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Chapter Nine


That evening, after a wonderful meal made by both Molly and Esme, the families adjourned to the Cullens' large living room.

Hermione and Edward were curled up on the sofa, Hermione gently stroking Kali's hair as the small girl snuggled up in the crook of her legs.

Her brother was off playing with his toys with Nadia and Victoire. Ginny and Harry too were curled up and fussing over James, who giggled at his parents when they pulled faces.

It was all very calming and peaceful. That was until Alice got a vision. She went rigid in Jasper's arms and the Cullens all tensed.

Before Alice could open her mouth, Edward's eyes went black, he let out a growl and gathered his family into his protective embrace.

Kali and Guy whimpered, having never seen their father act this way before. Hermione hugged her children and placed a hand on his arm. "Edward? What's going on? You're scaring the twins."

Edward deflated a little, though he was still tense and his eyes were dark. "Volturi." He spat.

"What?" Hermione asked, having heard about the Volturi before but confused what he meant.

Alice cleared her throat nervously. "The Volturi are coming. Turns out a passing Nomad saw the twins yesterday, when they were last minute shopping with Esme and Me, and figured they were immortal children. Of course, being a Vampire, it didn't take them long to reach the Volturi."

Hermione hissed in sorrow and anger and cradled her babies to her.

Harry tried to approach the two worried Vampire parents, but soon backed away when both let out a warning growl. They had reverted back to animalistic nature in their worry.

"Jasper, you have to calm them." Carlisle told the empathic Vampire.

Jasper sighed and sent feelings of calm and peace towards the small family.

The effect was instantaneous and both of the Vampires relaxed, their eyes becoming topaz once more.

Hermione sat back up, still holding the twins. "So what do we do?"

"Nothing we can do until they arrive." Carlisle sighed heavily.

"Then we wait." Hermione muttered.

"We wait." Carlisle confirmed.

They didn't have to wait long before the scent of unfamiliar Vampires filled the Cullen family's sensitive nostrils.

"They're here." Esme breathed.

Sensing foreboding, Ginny, Fleur and Penelope all drew their children closer. It was a mother's instinct.

"Then we go to try and explain, right?" Emmett asked, more serious than Hermione had ever seen him.

"We go explain, yes." Jasper agreed. "It's probably best if our guests stay here."

"I think that's safest." Harry nodded. Being an Auror and all, he had heard about the Volturi and knew how dangerous they were.

The Cullens rose, Edward taking Kali and Hermione balancing Guy on her hip, and walked towards the door, which now seemed very ominous.

Aro spread his arms out wide when the family exited the house with a wide grin on his face. "Ah, Carlisle. It has been too long, my friend."

"Indeed it has, Aro. I only wish this meeting was under better circumstances." Carlisle replied smoothly.

Aro's red eyes slid to Kali and Guy and Hermione huddled her son closer to her with a small growl. The black haired leader merely looked amused.

"Quite charming little ones, aren't they? Such a shame." Aro sighed.

"They aren't what you think." Jasper told the leader with a respectful nod of his head.

"Not what we think? What do we think then boy?" Caius snarled.

"That they are immortal children." Jasper replied calmly.

"If they are not immortal children, then what are they?" Marcus inquired, curious.

"Pure-blooded Vampires." Carlisle told them. "Bore by a barren womb to Vampire parents. A gift from the fates." He smiled softly.

"Show me." Aro commanded.

Carlisle stepped forward and offered his hand to the other Vampire. Aro took it and watched as all of Carlisle's memories of Hermione's pregnancy flitted past his eyes like a film.

"Amazing. Simply amazing. Born with magic too. My they are powerful." He breathed after the memories had ended.

"So you won't harm them?" Hermione asked, nervous.

"No, I could never." Aro smirked. "Such power."

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