Chii-kun- "This is a short drabble caused by anxiety and firstly handwritten."

Kanda- "Because you failed into finishing your paper for one of your classes when it was due….."

Chii-kun- (laughs nervously) "Hahahahaha!!! HUSH!! Where's Miranda?"

Kanda- "On break….."

Chii-kun- "moo…."

Kanda- "Chii-kun does not own D. gray man… thank god!"

Why so Serious?

"Knock Knock!"

Kanda grimaced, his eyebrow twitching irritably. It was the tenth time that stupid rabbit said that. He wanted to slice that rabbit's throat so he can eat his soba in peace, but decided against it (for now) since Usagi's blood would spoil and poison his soba.

He inhaled calmly, lessening his over rising temper. "Who's… there?" he muttered uncaringly.

"Moyashi!!" Lavi piped. Kanda snapped his tenth pair of chopsticks in two. It was also the tenth time that red-head answered that! Although, it was quite amusing (not really) when Moyashi (Allen) threw his plate square at Lavi's head from across the canteen when Lavi first said it. Allen was in a bad mood then for some reason, but Kanda didn't care.

"Dammit, baka Usagi! That's the tenth time you said that!" Kanda exclaimed angrily.

"I'm not finished!" Lavi retorted. "Moyashi soba cake!"

"……" Kanda scowled with a dumbfounded look.

"Why so serious, Yu?" the Bookman Jr. inquired, almost in a whining tone. Kanda sat silent for a moment with his unchanged expression. Lavi waved his hands in front of the Japanese man's face trying to get his attention. "Yooo… hooooooo!!!"

Kanda calmly closed his eyes and grinned. Lavi leaned against the wooden table with interest as he spotted a grin graced the other exorcist's lips. There was then a slight chuckle.

"You laughed!" Lavi beamed with excitement, jumping in his seat.

"No…." Kanda smirked as he reached for Mugen. 'I was just imagining when I slice you into pieces, and then boil them into a hot soup by your stupidity."


Chii-kun- "That's all"

Kanda- "Fail…… Read and Review."