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After the second time they had slept together and the close call getting out of his apartment Brennan swore it wouldn't happen again, but she hadn't stuck to that. It had been so easy to fool him and she craved him so much that she found she couldn't go more than a few days without being with him. It had been almost two months and she couldn't count the nights of sleep she'd given up to spend in Booth's arms. She had been thinking about a particularly exuberant go around when she saw him walk in to the Jeffersonian.

"Hey Bones, what's up?"

"We're still trying to figure out cause of death on the body found under the stairs. Hodgins is examining the particulates now. I think he may have found something."

"Ok, I'll head over and see what he's got."

"Hey bugman what's up?"

"I found mica in the wounds on his feet. That means he was probably in a beach environment as he was being killed."

"Gee, that narrows things down."

"Hey, I'm trying. Um Booth, I have a proposition for you."

"I like you Hodgins, but not that much."

"Not that kind of proposition. I have this friend. A lady friend, and I think the two of you would really hit it off."

"I don't know Hodgins."

"She really hot, I mean smoking hot."

"If she's so hot why aren't you dating her?"

"She's my buddy's little sister. I've known her since she was 8. I just can't go there man, but you, I think you might hit it off."

Just then Bones walked over.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm trying to set your partner up with my friend."

"Oh, that's interesting, are you going to do it? I mean are you interested?"

"I don't know, what do you think Bones? It has been a while since I've dated anyone."

"I don't know Booth, that's really your decision. I don't have any say in what goes on in your personal life. I mean, I don't want you to be lonely. If you're feeling lonely that is."

"You know what, I will go out with her."

Brennan's heart dropped. How could Booth do that to her? She had to keep reminding herself that they weren't a real couple. That it was her choice, that he didn't even know they were sleeping together. She mustered up all the enthusiasm she could.

"That's great Booth, have fun."


Booth sat in Sweets' office talking with the shrink.

"Where's Dr. Brennan?"

"She got stuck at the Jeffersonian. Maybe I should just go."

"Why don't you stay and tell me how you've been doing since the operation."

"Fine I guess."

"Back to your normal routine?"

"Yeah, pretty much. I'm even dating again."

"Really? So your feelings of love for Dr. Brennan have died down?"

"I didn't say that Sweets. Things are just, well, complicated there, and I think maybe it's a good idea to get my mind off of her for a bit."

"Ok, whatever you think is best for you Agent Booth."


Two days later Booth and Brennan were driving back to the Jeffersonian after interviewing a subject.

"My date with Natalie is tonight."

"Oh right, I forgot about that. Where are you meeting her?"

"The Jeffersonian. Hodgins thought it would be best if he actually introduced us before we went out."

"I'm sure she'll be lovely."

Actually Brennan hoped she'd be hideous, but she didn't want to let Booth know that. When they got back to the Jeffersonian Natalie was waiting. Brennan inspected her as she stood chatting with Hodgins and Angela. She was tall, must have been almost 6' with long blond hair and breasts that were the perkiest Brennan had ever seen. She hated her before she even opened her mouth.

"I'm currently getting my PHD, studying neurobiology at Georgetown."

Shit, she was smart too. She saw Booth put his hand in the small of her back and escort her out of the Jeffersonian. She wanted to ignore it, just go back to the bones in Limbo, but she couldn't. The rational part of her brain was failing her. Brennan ran to the parking structure and got in her car. She had learned some surveillance techniques from working with Booth and tried to stay a safe distance behind his car. While they were at the restaurant she sat in her car trying to distract herself by editing her newest novel, but whenever she got to a scene with Kathy and Andy she thought of Booth's hands all over her body and she'd break out into a cold sweat.

When they left the restaurant almost two hours later Brennan followed the car back to the girl's apartment.

Don't get out of the car, don't get out of the car she thought to herself, but Booth did get out of the car. He walked her up to her front door, and there he was kissing this girl goodnight, caressing her face the same way he caressed Brennan's face. She was livid. Anger bubbled up within her until she could barely breath. How could Booth cheat on her! He'd make love to her and tell her he loved her and here he was kissing another girl. Brennan tried to calm herself down. She wasn't being rational. When had this irrational side to her taken over? Booth was for all intent and purposes single. She didn't own him. Isn't that the way that she wanted it? She was the one going to extreme lengths to keep them from being an actual couple. She knew she needed to be honest with him, but she didn't know how. What if she told him and he never wanted to speak to her again. She couldn't handle losing him. Not now.

Brennan breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Booth leave Natalie at the door and return to his SUV. She followed Booth home and parked outside of his house. How was she going to fix this? She hated seeing him with that woman. What if he wanted to see her again? To make love to her? Brennan began to panic. Who had she become?


Two hours later she found herself doing her same old routine. Sneaking into Booth's place dropping her clothes in the living room, then slipping into his bed. Only this time, she smelled that woman on him. Her perfume was in his hair. She wanted to fuck him until she got that woman's sent off him, until all he smelled was her all over him. He was barely sleeping when she got into bed with him, but she didn't notice. She kissed him forcefully, biting his lower lip, then devouring his neck and chest. She could barely wait to have him inside of her. She threw her leg over him, straddling him and taking the length of him inside of her. She rocked her body back and forth increasing the pace hoping that the harder she fucked him, the easier it would be for him to forget about that other woman, or maybe for her to forget about her.

"Whoa, whoa, Bones, what are you doing? Slow down a bit.


This was the first time Booth had ever spoken during their encounters except for the musings of a man in the midst of passion.

"You're acting as if you're trying to reach lift-off. What's with you tonight?"

"What do you mean?"

"Is this because of Natalie?"

"What? Who's Natalie. You're my husband Booth and I…"

"Come on Bones. How stupid do you think I am?"

"How long have you known?"

"I was pretty sure after the first time, but the second time when I caught you trying to sneak out of my apartment pretty much confirmed it. Plus I smelled you all over my sheets. "

"Why didn't you say something sooner?"

"I just thought you needed some time. I figured when you were ready you'd be honest with me."

"I feel like such a fool. I don't deserve you Booth. You were right to go out with Natalie tonight."

"Don't be silly, come here."

Booth pulled Brennan into his arms and brushed the hair from her face.

"There is no one I'd rather be with tonight than you. I meant every word I've said when we've made love. I love you Bones. There's no one else."

She knew she'd said it a dozen times before as "his wife" but right now as herself it was hard for her to admit that she loved him too.

"It's ok if you're not ready to say it for real yet. I know you love me."

"Why are you so good to me?"

"Because you're everything to me Bones."

Brennan reached up and kissed Booth tenderly. He rolled her on her back and intertwined their hands.

"I'm going to take the lead tonight if that's ok?"

"Sounds perfect."