My First Fan Fic

Bella is standing at an edge of a cliff. Edward standing behind her begging her not to. Will she jump? Or is she dreaming?

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I was standing at the edge of a cliff. Sharp pointy rocks, surrounded by black water, greeted me when I looked down.

He grabbed my arm. I looked up to meet his pained face and scared gaze. "Bella, please. Don't." He said slowly.

He tried to move me from my spot, gently tugging my arm. But I was planted in spot. "Bella. Please." He begged again.

I shook my head and looked down at the midnight sea, tempting me to jump.

He let go of my arm and stepped back.

I looked up to see his face. He relaxed a little.

He thinks I'm bluffing? He really thinks I, Bella Swan, won't jump? He had another thing coming.

I stared at him for a long time. Trying to convince him with my eyes.

When he finally broke the stare off by looking at the ground, not liking what he saw, I looked down at the tempting sea again.

The current was moving back out to sea. If I jumped the sea would pull me out into the open, and I would be stuck.

"It's too late now." Edward whispered from behind me.

I looked back at him, relaxed a little more now, then the blackness, then back to him, a little smiling playing at his lips, and finally back to the sea.

"Yes," I agreed. "Too late."

And I took that final step that would make me fall into the darkness.

"Bella! No!" He screamed after me. I swear I could see tears streaming down his face.

I looked at his face as I fell. Knowing he wouldn't leave me. Even though I'm risking my life by doing this.

I was still falling, after an unmeasurable amount of time. It wasn't ending.

Edward had his hand stretched out towards me, and I was reaching out towards him.

I knew we were too far away but I could still smell his beautiful scent.

I saw something move behind him. I blinked and saw Alice, with Jasper standing next to her. As well as Edward I swore I saw tears coming from her eyes. I blinked again and saw Rosalie and Emmett, then Esme and Carlisle. I looked into their eyes one by one. They looked heartbroken, especially Esme and...

And Edward.

I blinked again, and they were all gone. I screamed out to them, but no one came.

I finally hit the water – or was it the rocks? - and I woke up screaming.


My First Fan Fic (: