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"So, you haven't seen the back then, eh?" She practically sung it over to me. I twisted around and looked down to find what she was talking about.

"Son of a bitch! I know she's your best friend and all.. but isn't this going a little far to embarrass the invalid?"

Fucking Amelia had HOT PINK lettering stitched to the ass of the banana hammock I was sporting. "What the hell does it even say? Or do I not want to know?"

Sookie waded closer to me, peered down at my behind, then shocked the hell out of me by smacking my ass with her tiny little hand while giggling.

I gaped at her. Simply gaped! She laughed again before moving her gaze off of my rump and bringing it to meet mine.

"It said 'Spank Here'... I was just following orders."

Before I could reply, she had submerged herself and was swimming away like a water sprite.

Well, spank me indeed.

Ch 6


Did I really just do that?

Had my hand just made contact with the granite perfection that was Eric's ass? Oh yes. Yes it had.

After that, I swam laps. Purely to clear my head and simmer down the growing lust I was feeling towards one Eric Northman.

That night at dinner, after the laps and the cold shower hadn't calmed my growing heat towards my house guest, I had a moment of clarity. Why couldn't I lust after Eric? Was there a law that said men with broken legs couldn't be considered sexy? Former street bums weren't hot? Weren't worthy of affections? No. Certainly not. But wait ... was Eric a former street bum, or merely a bum on vacation?

I watched as he speared the asparagus on his plate and brought it to his mouth, parting his lips to accept it. Those lips ...

"Eric," I started, waiting for his eyes to wander up and meet mine before continuing. "What are your plans for the future?"

He nearly choked on the veggie, grasping at his water glass to help dislodge it from his throat before responding.

"My future?" he paused, "I haven't really thought about it. Why?"

He looked slightly uncomfortable. Maybe this conversation wasn't one to bring up, but now that I had, I would see it through.

"I mean, even though you've been here such a short time I feel as though you and I have made a connection and you've made some progress with ... everything."

He didn't say a word, just looked at me and gestured for me to continue.

"Have you thought any about what you'd like to do when you are healed?"

He looked almost stunned, or perhaps a little ... hurt?

"I ... I'm not sure. Dr. Ludwig has told me it will be about four more weeks before I can put significant weight on my legs. I'm sure I'll be out of your hair at that point."

Eric wiped at the corners of his mouth with the napkin, then gently set it on the table as he backed up.

"I think I'm done here; goodnight Sookie."

"Eric, wait ... I didn't mean I wanted you to leave! I was just asking if there was anything you wanted to do or if you maybe wanted to see your family."

He paused at my words, his back still turned to me. After a moment, I heard his voice filter softly over to the table.

"Sookie, I'm sorry. I just thought you were trying to get rid of me."

I stood up and walked behind his wheelchair, my hand finding its way to his shoulder. He practically jumped from the touch.

"Eric, you're welcome to stay here as long as it takes for you to recover; physically and emotionally."

Again, he spoke so softly I could barely hear him even though I was right next to him.

"I wouldn't want to intrude on your life here, Sookie. I ... I know I'm not an ideal house guest. I'm someone that a person of your stature should be ashamed of, even though you've never treated me that way."

"Eric, I'm not ashamed of you and I don't think I ever could be. But … are you sure you're not ashamed of yourself?"

I swiveled around to squat down in front of him. His eyes were downcast but I could catch them from this vantage point. When his gaze met mine, I could tell before he even spoke a word that it was true; that was what he thought of himself.

"I don't want to go back to that life, Sookie. I just don't know what to do with this one I have now."

"Well then, I say we take this week to figure it out. How about you go to the library and pour us a couple of drinks for Book Club while I clear the dishes, okay?"

Eric smiled wistfully and brushed his knuckles across the back of my hand before scooting off down the hall. I replayed our conversation in my head, thinking of what I had learned both from what he was and wasn't saying. Poor Eric; he was so unsure of himself and his place in society. How could he possibly think I wouldn't want him here? Had I unknowingly insulted him in some way? Or was it just his insecurities about his former life? Admittedly, he was still a long way from being healed emotionally, but he had made leaps and bounds since arriving.

After I had cleared the dishes, I put the angel food cake I had baked earlier onto a tray with some fresh strawberries and set out for the library.


Honestly, I hadn't expected the reaction I'd gotten from Sookie when I attempted to leave the dinner table. Well, that's a lie. Maybe I had hoped for something along those lines. My feelings towards Sookie had grown in the last few days more than I had thought possible. Add to that the pool incident, and I was seriously crushing on the girl. Yes, I said crushing. See what she was doing to me?

I made my way to the library and picked up the Black Dagger book we were midway through, then wheeled to the bar and mixed us a couple of drinks. I had learned during my stay that Sookie preferred gin and tonics, and that she had an endless supply of my favorite whiskey. She was a one or two drink kind of girl, according to Pam; getting a bit loose after such a small amount of alcohol. I was quite interested in seeing her sauced since I had bet myself she was a happy drunk. I had been one of those once, back before my diet consisted entirely of twenty-nine cent pity hamburgers and fifths of vodka.

Setting her drink on the side table next to the over-sized chaise, I lit the fireplace and wheeled into position to wait for Sookie.

"Eric ... wake up." I heard the voice and felt the hand on my shoulder, gently rubbing and shaking slightly to try and rouse me, an instant before consciousness found its way to my brain.

"What? huh? I'm up." I wiped at my mouth, which had undoubtedly been gaping in my sleep and letting some alien noises fly. I was notorious for snoring.

"You must have been tired, fella. I've only been away for about ten minutes."

My eyes darted to the tray behind her on the table and took stock of dessert.

"But you've come bearing gifts! I can forgive your waking me this once since you've brought me fresh fruit." I winked at her as she took her seat on the chaise and picked up the book.

She read for a while and sipped her drink as I gulped mine and had two more refills before she'd even needed one.

Listening to her read was soothing to me, yet caused my heartbeat to jump; especially when we came to yet another sex scene.

Her voice wavered slightly and as her voice described in perfect detail what the two characters in the book were doing, my mind conjured an image of Sookie and I in the same manner.

My forgotten soldier started to rouse in his pup tent as I imagined my fingers caressing the silken skin near her hips. My lips puckered involuntarily as I wondered what her nipples would feel like as I gently suckled them.

I dared a glance in her direction and noticed that while she had one hand on the book, the other had made its way to her chest and absently caressed what little of her gorgeous cleavage was exposed.

Fuuuuuuccckkk. As if she wasn't torturing me enough already.

I was broken from my daydream by the sound of Sookie snorting.

"Eric!" She giggled as she rolled onto her side against the cushions, clearly tickled.

I smiled, unsure of what had her hysterical. I gave her a puzzled look and she howled again. When she finally caught her breath she looked over, her head on the edge of the pillow and her golden waves cascading down in the most inviting way.

"Oh, Eric. I'm sorry but you were making these little noises and I just couldn't keep reading with you doing that!"

I froze, mortified. My face got that hot flush, like when you were caught sneaking in past curfew with lipstick on your collar and reeking of perfume. The best defense is a good offense, right?

"At least I wasn't stroking my cleavage." I quirked an eyebrow at her and watched as the same emotions I had just felt worked their way through her. However, when she looked down at said cleavage and a ghost of a smile crossed her lips, I had to distract myself. I reached towards the strawberries and sliced cake, popping both in my mouth and washing it down with whiskey. Odd combo, I know, but it did its job and kept my attention off of Sookie.

"Eric, how long has it been since you were with a woman?"

I choked. Literally choked on the piece of cake in my mouth. I attempted to wash it down with whiskey and choked again. Coughing and spurting, I dabbed at myself with a napkin as my coughs subsided.

"Sookie, I don't think ..."

"I'm sorry, Eric. It just came out; I didn't mean anything. Don't answer that."

Even though it hurt to think back on my last time, which had been with Audrey, I saw this as an opportunity to try to crack this tough nut in front of me.

"I'll tell you if you tell me."

"Tell you what?" She looked like a deer caught in the headlights; I hoped she wouldn't bolt on me.

"Tell me when the last time you were intimate was."

Now it was her turn to choke. She recovered quickly and downed the rest of her gin and tonic, before getting up to make herself a third. After a few minutes, she sat back down and eyed me carefully, clearly going through some internal debate. Finally, she spoke.

"Okay, Eric. I'll tell you if you tell me; if you promise not to laugh."

"Sookie, I would never laugh at you. Do you want me to go first?"

"No, it's okay. I'll go first." She took a long drink and popped a strawberry into her mouth before continuing.

"I've never been with a man, so the last time I was with someone was never." Her gaze was planted firmly on her hands resting in her lap.

Shit. How exactly do I handle this? Of course, I had known this already, but Sookie would flip out if she knew that.

"Sookie, I can't believe you've never been with a man before. You're gorgeous and caring and any man would be lucky to have you. How has it never happened for you before?"

"Well, obviously my emotional scars have played a key role. Being as well off as I am hasn't helped either; I never know if someone likes me for me or for my money." She paused before adding, "Plus, I've never really been able to be alone with a man."

"What do you mean?"

"It's always been hard for me to stand being alone with a man. Actually, I've never really been alone with a man besides the chauffeur." She looked up at me then, "And you."



She shrugged. "I never felt comfortable with them. But I do with you, which is why this is so new for me. So, fulfill your end of the bargain; I told you, now you tell me."

She wasn't giving me any time to dwell on this, and I think it was her plan. She wasn't comfortable around any man before me? I had a lot to ponder later on.

"Nothing surprising; it was before the hurricane. We had gone to the beach for the weekend to spend some time together before I left on a stupid business trip."

She looked thoughtful for a moment before responding. "I'm sorry if I made you think of something like that. I don't know why I even asked, it's not any of my business ..."

"It's okay. I know why you asked anyway. You've got sex on the brain after reading that smut about Butch and Marissa!" I flung a strawberry at her gently and watched as my unintended aim landed it smack-dab in the middle of her cleavage. When she jumped to try and fish it out, the little piece of fruit slid down and disappeared under her shirt .

I couldn't help it, I started laughing. That just egged her on and soon we were throwing around angel food cake and berries like we were eight years old.

I have no idea how it happened, but we somehow managed to both be on opposite ends of the chaise. One minute we were laughing and jovial, and the next we were staring at each other with an intensity I couldn't begin to describe even if I'd wanted to.

That third drink of hers must have kicked in, because suddenly Sookie launched herself across the cushions at me.


I was feeling flushed, wild and totally in control after that third drink and my admission of an intact hymen.

Eric had been so understanding and calm with my revelation. He hadn't freaked out and bolted like I had been so afraid he would. That, plus the third drink, had given me the courage I needed to do what I wanted.

Our playful food fight was just a catalyst.

After some carefully aimed flying food, Eric had deposited himself on the chaise with me. Then there was that moment after a good bit of fun when things calm down and that glorious tension fills the room…

My want for him wouldn't wait any longer. I threw caution to the wind, along with my manners, and attacked him on the couch.

I flung my body at Eric's, straddling his lap while being careful not to put any pressure on his healing legs. I didn't give him a chance to be stunned before my lips were pressing on his neck. Both hands were on his strong and sturdy shoulders, anchoring myself to him.

There were a few long seconds where I wasn't sure if he was frozen with horror or with pleasure. I was just about to pull away and apologize for my atrocious behavior when I felt it.

Eric's hands. They were warm and strong and gentle yet demanding. They were also on my hips, holding me in place.

I moaned a bit as I suckled the flesh of his neck. My hands found their way to Eric's chest and clung to him with a frenzy I didn't know I possessed. I moved my way up to his earlobe, gently taking it into my mouth as his breath hitched and his hands came up my back to pull me closer to his body.

"Sookie." I barely registered Eric talking. I was so intent on tasting more of his delicious skin.

I brushed my cheek against his, my arms snaking around his neck. I wanted to taste those lips of his so badly. Pulling away, I turned slightly so we were face to face. Eric's eyes were closed and his hands were still roaming the expanse of my back.

"Eric." He opened his eyes, which were now considerably darker, and looked right at me. Right into me.

"Is this okay?" My voice sounded so small.

Eric brushed my hair out of my face as he held my gaze.

"It's more than okay, Sookie."

His hand travelled up the nape of my neck as his fingers wove into my hair and pulled me towards him. The instant our lips met I felt like I'd been lit on fire from the inside out. I was simply burning for this man. I'd never felt anything close to what I was currently feeling for Eric.

His tongue lapped at mine, and I vaguely hoped I wasn't horrible at kissing. I let Eric set the pace, since I'd never really done much of it,, but I couldn't help myself from sucking on his lower lip when he pulled away. I gave it another gentle nibble, eliciting a groan. Eric's hips bucked up to meet my body and I felt just how appreciative he was of my eagerness.

I blushed furiously. Aside from accidentally brushing against Eric's morning wood, I'd never had contact with an erection before. Were they all this big? It sure felt big beneath me.

I had to know. I'd already thrown modesty out the window, apparently, so I did the only thing I could think of doing. I reached my hand down between us and grasped Eric's hardened length through the thin layers of fabric separating us.

"Fuck, Sookie …." Eric growled out as his head rolled back. Those wonderfully searing hands of his came to rest on my thighs and began to squeeze in time with my own grasping at him.

"Sookie, it's been so long for me … I might … oh fuck …."

I realized what he was saying. Yet, I still couldn't stop myself. I continued to stroke him through his shorts; tickling the head through the fabric.

"It's okay, Eric. I want to. Unless you want me to stop?"

I tried to lift my hand away, only to have his clamp on my wrist as he groaned out a "No."

His hand resumed its place on my thigh as I brought my lips back to his neck. I licked his Adam's apple and nipped at the flesh under his ear as my strokes became faster and Eric's breathing became ragged.

Suddenly his hands tightened around me and his hips lifted off the chaise. He mumbled something I couldn't understand and his whole body went rigid for a few seconds before he seemed to turn to jelly and collapse beneath me. The whole time, I could feel him in my hands, pulsating and eventually softening.

I was unsure of what to do, but then Eric's hands cupped my face and he brought his lips to mine for a gentle kiss. It was so unlike our frenzied passion, it set me alight in a different way. It wasn't so much a kiss to ignite my desires, but a kiss to awaken my heart.

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