The Royal Court- A What if fic!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own pretty much a LOT of this stuff, most belongs to J.K. Rowling. However, a few of the characters and places (such as Clarevont) are mine!

A/N: Yes, this is a WHAT IF fic! As in, there are two all wizarding countries. And, yes, I KNOW there really are NOT all wizarding countries. Also, that Lily's dad was a squib, and her grandparents are wizards! So, DO NOT leave me flames please, I KNOW these things do not exist in the books!

Ten-year-old Lilian Isabel Evans stood in front of her mirror in her royal bedroom chamber. Lily was quite in shape, with a very toned body, pretty thin, and lots of muscle. Lily was also quite tan, which was unusual for a red head. Lily also had wavy, red hair that swept just past her shoulders. And then, there were her eyes. You could get trapped in her dazzling emerald green eyes. And then, of course, there was her very expensive and elegant gown she was wearing. The emerald (to match her eyes) silk dress was very beautiful. It was in a tank top form, and looked absoutely dazzling on Lily. This was to be a masquerade ball, and Lily's white, blue, and green feather mask was quite stunning also. Of course, Lily HAD to look dazzling tonight, for it was the night of the Grand Ball.

The ball was being held, of course, for her. It was Lily's eleventh birthday that night, at exactly 7:00 pm eleven years ago she was born. You might be asking, Why would they hold a ball for a completely ordinary girl? But you see, Lily was anything but ordinary.

Lily's parents were muggles, meaning they were non-magical. However, Lily's father Richard was a squib, and his parents were magical. Lily's grandparents weren't any average witch and wizard, though. Lily's grandparents, Christopher and Isabel Evans, were the King and Queen of the all wizarding country Clarevont.

There were only two all wizarding countries in the world. And they were Clarevont and The Republic of Gavantia. Even though Lily's parents were muggles, Christopher and Isabel Evans already knew that Lily was a witch, she was already on the acceptance list for Hogwarts. Being that Lily was a witch, she was the heir to the Clarevontian throne, and was the High Princess of Clarevont. Lily also lived in Clarevont, in the palace with her grandparents. Her parents, Richard and Rose, lived in London, England along with Lily's non-magical older sister Petunia.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, "Madame Lilian, are you dressed?" Lily's governess Rovelyn asked politely.

"Yes, Rovelyn, you may enter," Lily replied.

"Are you ready for your grand ball?" Rovelyn questioned Lily.

"Yes, however, I am quite nervous!" Lily replied. There would be many important people at the ball. The King and Queen of Gavantia, and their son, the prince, would be there. Lily was to meet the prince and his parents for the first time. Also, Professor Albus Dumbledore was to be there, the headmaster of Hogwarts. Then of course, the Minister of Magic from about ten different countries, including Clarevont and England. Then, a few important aurors were also invited. There were also many lords, ladies, barons, baronesses, dukes, duchesses, and other important rulers from Clarevont and Gavantia invited.

"I mean, I have to impress the King and Queen of Gavantia, I have to be perfect," Lily said. "My grandparents are already trying to find me a man to marry, I mean, I'm only eleven. However, they say I must be married not more than a month after I leave Hogwarts. And after I am married, I can begin my rule as Queen of Clarevont, with my King by my side.

"Who are your grandparents wishing you to marry?" Rovelyn questioned.

"I'm not completely sure, however, they do wish for me to become good friends with the prince of Gavantia." Lily replied. "And then, there's some Gavantian Duke's son that is my age."

"I'm so glad I don't have to be in your position," Rovelyn said.

"It is quite challenging," Lily replied with a grin. "Anyway, you better do my hair quick, the ball starts in two hours!" Rovelyn called the official Royal beauticians in to do Lily's hair and makeup (Not very much makeup!), and she soon entered the ball room (mask in place), prepared to greet all of her guests.

Soon it came to 6:55, and all of the guests had arrived. That is, all of the guests except for the King and Queen of Gavantia. They soon arrived, and entered with their heads up. In front walked the King and Queen, and behind them walked their son.

"Maximillian, Elizabeth, it's great to know you could spare your time to come," King Christopher announced politely.

"We couldn't very well miss such a special occasion," Queen Elizabeth replied politely, with a small smile on her face. They all bowed their heads to each other, and then, the clock struck seven. Lily was exactly eleven years old.

At that moment the first song played, a waltz. Many young boys got up to ask Lily to dance, but the Prince of Gavantia asked first.

"Would you care to dance, Princess?" he asked with a grin on his face.

"Yes, thank you," Lily accepted his offer graciously as they walked elegantly out to the ballroom floor. They started to waltz, and they waltzed beautifully.

"So, Princess, you are a very good dancer," the Prince complimented her.

"Why thank you," Lily smiled. Then the prince accidentally stepped on her big toe.

"Ouch," Lily said, pretending to smile.

"It was YOUR fault," the Prince replied.

"It was certainly NOT my fault," Lily replied.

"I believe it was," the Prince replied. This went on until the dance ended, and by that time they were screaming very loudly at each other.

The Prince tore off his mask, to reveal a very handsome young eleven year old. He had messy black hair, glasses, tan skin, a thin muscular body, freckles, brown eyes, and a mischevious grin.

At that moment Lily tore her mask off also, revealing a young red headed beauty.

"Oh, I see, you're a fire engine carrot top," the Prince said.

"Oh, I get it, you're a four eyed arrogant jerk," Lily replied angrily. "I demand to know your name."

"I take orders from no one but myself," the princes started, "But I shall tell you anyway. My name is James Harold Potter! And you the high and mighty spoiled brat would be?"

"My name is Lilian Isabel Evans!" Lily practically screamed. "You arrogant, stuck up, rich, snobby, spoiled brat!" At this they both stormed in opposite directions, with angry looks on their faces.

"I guess this wouldn't be a good time to tell them that they're betrothed," Queen Elizabeth whispered to Queen Isabel.

"Yes, I don't think they'd be especially pleased to know they must marry each other," Queen Isabel replied.

"We'll tell them after they've cooled down," King Maximillian spoke up.

The next song played was another waltz, and Lily was first asked to dance by the Gavantian Duke Henry's son William, who was Lily's age. They, just like Lily and James, danced very splendidly. However, Lily and James danced perfectly together.

"You dance very well, your highness," William remarked.

"As do you," Lily replied with a grin playing on her lips. The song ended soon after that. Lily danced with many young men, including the England Minister of Magic's son, many lords and barons sons, and other boys. Lily soon danced another dance with William, and they became quite good friends. They planned to meet in a week to go school supply shopping together, even though Lily would be attending Hogwarts and William was to attend Manchester Academy of Wizardry, a school in Gavantia.

Soon, everyone had left to go home, and the only people remaining at the palace were the Potters and the Evans.

"Lily, James, you better come here," King Maximillian Potter announced.

"What is it, father?" James demanded impatiently. Lily and James had arguing in the corner for the past thirty minutes. They had only known each other for three hours, and they already despised each other.

"You're not going to like this," Queen Elizabeth spoke up.

"However, we feel we must tell you," Queen Isabel explained. "You see, we've made an arrangement."

"What KIND of arrangement?" Lily and James demanded at the same time.

"You two are betrothed," King Christopher told them.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" they both yelled in anger at the same time. Then, they started yelling very inappropriate words, and arguing in hatred.

"I'm sorry dears, but it's already final," Queen Elizabeth said softly. "You will be married at age seventeen, when you graduate from Hogwarts."

"Oh, and you are both expected to get high marks, and will be tutored in order to be ahead of the class," King Maximillian said. "Your tutor is a highly educated young woman by the name of Rowena Lupin.

"You mean, WE have to be tutored TOGETHER?" James questioned in disgust.

"And worse, we have to get MARRIED?" Lily proclaimed in anger.

"I am NOT getting married to that arrogant prat," Lily said stubbornly.

"And I'm not getting married to that spoiled b****," James replied just as angry.

"James, watch your language," Queen Elizabeth said. "And, your tutoring will start tomorrow at six o' clock in the morning. So I suggest you get some rest. Oh, and James, you'll be staying here with the Evans until September 1st, so you can get your tutoring." The two walked off, very angry and unhappy. Rovelyn showed James to his bed chamber and living quarters, and gave him a quick tour of the palace.

Lily ran up to her bed chamber, and began to punch her pillows, almost breaking down into tears. Little did she know that James was doing the exact same thing in the living quarters he was staying in.

The next morning Lily woke up early at five o' clock, and NOT joyful at all. She trudged unwillingly downstairs to the high meal table, and was served a home cooked meal. She ate pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausages, and french toast. Lily loved old fashioned meals so much more than the fancy meals they usually ate.

Soon, James came in and sat beside her, and was served his breakfast as well.

"So," he began.

"Yes?" she said rudely.

"You know, I don't exactly love these arrangements either," James spoke up. "I wanted to try and make the best of it, but I guess that's not exactly possible knowing YOU are with me."

"Oh, well I'm sorry you have to get stuck with me," Lily replied sarcastically. Obviously, they were both in a terribly bad mood. They soon finished their breakfast, and went down to a seemingly large classroom, where they would be tutored. Professor Lupin was there waiting for them, with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Hello, children," she said happily. "As you know, I'm Rowena Lupin, and I shall be your tutor for the next month."

Over the next month, Lily and James studied (unwillingly) together. They learned how to transfigure a match in to a needle (which they both accomplished on their first try). They mastered charms such as silencing charms and floating charms (also easy for the two exceptionally smart and clever students). They also wrote essays in history, and learned about defense to use against the dark arts. There was also a quidditch lesson, in which James was a spectacular flyer, and Lily was just a great. Soon, it was the morning of September 1st, and they had already gotten their supplies (William was allowed to come along).

Lily and James were driven to King's Cross, where they would enter Platform 9 ¾, and board the Hogwarts Express. They both ran through the barrier, with their parents gracefully following.

"Good-bye Grandma and Grandpa," Lily said to them. "I will come home for Christmas, okay?"

"Good-bye Lily dearest, have a good time at Hogwarts," Queen Isabel replied lovingly as she gave her granddaughter a farewell hug and kiss.

"Bye mum, dad," James said, while hugging his parents and receiving a kiss from his mother.

"Be good children," Queen Elizabeth called after them as they started to run off.

"And get into LOTS of trouble!" King Maximillian and King Christopher called after them. All the while Max had a mischevious grin identical to James's, and Christopher had a grin identical to Max's and also identical to Lily's.

Lily and James walked up to the train silently. They both walked straight to the last compartment, to load their things.

"I guess we better sit together, since we know each other," James suggested.

"I guess we better," Lily replied unhappily, with a scowl on her face.

All of a sudden a boy of about Lily and James's age barged in to their compartment. He had light brown hair, blue eyes, and a mischevious not very similar to James's.

"Oh, hi, do you mind if I sit here?" the boy asked. "I'm Remus Lupin, by the way."

"No, we don't mind," Lily replied, happy she wouldn't be stuck all alone with James.

"You wouldn't happen to be related to a Rowena Lupin?" James asked interested.

"That's my mom," Remus replied. "Wait a minute, you're Princess Lilian and you're Prince James, aren't you?"

"That would be us," they replied at exactly the same time.

"My mum told me all about you too," Remus said. "She said you two didn't get along very well. You two seem to get along to me."

"That's because James hasn't said or done anything ridicolously stupid so far today," Lily replied.

"I NEVER do ANYTHING stupid," James objected.

"You keep telling yourself that, okay?" Lily replied sarcastically. Just as another quarrel was about to break out, another boy of about their age ran into the compartment.

"AGH, get away from me you love sick girls!" the boy yelled like a maniac.

"Come BACK, Sirius!" A couple of the blondes whined. The boy they called Sirius quickly closed the compartment door.

"Oi, can I sit with you all?" he asked.

"I don't see why not," Lily replied, being friendly.

"Well, dahling, I'm Sir Sirius Wesley Black, and it's an absolute pleasure to meet you," he announced in a very high and mighty (however sarcastic) voice. Sirius had messy black hair (however, not as messy as James's), a tan, muscular body, a cocky grin, eyes so dark brown they were almost black, and was definitely cute. He seemed like a crazy troublemaker.

"Yes, absolutely spiffing," Lily said, playing along. "And I would be Lilian Isabel Evans, grandaughter of Christopher and Isabel Evans, high Princess of Clarevont."

"Oh my gosh, you really are, aren't you?" Sirius said amazed.

"And I would be James Harold Potter, son of Maximillian and Elizabeth Potter, high Prince of Gavantia," James announced.

"And I'm Remus," Remus announced very shortly. At that the four started to laugh, this was going to be a fun year.

Shortly after the four were engrossed in a conversation mainly focusing on quidditch. It turned out they all loved the sport, and they also all preferred different teams. Lily was a big fan of the Chuddley Cannons, while James was a fan of the Wasps, Remus preferred the Salem Owls, and Sirius was crazy about the Ronehan Robins.

As they were all arguing about which quidditch team was the best and would win the cup this year, (and it was mainly Lily and James that were fighting), there was a knock on the compartment door. Suddenly, a young girl who looked about Lily's age was knocked into their compartment, as she turned around to stick her tounge out at the person who had pushed her. The girl had tan skin, straight, layered blonde hair, blue eyes, and a mischevious grin.

"Sorry 'bout that, the future Slytherins kicked me out of their compartment for "accidentally" throwing a few dungbombs at their luggage," the girl announced with an evil glint in her eye. "Do you mind if I sit with you guys? Oh, and by the way, I'm Marissa Austin."

"Sure, you can sit with us!" Lily replied happily.

"Great!" she said sitting down. "I heard you talking about quidditch, do you all play?"

"YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!" they all screamed at the top of their lungs.

"I play chaser," Lily announced.

"I'm a seeker," James spoke up proudly.

"I'm also a chaser," Remus said.

"I'm a beater!" Sirius announced.

"I'm a beater too!" Marissa exclaimed happily.

"I'm Lily Evans, that's Sirius Black, that's Remus Lupin, and the four-eyed dingbat over there is James Potter," Lily introduced them all to Marissa.

"Are you in first year?" Remus asked her.

"Yeperdoodles!" she replied.

"So are all of us!" Sirius screamed out happily.

At that moment an elegant voice boomed out over the loudspeaker, "Please change into your robes if you have not already. We will be arriving at Hogwarts shortly."

"Marissa and I will go into the bathroom to change, so you guys can change in here," Lily announced while walking out of the train compartment with Marissa following closely behind.

"So, how long have you guys known each other?" Marissa asked Lily as they changed into their new black robes in the bathroom.

"Well, I just met Sirius and Remus when we got on the train," Lily started. "But James and I have known each other since my eleventh birthday. And we've unfortunately been spending every day since then together."

"What's wrong with that?" Marissa asked curiously.

"Let's just say ever since my Birthday Grand Ball James and I haven't exactly been the best of friends," Lily replied.

"A ball, a ball for you?" Marissa asked even more curious. "You must be someone important to have a Grand Ball held in your honor."

"I thought you knew," Lily said. "I'm Lilian Evans, high princess of Clarevont. And James is James Potter, high prince of Gavantia."

"NO WAY!" Marissa exclaimed happily. "That is BLOODY BRILLIANT!"

"Yep!" Lily replied shortly, with the mischevious grin identical to James, Christopher, and Max's. Soon they were dressed in their robes, and they walked back into the compartment.

"I had NO idea you were James POTTER!" Marissa yelled out happily at James. "That is SO cool! You and Lily are BOTH royalty!" Luckily, at that moment the train came to a stop as they heard the voice from earlier say, "We are not at Hogwarts, please exit the train. Leave your luggage on, it will be delivered to your dormitories shortly."

The five got off the train, and walked over to a large man that was shouting 'Firs years, firs years ove here!' They all got into a small rowboat, in which they caught their first glimpse of Hogwarts.

"Wow!" Marissa exclaimed.

"It's absolutely brilliant!" Remus exclaimed.

"Just look at all the places we'll be able to explore, and all the TROUBLE we'll be able to get into!" Sirius said with a mischevious grin, not unlike James's and Lily's. James and Lily were not totally amazed, being that'd they both seen Hogwarts before, and they both lived in palaces larger than Hogwarts.

The first years exited their boats and walked up to the entrance of Hogwarts.

"Welcome, first years, to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," a stern looking witch greeted them. "Soon, you will pass through these doors and join your classmates. You will then be sorted into one of the four houses. They include Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin."

The first years entered the castle, and walked into the Great Hall, mesmerized by the ceiling. Even Lily and James were impressed by the ceiling that was enchanted to show the sky outside. All of the first years were nervous about the sorting, no one except James and Lily knew how the students were sorted.

"Now, when I call your name, please sit on the stool, and I will place the sorting hat on your head," Professor McGonnagal, the stern lady from outside, announced.

Marissa was called first, and after about a minute was declared a GRYFFINDOR!

Many names were called, and soon the old wizard hat shouted out, "BLACK, Sirius!" It was barely a second when the hat yelled out, "GRYFFINDOR!". Sirius walked triumphantly over to the Gryffindor table, while the female population of the school (minus Slytherin) was cheering loudly.

After a few more names, "EVANS, Lilian!" was called. At this, the whole hall gasped, as Lily sat down on the stool, and the hat was placed on her head. 'Hmmm, you're a VERY good friend, but not Hufflepuff. And also you are very wise and clever, but not Ravenclaw. You're also ambitious, but you're definitely not a Slytherin. Oh my, you're VERY brave. It better be GRYFFINDOR!" The last word was shouted aloud to the Great Hall, and all of the Gryffindors stood up and cheered as loud as they could. All of the students in the Great Hall were either clapping enthusiastically, giving loud whistles or cat calls, or yelling as loud as they possibly could. Even some of the Slytherins clapped politely.

Remus was then declared a Gryffindor, along with two girls by the names of Katelyn Joseph and Darcie Ellman, and two boys named Jace Klyden and Peter Pettigrew.

Then, "POTTER, James!" was yelled out, and as it was déjà vu, everyone gasped, and was silent as the hat took about two seconds before yelling out, "GRYFFINDOR!". The cheers were as loud as Lily's, and he was given a standing ovation by the Gryffindors, just like Lily.

Lily, James, Sirius, Marissa, and Remus all gave each other a humongous bear hug, excited they were all to be in the same house. After the other students were sorted, the Hogwarts official song was sang, and Dumbledore gave his yearly speech (while looking at the five mischief makers as he said No Going In the Forbidden Forest), it was time to eat. They all stuffed theirselves, especially Sirius and Lily. After they were done eating, they went up to the Gryffindor common room, immediately making themselves at home.

Sirius, James, and Lily played exploding snap (with Sirius winning), and Marissa and Remus were entranced in a game of wizard chess (with Remus coming out the champion). They stayed up until after midnight, and they said their goodnights, and went sleepily up to their dorms.

Lily changed into her pajamas, and flopped down on her bed, immediately falling into a deep, dreamless sleep. Marissa did the same. However, in the boys dormitory, they were wide awake, planning their first prank on Severus Snape, a hideous and rude boy they had met during dinner. (Also a first year Slytherin)

"We'll turn his whole body orange, AND his hair!" James suggested while grinning and holding in a laugh.

"EXCELLENT!" Sirius said with an evil glint in his eye.

"Guys, we HAVE to include the girls," Remus said. "I mean, we're going to be the five Marauders, the FIVE. That means us three, and the girls."

"All right, we'll let them know in the morning, and we'll do it while everyone's at breakfast!" Sirius exclaimed happily. They then changed into their pajamas, and fell asleep dreaming about the prank they would play the next morning.