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A dull ache settled behind her eyes, and Minerva was certain she would sick Filch on the next student that blew up their button. It was only the third week of term, and after four years of instruction one would think a student could manage to transfigure a button into a plate. Instead, she had a set of singed robes and four students missing at least one eyebrow. Lunch was in ten minutes, but she simply couldn't take it anymore. There were treaties against such horrific treatment. "Wands down! I want two feet of parchment on the process, internal mutations, and practical applications of this spell by next class. Dismissed!"

No one moved for a moment; it was unheard of for McGonagall to dismiss early. "Go! Before I make it four feet." That did it, and a she could almost see a cloud of dust plume behind them as they ran for the door.

She sat and her head hit the desk. Groaning, she relished in the silence, reminding herself that she did, indeed, like children. She heard a click, and a creak. The door to the classroom opened and she snapped upright once more. She was about to shoo the rogue student away, but it was no student. It was a set of sparkling blue eyes and a sweet tooth that petrified even the hardiest dentist. "Hello, Albus. Was there something I could do for you?"

He walked forward, staring down at her with the softest of smiles. It was the look that got them their two children and more than one close call in the staff room. Poor Professor Vance, the last Astronomy professor, had never truly gotten over the shock of that one Halloween night. It was no wonder the man refused to sit on the couch beside the fire.

"No, love, I just stopped by to escort the lovely lady to lunch. Oh, and to bring you this." From behind his back he produced a small, perfectly shaped daisy. The petals were snow white and so small in his large hand.

She took the flower from him and didn't try to fight the small grin pulling at her lips. "And what, pray, has prompted this little gift?"

He stepped back and reached out his hand to her. "It's Wednesday. "

It was all he had to say. His eyes were bright, and her headache disappeared. She placed her hand in his warmer one and stood. The students were forgotten, and she kissed his lips. "It is, isn't it?"