bear…

"Did you catch him?" Raven asked suddenly.

Beast boy gave a blank stare.

"The Hunter. Did you find him?"

Beast Boys smile faded away. He shook his head. Then his eyes went hard and he narrowed his eyes. "He will pay for what he did to you… and Star." he said mentioning Starfire after a minute. He blushed slightly. Raven did too.

The other Titans came into the room.

"Raven!" Starfire exclaimed rushing to give her a hug. "Friend. We were all so worried. Especially friend Beast Boy. He has not left your side since we returned home. It is wondrous that you have awoken."

Raven gasped in pain as Starfire hugged her. Starfire quickly released her when she heard. "Sorry," she said sheepishly calming down.

"Is that true?" Raven asked Beast Boy.

"What?" Beast Boy asked.

"That you stayed with me all this time?"

Beast Boy blushed. Robin and Cyborg confirmed it.

"We must celebrate this occasion," Starfire said breaking a short silence.

"Movie night! And Waffles!" Cyborg shouted running out of the room.

"Glorious!" Starfire yelled following him.

Robin looked at Beast Boy and Raven. "Wait for me!" He called after Starfire.

Beast Boy and Raven looked at each other. Beast Boy looked away first, embarrassed that she knew how much he cared.

He felt something touch his cheek. A kiss.

"Carry me?" Raven suggested.

"What?!" Beast boy said really blushing now.

"For waffles." she said smiling.

"Oh," he said smiling.

He turned into 'the beast' and whisked her off to the commons area.

The others stared at them when they walked in. They all smiled.

"Say anything about this, and I'll kill you." Raven said.

Cyborg started to open his mouth, Raven encased the stankball that laid in a far corner and threw it at Cyborg. It landed nicely in his mouth. Raven looked at the other two.

"Was there something you wanted to say?" Raven asked.

Robin and Starfire shook their head wildly.

"Good." she said as Beast Boy placed her carefully on the couch.

The other Titans busied themselves getting the waffles made along with other treats.

Raven suddenly turned to Beast Boy.

"Beast boy," she said. He looked over at her. "Getting attacked by a Tiger, getting shot, and being mauled by a bear was a little unnecessary for you to show how much you care." she said. Beast Boy started sweating, and stumbling over himself to explain. "But," Raven started. "It was all worth it." she said.

Beast boy looked at her dumbstruck.

"Are you going to just sit there or are you going to kiss me?" Raven asked annoyed.

Beast Boy did as she said and kissed her.

"So do you think I'm funny?" Beast Boy asked.

"It wasn't worth that much."


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