This is based on Volume 29, File 05, The Bus Jacking Case. Remember that Agasa is sick during this case so you are not confused at some points.

This is for the best.

My heart is pounding, the clock is ticking. It is only a matter of time now.

Even if I can get away from her now, she would still be at the questioning…I would see her again.

Time ticks away.

If I leave now… the link between all of them and the organization would be gone…

I glance to the side at my school bag, the one Haibara Ai takes to school. I am Miyano Shiho, not Haibara Ai…not anymore.

I knew it all along…Ever since I ran from them I had no where to go.

I think of my older sister, I was a fool…wasn't I oneechan?

There are no tears in my eyes. I will die here, that is how it must be.

I squeeze my hands together and a terrifying sound seems to shatter my eardrums. I look back and see that the center of the glass window has a hole.


Suddenly someone is grasping onto my arm and dragging me out of my seat.


Kudo-kun wraps his arms around me as he forces both our bodies through the back window of the bus. Adrenaline is coursing through my body as the vehicle explodes and the two of us are thrown down hard on the asphalt.

I know he took most of the blow but my shrunken body aches as I sit up and support my self.

I can't even look around, I am so shocked.

"C-Conan-kun!?" a voice calls from behind us; I know that voice belongs to Detective Takagi. A second later I hear the others calling out to him as well.

Suddenly I feel a warm dampness run down my legs as Kudo-kun leans over me. I can now see Takagi-keiji looking down at us.

"This girl is hurt! Take her and the rest of the group to the hospital!" I glance at him as he practically gives orders to Takagi-keiji. He looks serious, far too serious for a child his supposed age. I can tell Takagi-san is confused; he is simply looking at us with a frown on his face.

"What?" He asks as if he is seeing double.

"I can go to the police myself!" Conan shouts.

The young officer gives him a questioning look but agrees. I already feel relieved.

The adrenaline starts to slow as Takagi bends down toward me. I feel a whole lot safer as he gently scoops me up into his arms while balancing on the balls of his feet.

"Let's go." He says gently to me.

"Don't run away Haibara…Don't look away…from your fate."

He says it as Officer Takagi stands, cradling me in his arms. I felt the young man tense upon hearing Conan's words.

Kudo-kun, you idiot, saying such things right in front of Takagi-keiji. But…I do understand.

"Take them to the hospital!" Conan yells at the detective who is looking down at him intensely. I figure that Takagi-san saw how Conan rescued me, add on what Conan just said and I can see why he is uncertain about the situation. I just look back at Kudo neutrally as I lean my head against Takagi's chest.

With one last glance at Conan, the man carrying me turns back toward his car. The professor quickly opens the back door for him and the kind detective leans over the back seat before placing me in the middle of it. He pulls his hands from under me very slowly, obviously afraid to harm me further.

I sit still as Mitsuhiko and Ayumi sit down beside me, I can tell they're concerned. When Genta and the professor closed their doors, the sedan beings to pull away, slowly at first but then much faster as the siren on the roof flashes a warning.

"Does that hurt Haibara-san?" Mitsuhiko asks me, his voice shaking.

"There's a lot of blood on your leg." Ayumi states, her voice ridden with concern

For the first time I look down and realize just how much blood there is.

"I'm fine, this isn't my blood." I say calmly. The kids, my friends, don't seem to understand…as they shouldn't. I see Agasa-sensei nod to me from the front seat.

He put his blood on me so I could get away from there…You've just done me a big favor Kudo-kun.

I breathe a small sigh of relief. I am so happy to get away from that person. I know I am safe, Kudo trusts Takagi-keiji and so do I. Still my body is starting to hurt more as my heart rate comes back under control.

Ironically enough, my legs hurt the least out of everything, my arms, neck and back however, are burning.

I look up when the car stops and Takagi-keiji quickly gets out of the driver's seat.

"I'll take her into the emerge, can you take the kids and park the car?" He asks the professor smoothly. I can tell from his tone that whatever thoughts he was having about Conan-kun, they are no longer a priority.

"Of course, we'll meet you in there." Agasa answers as he gets out and moves to the driver's side.

A second later the young detective is leaning over Ayumi to pick me up. He once again, lifts me into his arms. He nods to the professor before shutting the back door and turning on his heel. The car pulls away as he runs up the steps.

I don't see a need to rush but he obviously does as he sprints up to the emergency reception desk with me in his arms. Suddenly, I feel unbearably exhausted as the nurse and officer converse.

I decide to rest my head against the man's chest, despite the pain, I feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in his arms.

A moment later, I can tell from his larger breaths that he is unhappy we have to wait before a doctor can see me.

He sits in one of the vacant waiting chairs and shifts me carefully so that I am supported better in his lap. My eyes are closed but I can tell he is looking down at me. He holds me in one arm as he pulls his suit jacket off and compresses it against my legs.

"Does that hurt Ai-chan?" he asks me quietly, he sounds so concerned. My eyes flutter open and I shake my head 'no'.

"Okay…" he whispers before proceeding to remove the blood from my skin.

"Can you tell me where it hurts?" He asks softly. I know he is asking because he can't identify the source of the wound. For so much blood there should be an obvious laceration. I decide to answer him honestly.

"My back, neck, and arms…and my head." I sound like an overly tired child (which is what I happen to physically be at the moment).

He frowns; a part of me is pleased to see the concern in his eyes.

"Your head too?" He asks mostly to himself. Yes, my head feels like it is splitting open.

I decide that Conan couldn't have left me with anyone better as he placed a warm hand to my forehead and smoothed my bangs back. He rotated my head very slightly to each side looking for any cuts or bruises.

He glances around the emergency room for a minute looking for something. When he didn't find it, I hear his voice say something to the nurse. She gave him a haughty reply to which he sighed and proceeded to run his hand through my hair.

It feels lovely and I am able to relax again. His other arm is wrapped tightly around me and holds me secure to his body. He's so warm, I just want to sleep. I can feel my self losing consciousness and I don't fight to stay awake. There is no need.

What I think is a few moments later, I can hear the others as they must be crowding around me. In my half-conscious state I hear Takagi-keiji shushing them. I am infinitely grateful that he is still stroking my head gently.

Later I wake up to find that I am in a bed, a young woman is bandaging my arm.

"Oh, you're awake." She says softly as she finishes and lets my arm rest on the mattress.

"I'll go get the doctor." The nurse said quietly as she left the room. I am glad when Agasa walks in and sits in the chair beside my bed.

"The nurse said I could come in while she gets the doctor." He said smiling before starting to cough lightly.

"Where are Detective Takagi and the others?" I ask plainly.

The professor leans back and regards me thoughtfully, "Takagi-keiji took the kids home to their parents; they were very upset when they learned of the bus jacking."

The bus jacking…that seemed to have happened days ago, I know it has only been hours since the incident.

"I see. And Kudo-kun?" I ask the older man.

"At the station, but don't worry he was treated by Araide-sensei." I was glad to hear that. I looked up when I heard the door open as a middle-aged woman walked in the room.

After a thorough examination, the doctor told Agasa-sensei that I could go home tomorrow depending on how I felt. There was the possibility that I would need an MRI but for now that seemed unlikely.

After she left I turned to the professor, I noticed that he was frequently changing his position in the chair. I knew that it was uncomfortable for him.

"Professor, you should go home, I'll be fine here." I say to him.

"What? Ai-kun no, that's alright." He answered me worriedly. I was about to insist when there was a nock at the door, not just any knock, it was easily distinguished as a police man's.

There is intense warmth in my heart as Takagi-keiji walked into the room. I don't want to admit to myself that I am delighted by his presence. He is holding something furry in his hands.

"Oh, Takagi-keiji." Agasa addressed the young man.

The officer nods before turning his attention to me.

"How are you feeling Ai-chan?" he asks me softly. His voice has a wonderful gentleness to it.

"I'm fine." I answer him simply. My head is still throbbing, but other than that it was bearable. He leans toward me and presents the item he has been holding.

"This is for you, I was hoping it would make you feel better." He says sweetly, a smile on his face.

I take a better look at the furry item and realize that it's a stuffed dog, a little stuffed puppy, dark brown fur with blue eyes. I notice that the detective had even taken the liberty of tying a blue bow around the neck like a collar.

I reach for the gift and inside I feel like my heart is breaking.

The toy is soft and pleasant to touch. I feel overcome by the ache in my chest as I hug the dog to my body.

He grins, "I'm glad you like it." And I know that for whatever reason, he actually is glad that he was able to make me happy.

Suddenly his cell phone rings and he excuses himself from the room. I sit there numb, my face buried in the silky fur.

"A-Ai-kun, are you alright?" I hear the professor ask. I don't even know if I am. My eyes are starting to water and my throat is constricting. I can't find the strength to answer the older man. I can't find the strength to stop the tears from sliding down my face and into the fur.

Before I knew it, he stepped back into the room.

"The inspector has asked me to stay here until tomorrow…" After a pause he added, "He's very upset about what happened to Conan-kun and Ai-chan. I told him that you were sick and that I was more than happy to stay and make sure she's looked after."

"I'm alright Takagi-keiji; you don't have to do that?" The professor said.

"Please, you won't get better if don't sleep well. Don't worry, I won't leave her."

He is going to stay with me?

I can tell the professor was about to protest so I interceded: "Agasa-sensei, please go home and rest, I will be fine here with Takagi-keiji." I knew he understood the message. He sighed and stood.

"Alright, I'll leave her in your care then." He said with a slight cough. I nodded once he wished me a goodnight and watched him leave the room. Before I could even do anything else I felt a warm hand on my cheek brushing away the moisture from my tears.

I instantly turn my head towards him.

"W-why are you crying? Are you in pain?"

I say the first thing that comes to mind, "My head is hurting." And it is. I know that's all I need to say to get what I want.

Sure enough he pulls the chair up to my bed and sits, his hand reaches up and gently smoothes my hair. He continues to repeat this action.

I'm relieved that the emotional surge has passed. I know that from this day foreword I will be attached to this man. A bond has formed that I can't do anything about. The same thing has happened with Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ran and Shinichi, and of course Agasa-sensei. There are other people too like Satou-keiji that I have learned to trust, these people make me happy to still be alive.

I feel content as I rest against the pillow, clutching my wonderful gift. To me Takagi-keiji is a protector, someone who keeps me safe like Kudo-kun and Ran-san. But he is also a symbol of hope, he is a representation of the only thing the Black Organization fears: the police.

I am grateful to Kudo-kun for saving my life. I smile into the dog's fur, I'm a fool, aren't I oneechan?

I will not run from destiny.

I like Ai, and I must say that sometimes I feel so damn bad for her. Anyway, I took the Bus Jacking Case and ran with it. We don't get to see what happens after Takagi-kun takes her to the hospital and it gave me an idea. Plus, I love how Ai loves dogs. Good choice Takagi-kun! However, we must keep in mind that I interpret all of the events of DC as if Takagi and/or Satou is/are the main character(s). As a result you get something like this.

Anyway, I think I am going to expand this into a multi-shot fiction. It will basically be about Ai and her attachment to Takagi-keiji (which she now officially has). Hopefully I will be able to practice writing other characters. ^_^' Just a warning, the next chapters will probably get a little darker. Ai is actually a very mysterious character so that isn't my fault.

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