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Like Ninja Fighters

Chapter 9: Bonus Level

Winter break during Freshman year at University

"We went through this, Naruto," Sasuke hissed. He had the lube in one hand, holding it away from Naruto's outstretched arm even as the blond stood on tiptoe and grabbed for it again.

"I know. But I still say my idea is better," Naruto growled, his hand reaching for the lube. Sasuke dangled it out of Naruto's grasp. "Sasuke," Naruto snarled out.

"No," Sasuke said firmly. Naruto glared at him.

"I've read the same stuff you have!" Naruto argued.

"Listen, just because you read all those fanfiction stories doesn't mean you have any idea what you're doing. They're written by horny girls who have never been kissed before and say 'bundle of nerves' when talking about the prostrate because they're too young to know it's a gland and not merely a bundle of nerves but rather the neurovascular bundle that they're referring to. No one talks about that if they're damaged then a man may be unable to get an erection. Anal sex shouldn't be taken lightly. That's not real life. Now stop trying to grab the fucking bottle," Sasuke growled out.

"Don't tell me what is and isn't real. I've done enough experimenting with my own body to know what to do."

"And I'm sure I've done even more experimenting than you ha-"

But Sasuke was cut off as Naruto's leg came up and knocked the bottle from Sasuke's grip. The bottle of lube soared through the air. Naruto caught it one-handed, a triumphant look on his face that was quickly wiped off when Sasuke dropped to the floor, his leg coming out to kick Naruto's legs from underneath him.

The lube released from Naruto's grip; he needed that hand to land without falling heavily onto his shoulder. He swore, reaching for the bottle. Sasuke kicked it away from him and then jumped over Naruto. Cursing louder, Naruto did a hand spring to get back to his feet before bending his legs and jumping hard onto Sasuke's back. He wrapped his arms around Sasuke's torso and tugged backward. Sasuke stumbled, and they both fell. Sasuke rolled his body to the side to avoid hitting the bed while managing to launch Naruto off his back. Naruto let out an "oof", the movement causing him to hit the dresser on the opposite side.

Sasuke turned to grab the lube, only to see it roll underneath the bed. The dink, dink, dink of its plastic container thudded across the wooden floor paneling until a softer thud came, indicating it had hit the wall.

Naruto and Sasuke glared at each other.

"Before we get the lube, let's talk about this," Sasuke hissed angrily.


Over the summer, Sasuke and Naruto had had fun exploring their new relationship. For the most part they had kept it on the down low because neither were sure quite how to tell Kakashi. They had a feeling he knew something was up, but thinking of how to tell him straight out still wasn't any less awkward.

They'd tried some things out on each other the weekend they had gotten to see the amazing and awesome premiere for "The Rising Sun: A New Empire." Even so, they hadn't spent much time alone. There had been too much to do and too many people to meet and bombard with questions. Or rather, Naruto had done the questioning and Sasuke had tailed behind.

For the past semester, they had gotten deeper physically into their budding relationship. They shared their own dorm suite, and they had more than enough alone time to experiment. Kisses were no longer enough to satisfy the two horny males. Jerking off with each other was fine, but they'd read the stories, and they wanted in on everything. They wanted the real deal.

They both wanted anal sex and both felt ready for it.

The only thing they couldn't agree on was who should top and who should bottom.

They both eyed the other up. Finally, Naruto spoke.

"My idea is better. We'll both end up switching top and bottom eventually, like we both agreed, but for now, the top-"

"No," Sasuke hissed. "We went through this. I'm going to-"

"No! I want to. It's the first time. I think I should."

"I've been waiting for this longer, so I say I should."

"All the more reason for me to do it first!" Naruto argued.

They glared at each other some more.

"I'm going to bottom. I can handle it better," Sasuke said, crossing his arms. Naruto glared at him.

"What? You think I'm some pansy who can't take it? I can take whatever you give me!"

"And I'm sure I can take everything you've got and then some," Sasuke countered.

"You selfish jerk! Don't you get it? I want to be able to feel you in me. It's..." Naruto ran his hand through his hair. He wasn't sure how to explain about how much it meant that he would be able to feel Sasuke inside of him at the base of his spine. It had only been for a several months and over twelve years had passed since it had happened, but there wasn't a day that went by that Naruto didn't remember the way he had been unable to feel his legs. The fact that he could feel his lower half meant a lot more to him than he wanted to admit. To be able to feel Sasuke in him, and to know that he would always have that memory even if he lost feeling in his legs again would be okay. The pain that would come from having sex would be welcome.

Sasuke looked at Naruto, slightly confused.

"Don't you want to be able to use your legs to thrust instead of just lying there? Don't you want to be able to show off how well your body can move? To show the power you've regained?" Sasuke asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

When Sasuke put it that way...

"Gah! You manipulative genius!" Naruto yelled, pointing his finger at Sasuke.

Sasuke just grinned. He wanted Naruto to want him. To him, those on the bottom tended to be more passively involved. He wanted Naruto to be actively involved their first time as he still felt insecure about Naruto and how he felt. Sasuke had wanted Naruto for so long that he demanded Naruto's full and utter attention their first time.

That and Sasuke was afraid he would hurt Naruto by just ramming in without letting up. He was horny and wanted sex.

"Fine, your way," Naruto agreed.

They quickly stripped. Naruto looked golden and delicious, his cock bobbing as he waited for Sasuke to get on the bed. Sasuke's eyes raked over Naruto again, looking at the way his stomach came to a lovely V right by his groin.

Sasuke lay down on the bed. His body slid along the sheets, and his breath hitched at the way the touch of the silky fabric caressed his cock. His body was warm but the sheets quickly took the warmth of his body heat. He laid his face to the side of the bed. The feeling of his heart hammering in anticipation riled him up even greater. He had waited so long for this.

Naruto's hands settled on Sasuke's thighs below his butt cheeks. The firm grip on his muscles there, a place that rarely received touch, made the nerve endings in his body tingle. Naruto's thumb caressed Sasuke's muscles, and it almost tickled with the way he worked out the tension in his muscles via massage.

Slowly, Naruto coerced Sasuke's legs to open wider, and Sasuke moaned, realizing that Naruto had been opening and relaxing his body without him even noticing.

The relaxation he felt vanished when he felt something slick, wet, and very prehensile slip in between his ass cheeks.

"Is that your tongue?" Sasuke asked, shocked. For answer, Sasuke's body tightened as Naruto flattened his tongue and ran it from the base of his balls, up along his hole, dipping slightly into it, before coming out at the crevice at the top of his butt cheeks.

It felt different than Sasuke had expected. He'd fingered himself, but the way the tongue moved (soft, yet hard) was so much better. Naruto's tongue fit inside, filling him in a way his thin fingers hadn't.

Sasuke's body jerked as Naruto pressed his tongue around the edge of the hole, getting him nice and wet. He could feel the press of the tip of Naruto's tongue firm against the outside before there was a slight pressure. Naruto thrust his tongue slowly in, wiggling it around, making Sasuke groan in pleasure.

His cock throbbed with the sensation, and he rubbed himself slightly against the sheets while Naruto's tongue continued to dart in and out of him.

Sasuke gasped as Naruto's hand began to wander, kneading his back and his ass. The release of pressure from the massage made Sasuke moan in pleasure. A little shudder went through him as he heard Naruto moan appreciatively back, apparently as turned on with rimming him as Sasuke was getting rimmed.

Naruto's hands began to press harder into his body, his fingers kneading and caressing as his tongue sped up, thrusting in and out. He took short breaths, afraid to breathe too much on Sasuke, and Sasuke was grateful that he wasn't blowing air on the wet trail of saliva on his ass. Instead, Naruto's body began to rock behind his, and Sasuke felt his own cock getting harder as he realized how into rimming Naruto seemed.

Naruto gripped Sasuke's inner thighs tightly. A thrill of pleasure raced through Sasuke at the intimate touch going through him as Naruto's tongue went in deeper and stroked him, finally hitting his prostrate. It almost tickled, and Sasuke growled. His fingers could probe it, but Naruto's tongue seemed to taunt it, stroking it and kneading it, but not giving it the pressure he needed to release. It left Sasuke feeling even more wanton as he began to thrust harder against the bed as Naruto's tongue tried to drive deeper into him.

Sasuke gasped as Naruto jerked away from his body abruptly. He looked over his shoulder to see Naruto on his knees, his cock moist with precum.

"Why'd you stop?" Sasuke glared. Naruto's lips and nose were wet with his own saliva. He wiped them off on his arm and took a deep breath.

"Fuck. I was gonna cum just by having my tongue in you," Naruto said, his voice shaky. He looked around, and then he narrowed his eyes. "Shit. We never got the lube from underneath the bed."

He crawled over top of Sasuke (who enjoyed the view of Naruto's rippling muscles and nice, taut ass) and reached his hand down the side of the bed. His hand hit the wall a few times as the bed was almost flush against it. Finally his fingers curled around the lube bottle. He maneuvered his hand to be able to pull the bottle out while his hand made a fist around it.

Naruto grinned triumphantly at him, as though he had gotten his way instead of Sasuke. His grin faded when Sasuke pulled Naruto on top of him, grinding his groin into Naruto's as he kissed him. Naruto moaned as Sasuke tugged and played with his lips. Sasuke felt their cocks, both wet with precum, slide against the other's warm skin. Naruto moaned into his mouth again, grabbing Sasuke's hips and thrust upward.

When Sasuke finally let his soon to be lover back up, Naruto popped the cap lid and squirted some lube on his fingers. The squeeze made a strange, fake farting noise, and Naruto let out a nervous laugh at the unsexiness of everything. His cock deflated slightly as his nerves started acting up.

Sasuke's body began to cool as well at the lack of stimulation to his body.

They looked at each other slightly awkward. Even though they wanted this, the first time was more nerve wracking than they'd thought possible. Naruto busied himself by squirting more lube onto his fingers. Sasuke decided to move back onto his stomach and wait for Naruto.

The heat and warmth to Sasuke's groin returned full force as Naruto's finger played with his entrance. He didn't press right in and up, but instead seemed to wriggle his finger in slowly, pushing it to the side to stretch him. Naruto's finger moved in him gently and slowly. The second and third followed shortly after.

Sasuke had fingered himself and played with dildos to get prepared for this, but his heart sped up at the feeling of Naruto's fingers inside him. They felt so much better than his own.

Sasuke pressed his face into the bed and moaned at the feeling of Naruto brushing his prostate as he pulled his fingers out. The press of Naruto's lubed up cock touched his entrance. Slowly, Naruto began to push in. Sasuke gritted his teeth as it felt like Naruto's cock sliding inside him was giving him internal rug burn.

Naruto's hips came up to rest against Sasuke's ass cheeks. He lowered his chest to press against Sasuke's back, the angle of his cock changing inside Sasuke. Sasuke grunted as Naruto didn't move around him. He was actually grateful for the opportunity to adjust.

Sasuke's cock hung at half mast at the uncomfortable feeling. He flexed his muscles and moved his legs around slowly, hissing as it allowed Naruto to fall deeper into him.

Naruto's mouth hovered near his neck. He gave a light kiss to the back of his neck before moving his lips to the side and bit down firmly into Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke's body pressed further into the mattress as Naruto moved his hips slowly away from Sasuke before pushing back in.

They built up a slow rhythm, both getting used to their bodies moving in such a way. Slowly, Sasuke began to get more into it and moved his hips back against Naruto.

Naruto thrust into him several times before Sasuke finally felt the burning ease as he began to slide more fluidly in and out of him. His body relaxed as his hands fisted the sheets while he began to move his body to help Naruto deepen the thrusts in and out of him.

For his part, Naruto found watching his cock sliding in and out of Sasuke more erotic than should be possible and the feeling too much for him to hold his orgasm at bay for much longer. As Sasuke began to jerk harder back against him, Naruto felt his orgasm quickly approaching. He screamed out against Sasuke's shoulder while he jerked his hips roughly forward. A whimper left him as he jerkily thrust in and out of Sasuke.

Cursing his quick orgasm, Naruto pulled out quickly and lifted Sasuke's body off from the bed. He wrapped his warm but dry fingers on Sasuke's cock, grateful that Sasuke was hard and began to pump away harshly. His wrist ached at the speed, but he wanted Sasuke to cum too.

Sasuke's mind was in a daze with Naruto jerking him off, and he came into Naruto's hand, crying out in bliss. He'd been so close just as Naruto had cum, and listening to his lover orgasm had made him almost go over the edge. Naruto's extra pumping to his cock was just the little bit he needed to find blissful release. It hadn't been from Naruto being in him, but the waves rode his body harder than any orgasm he'd had before.

They slumped down on the bed, blissfully sated.

"Tomorrow morning, I'll make sure that you have feeling in your ass. I'll make sure it lasts for a while too," Sasuke promised.

Naruto grunted at the jibe to how quick he'd cum his first time, but couldn't care for long as sleep claimed him, feeling happy and loved.

"'Is that your tongue?' Nori asked, shocked. For answer, Nori's body tightened as Jun flattened his tongue and ran it from the base of his balls, up along his hole, dipping slightly into it, before coming out at the crevice at the top of his butt cheeks.

It felt different than Nori had expected. He'd fingered himself, but the way the tongue moved (soft, yet hard) was so much better. Jun's tongue fit inside, filling him in a way his thin fingers hadn't.

Nori's body jerked as Jun pressed his tongue around the edge of the hole, getting him nice and wet. He could feel the press of the tip of Jun's tongue firm against the outside before there was a slight pressure. Jun thrust his tongue slowly in, wiggling it around, making Nori groan in pleasure."

"What are you writing?" Naruto asked as he looked over Sasuke's computer screen. His eyes widened. "Are you writing this Jun/Nori fic based off of us?!" Naruto demanded.

Sasuke shrugged.

"Why not?" Sasuke asked with a shrug. Naruto's face blushed, and he turned away from the screen.

Later that night, after Sasuke posted the latest chapter to the fic loosely based off of his own sexual experience with Naruto, he read through the reviews people gave him.

One in particular caught his attention. One that made him vow never to post anything in his life EVER again as his reader requested.

"Dear Sasuke (because I know it's you) please don't post anything like this again. Thanks to this, I will have nightmares about you two for the rest of my life. Also, tell Naruto that he has a doctor's appointment next Monday.

- Kakashi"

"Well, at least we don't have to worry about telling him," Naruto pointed out, reading the note over his shoulder.

He had a point.

"Don't worry about it. You have to get off the computer now anyway! The newest episode to The Risen Empire is about to start!" Naruto pointed out.

Sasuke quickly turned off his computer and sat on the bed with Naruto in front of the TV.

They were looking forward to this episode because if they watched through it and picked up all the clues, they could call in for a chance to win a copy of the first The Risen Empire videogame before it came out in stores.

Naruto and Sasuke wanted their hands on it badly, especially since the term for the upcoming semester started in a week and a half. There was no way they could skip their university classes because they needed to study hard if they wanted to become videogame designers. Getting their hands on the first videogame for The Risen Empire before anyone else in their class would give them a one up with their teacher for showing how dedicated they were to gaming.

Plus, they wanted to study it extra hard. They planned to make their own version and sell it on the internet – a more adult version where the M rating wasn't just due to violence.

They decided that they weren't going to wait around and see if Nori and Jun would end up together. In the videogame they planned out, they would control how the ending should be.

After all, Sasuke and Naruto had found their happy ending together, why shouldn't Nori and Jun?

Sasuke and Naruto sat on the bed knowing that together, the next installment of their lives was going to be even more exciting than if they themselves were like ninja fighters.


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