Yes, ANOTHER ONE. But, I think you'll like this one. Tell me what you think.

Sam smiled, watching her four-year-old daughter run around the front yard, laughing as her godmother chased her around. As Charlotte scooped the tiny tot into her arms, Sam laughed lightly as the little girl squealed. She couldn't believe she was actually a mother. She had been, for four whole years now and it still seemed surreal to her.

Born on July 2 of 2010, Jadira Charlotte Burton, now four years old, is the most eccentric child in their whole neighborhood. She's known to everyone. She's like a little celebrity. Of course, her mother being known for her singing talent helped with that. Jadira—nicknamed Jade—looks just like Sam. Big brown eyes, long curly black hair, cute button nose. She's a little small for her age, but she's always been little. She looks nothing like her father, Will. He has curly hair as well, but she got everything from Sam.

Sam never thought of herself as a mother. When she found out she was pregnant, she couldn't believe it. She didn't believe it. She was still Sa5m—the five is silent. She was the biggest loser in school; she couldn't be a mother. She'd only had sex once and that was with Will. He was the loser that was tied with her. It never dawned on her that they didn't use protection and that she could have gotten pregnant. She didn't use birth control, so there was even bigger chance of pregnancy; they just didn't think about that.

When she found out she was pregnant, Sam went to Charlotte first. Will was the last to know. Sam felt bad about it, but she didn't know how to tell him that they'd conceived a child without even trying. She remembered telling him.

Sam walked into Will's house and she stopped quickly when she saw Karen. They looked at each other for a few seconds before anything was said.

"I need to talk to Will… Is he home?" Sam asked.

"He's in his room," Karen said. "But, keep the door open. No repeats of last month."

Sam's cheeks turned a bright red and she bit her lip as she nodded before running to Will's room. "Will?" she asked.

"Hey," Will said. "What's up?"

"We need to talk."

"About what?"

"It's kind of depressing," she said, sitting on his bed.

"What's not depressing these days?"

"I'm pregnant."

Will stared at Sam for a few seconds. "…Rewind?"

"I said I'm pregnant. You know, bun in the oven. It was conceived. I'm having a baby—we are having a baby. A little, teeny tiny person that's going to be lodged through my vagina in the delivery room, leaving me in even more misery that I'm in now. It's gonna—"

"Sam, I know what it means, I… How?"

"Oh, I dunno. It couldn't have been when we had sex because I wasn't on the pill and we didn't use a condom."

"Don't be sarcastic."

"Not even one of the flavored ones."


Sam sighed and she ran her hand through her hair. "…You know, this is kind of mostly your fault."

"Me?!" Will said as his eyes widened. "How is it my fault?!"

"You're the one that carries the sperm, you ejaculated; not me."

"So? You participated in the same activities I did!"

"Yes… But, I didn't get you pregnant; you got me pregnant."

"Who's pregnant?" Karen asked from the doorway.

"Charlotte," Will and Sam said.

"Oh, well tell her I said 'congratulations'," she said before walking down the hall.

"Do you realize that this is going to be a life changing decision for us?"

"Yeah, no shit, Sherlock; it never occurred to me that I wouldn't be a normal person again after having a kid," Sam said.

"You're not even normal right now. You sound like Ben Stein."

"I had a stutter!" Sam snapped, standing up from the bed. "Don't bring that shit down on me, I get enough of it from the spoiled brats at school!"

"Charlotte doesn't make fun of you."

"I'm not talking about her! God, Will, you just… You… Ugh, you drive me crazy!" she said, walking out of his room.

"Wait a minute," Will said, running after her. "We have to talk about this, you can't leave."

"You aren't showing any interest that you want to talk about it! I'm going home. Don't follow me, don't call me, just leave me alone!" Sam shouted, slamming the front door behind her.

That was almost five years ago. They worked it out the next day, but it was still filled with drama and sarcasm. Almost every conversation they have is nothing but sarcasm or jokes. Sam's the more sarcastic of the two, but when Will tries to be clever, he just ends up sounding dumb or rude, which makes her mad sometimes.

"Mommy, help!"

Sam snapped out of her daze when Jade's voice came to her. She looked over to the four-year-old, who was being pinned down by Charlotte, who was tickling her. She laughed a little. "Sorry, Jade; no can do. Mommy isn't the one that started it."

"Auntie Char, wait!" Jade said with wide eyes as she held her hands out.

Charlotte stopped tickling Jade. "What is it?"

"I hafta go potty."

"Alright, get in there, Kiddo," she said, helping Jade up.

Charlotte walked up to the porch and sat next to Sam as Jade ran into the house. "So. Four years old. Seems like time's flown by, huh?"

Sam nodded, picking up a Marlboro box. "You're telling me," she said, taking a cigarette out of the box. She put it in her mouth and picked up a lighter that was next to her. She lit the cigarette and took a small drag before blowing the smoke from her mouth. "I thought I was nursing her for the first time this morning. And then I blinked," she said.

"Yeah, blinking is no fun. She's getting to look more and more like you, though. She's beautiful. When she's ten and she's staying the night at my place, it'll be like babysitting you all over again."

Sam laughed lightly. "Hey, you would have never known it was me if you hadn't introduced yourself to me that day in high school."

"I didn't pay attention. I never cared about the things around me."

"Amen, sister. That's the way to go; bad to the bone."

"It's called being careless."

Sam shrugged and she took a drag from her cigarette. "Careless is my middle name," she said, blowing the smoke out.

"No, it isn't. It's 'the five is silent'."

Sam laughed. "Nice. I don't spell it that way anymore. That's old news."

"It was creative. I love it."

"You love anything and everything."

"That's very true. Especially that little monkey of yours; I can't wait to have my own someday."

"You have to have a guy for that… You have to have sex for it."

"I've had sex!"

Sam laughed. "Don't let the whole neighborhood know; they'll think I'm a freak or something."

"Well… Look at you…"

Sam stared at Charlotte for a few seconds and she took another drag from her cigarette. "I resent that," Sam said. "You really know how to break a girl's heart, Charlotte, thank you very much."

"You aren't phased by it; if you were, a knife would be to my throat."

"I don't own a knife. I don't own any kitchen utensils that will harm my daughter."

"That's why you have pizza every night."

"Yes… Yes, it is. Pizza is easy and simple. And it tastes good."

"Very good."

"Yep," Sam said, taking another drag. She blew the smoke out. "Very good."