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She studied him as he sat beside her in the SUV. His chiseled face, a hint of his bicep peaking out of the grey t-shirt. God he was sexy. She'd always known this, but lately it was all she could think about. Ever since she'd written that damn book she kept imaging herself slipping into bed with her partner and having her way with him. And knowing that Booth had thought about it too while he was in his coma didn't help matters. For days after he woke up he had thought they were married, had actually thought that they had made love hundreds of times before. It was all too enticing, she had to get away to Guatemala until he was back to normal, until she was herself again. But when she got back things really hadn't changed that much. He was still sexy as ever, and she still couldn't get the thought of his body writhing on top of hers out of her mind.

"Bones, what are you thinking about?"

"What? Oh nothing, I was just thinking about a tough case I have in Limbo. Just wondering what the pin pricks in the femur could have been from. "

"Um…sure. Here we are at your place Bones."

"Do you want to come up for dinner? We can order in Thai, or I could cook mac and cheese if you'd like?"

"I'd love to Bones, but I'm exhausted. It's been a long day, and truthfully, ever since I came out of my coma I've been having all sorts of weird dreams that have been keeping me up at night. I think I'm going to try to take a sleeping pill and see if I get better rest tonight."

Brennan was a bit disappointed. She wasn't ready to say goodnight to him yet, but she relented.

"OK Booth, next time."

She shut the door to the SUV and walked to her apartment, waving goodbye. She went upstairs grabbed some leftovers out of the fridge and sat down to read a book before she went to sleep.

As she was reading Brennan began to drift off. She looked up and there he was standing at her door. He moved to her without saying a word and took her in his arms crashing his lips against hers. He leaned her back onto the couch pressing the growing bulge in his pants against her in just the right spot.

"Oh Booth," she moaned. Grinding her hips against him longing to be satisfied.

Rinnnngggg. Brennan woke from her dream with a start. "Yes, who is it? Oh, hi Angela. Yeah, I remembered about tomorrow. I'll bring something to change into at work. See you tomorrow."

Brennan tried to go back to reading, but after that dream she couldn't get the thought of Booth out of her mind. She wanted Booth, she knew that, but she wasn't ready to admit to herself that she wanted more than just sex. She knew that Booth would never be up for that. He couldn't compartmentalize the way that she could, and if they slept together, he might feel awkward, and there was always the chance it could ruin the partnership. Then a thought came to her. She knew Booth had dreamt of her during his coma dream. He had told Sweets that it had felt so real, like they were memories rather than a dream. He was having dreams now, what if they were still about her?

Brennan checked the clock. It said 12:30 am. Plenty late. She grabbed her keys and ran out the door. Thirty minutes later she was standing outside Booth's door. She reached down under the rock to grab the key and slowly opened his door being careful not to make any noise. Once she was in the apartment she removed her shoes. Brennan quietly tip toed to Booth's bedroom and peered in. He was fast asleep. The pill must have knocked him out she thought.

She stared at him a second, lying there in bed so peaceful, bare chest rising and falling with every breath. God she wanted him so much. She removed all of her clothing except her black bra and panties, then carefully slipped into bed with him. At first she was scared to wake him. She touched him tentatively hoping that her plan would work, but she knew if it was going to she had to throw herself into the role. She slid her hand down his chest and over the bulge in his boxer briefs. Booth moaned as Brennan continued by peppering his chest and neck with kisses. He stirred slightly and barely woke up.

"Bones?" Booth asked in a groggy voice.

"Why are you calling me bones?" she replied.

Still confused Booth questioned "what are you going?"

"What do you think I'm doing? Making love to my husband."

In Booth's sleepy haze he mumbled to himself. "Oh, this must still be a dream."

"Of course baby." Bones said as she kissed his lips.

With this Booth began to wake. Brennan felt his mouth open welcoming her tongue in, then the next thing she knew she was on her back and he was on top of her. She couldn't believe this was real. After so many years of longing for him this was actually happening. This time when she felt his erection pressing against her it wasn't a dream. He ground his body into her making a deep moan escape from her. Booth moved from her mouth pressing hot kisses down her neck as Brennan made little mmm sounds. "So good," she said. He pulled her up into his arms using one arm to steady her and the other to unhook her bra. His mouth trailed down to the newly released mounds of flesh. He lay her back down on the bed as he took one breast in his mouth, tasting and teasing her nipple and fondling the other breast. "Oh Booth, I need more." Brennan whispered in a husky tone. He continued the assault with his mouth downward until he reached the edge of her panties. He barely paused whisking them off of her body and replacing them with his mouth. Brennan moaned and bucked wildly. It felt so good to have him touching her like this. She was so wet. All she wanted was to feel him inside of her. Even in his groggy haze brought on by the sleeping pills he licked her with an amazing expertise. She was so close, but didn't want to come yet.

"Oh Booth, I need you inside of me, now."

With that he stopped what he was doing. Brennan helped him as he pushed his boxers down over his ass. His rock hard erection popped out. Brennan reached out to touch him wrapping her hand around him and feeling the strength of him. She wanted to explore his body a little more, but she couldn't stand it a moment longer. She guided him to her opening. Booth grabbed her hand and wrapped his fingers in her as he pressed into her. Each sighed and let out a moan at the sudden contact. Brennan screamed in ecstasy, he felt so good, better than she could have even imagined. She wrapped her legs around him as he pumped into her.

"Oh Temperance. I love you so much he whispered in her ear." With those simple words something uncontrollable occurred in Brennan and tears began to escape from the corner of her eyes.

"Are you ok baby," Booth asked slowing his pace and looking into her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You just feel so damn good."

"So do you. You feel better than I ever remember you feeling"

Brennan knew why she felt better to him, but she didn't want to let that secret slip. She pulled him down her again grasping his mouth with her own in the most passionate kiss she ever shared. Their bodies continuing to rock into each other and Brennan was just on the edge of the most unbelievable orgasm.

"Oh, I'm so close baby," she screamed.

Booth was so near too, but he held himself back until he heard her scream and felt her clenching him in waves as her orgasm took full effect. The he rocked into her a few more times releasing himself into her as she pulled him as close as possible.

The two of them lay there like that for a few minutes relaxing into each other. Brennan stroked his hair trying to catch her breath. She checked the clock and it said 2:03. Still plenty of time. Eventually Booth rolled over and fell asleep, still tired from the pill and the physical exertion he just had. Brennan waited a few minutes, making sure he was asleep. She then kissed him on the forehead and carefully slipped out of the bed. She searched for her bra and panties and put them on along with the rest of her clothes. Then she slipped out of Booth's apartment and was back in her own bed by before the clock hit 3:00 am, She'd have to wait till tomorrow to be sure, but it seemed like her plan went off with out a hitch.