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Here is the last chapter, the title chapter, of Where Eagles Dare!

"It's about time you got here, man." Demyx handed a beer into his cousin's hand and grinned. "We were worried you might not come."

Roxas took a seat next to Demyx and shook his head. "Like I would miss this."

Zexion looked to the blond man curiously from where he lay reading a book on the sand. "What took you so long?"

"The advocacy assembly went on longer than expected. There were a lot of kids with a lot of questions." Roxas took a swig of his beer and shrugged. "There were of course the few jock pricks that asked me if I was a fag. You know, there's at least one in every bunch. But a lot of the kids had a lot of legitimate questions and I didn't want to leave any unanswered."

Demyx grinned. "You're doing a good thing Rox. Kids these days don't think. Somebody has to be out there spreading awareness about STDs and who better than you?"

Roxas nodded slowly. "Yeah. Someone who has lived it first hand should definitely be out there helping kids to understand the dangers of unprotected sex. Otherwise, what good am I?"

Lexaeus smiled. "Axel would be proud."

Roxas looked to Lexaeus and smiled brightly. "Yeah, he would. Speaking of Axel, where is he?"

Demyx motioned to the pier behind Roxas. "He and Nam are up there riding rides. Saïx will be right back, I think we went to go get them."

Roxas smiled. "Good. I haven't seen him in a while. I miss him."

Demyx chuckled. "Wait till you see how big he's gotten. Man, he's shooting up to be so tall! And boy, does he have a mouth on him now. You should hear what that little fucker called me!"

"Hey!" Roxas pointed a finger at Demyx. "Watch how you talk about my nephew, understand?"

"Sorry man, but he kicked me in my leg and called me a mullet haired faggot!" Demyx pouted and ran his fingers through the hair style he'd adored too much to change in the past ten years. "Its not exactly a mullet. Its more like a mul-hawk! The little shit…"

Roxas laughed and smiled as he heard a small voice affectionately yelling "Uncle Roxas" in his direction. He turned to see Naminé and Saïx approaching with their six year old son running way ahead of them, his red mohawk flip flopping as he ran. Roxas caught the young boy in his arms and gave him a big hug. He looked to his friends, almost seven years having passed since the first time they re-gathered as a group in this spot. None of them had changed much with age aside from mature faces and tired eyes, but essentially they were still the same. "Still a bunch of god damned Misfits."