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The Royal Court: Chapter 4
As Lily found a portrait of her great-grandmother Lecilia Evans on the second floor of the castle. She walked up to the portrait and knocked on it three times. It immediately opened to reveal a humongous, elaborate kitchen, used to supply all of the people that lived and worked in the palace. Immediately three house elves scurried up to the entrance where Lily was standing as she greeted Lopie, Cardey, and Tala the house elves. The house elves that worked at the castle were treated very well, because Lily and her grandparents had always believed that house elves should always be treated as people were treated.
"Hey guys!" Lily greeted the three.
"Hello, Mistress Lily," Lopie greeted her.
"Would Mistress Lily like something to eat or drink?" Cardey offered.
"Yes, that'd be great guys!" Lily replied smiling. "I'll take a butterbeer and one of your world famous chocolate chip cookies, Lopie!"
"This way Mistress Lily, you can eat with the special guest that's already here," Tala said as she lead Lily to her usual table near the rear of the kitchens. However, Lily noticed that she indeed wasn't the only one who had discovered the kitchens. There, sitting across from her usual spot at the table for two was none other than black-haired, freckled, chocolate brown eyed, tan skinned, skinny, tall James Potter.
"Well, hello there Mistress Lily," James said teasingly.
"How did you find the kitchens?" Lily asked suspiciously.
"Lily, Lily, Lily," James said mock-ashamed. "I am only the leader of the Marauders, you should expect nothing less from me."
"I should've known," Lily replied while rolling her eyes. Tala came back with two butterbeers, one for Lily and one for James, while Lopie brought a basket of chocolate chip cookies. However, Tala accidently slipped on a wet spot on the floor and ran into the table as it tipped over and left Lily on top of James on the floor.
"What happened?" Lily said dizzily while she lay on top of James.
"I don't know," James said a little dreamily. They looked into each others eyes, and without thinking of what they were doing, and forgeting for that moment that they were enemies, they wrapped their arms around each other and locked lips in a romantic kiss.
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