And So It Goes

This story take place about 1 month after Season 7, Episode 1.

Tony and Ziva --- TIVA!


I rushed writing this story... just sharing with my fellow fanfiction peeps my daydreams about the series. Could develop this much more, but why? The next episode of the season will only change my daydreams completely. :)


RIGHT, I don't own a THING... not a single character. All credit goes to NCIS and CBS.


One might think it should be business as usual at NCIS, but it is not. Ziva had been rescued from Somalia and returned to the United States with her team. However, not everything was back to normal.

Ziva's return did help Gibbs, McGee and Tony out of their funk. Director Vance was pleased that cases were being solved efficiently again, but Gibbs wasn't satisfied. The team really hadn't clicked. Ziva had been put on part-time duty and was regularly seeing a naval psychologist to overcome post traumatic stress syndrome. Technically, she really shouldn't have been back to work, but it was a fine line they were walking since she was still not a U.S. citizen. Vance did change her title from Mossad Liaison Officer to Foreign Operative Advisor specializing in terrorism, but the primary goal was to get her citizenship completed so she could become a full-fledged Special Agent, and not venerable to her father's interest in bringing her back home should he want to force the issue.

The biggest problem with the team was Tony and Ziva's behavior toward one another. Even Abby pleaded with Ziva to be a bit more understanding toward Tony who in fact defended her honor in his quest to kill Saleem. Nonetheless, Ziva remained cold to Tony. When they have to talk, its short and uncomfortable. There was no playful banter between them and no kind or appreciative words to one another. Tony, in turn, had become increasingly sarcastic and verbally tortured everyone with receiving no thanks for doing what partners are supposed to do for one another. He thought Ziva would be more grateful for what he did.