WARNING, RAMBLING AHEAD:Ok. I'm not entirely sure what this is but currently I have EXTREME WRITERS BLOCK! (anyone who writes can probably relate to this feeling) and I needed to release some built up desire to write that just refuses to come out in the form of a new chapter for Bloodstained Breaths. I am also having problems with manga Sasuke at the moment so I needed to redeem him a bit in my mind before I get on with the other. The idea isn't originally mine, I saw the idea in a SasuNaru doujinshi and it was sweet/angsty/depressing so I decided to write something similar. (See. I can't even come up with my own idea at the moment T^T) Anyway, enjoy (ish) ^_^;

"Always write one before you go, Ok Sasuke?"

"Nothings going to happen."

"I know."

"Then why?"

"Just in case..."

Love Letter


I don't think you'll ever read this because I am much too skilled as a ninja to ever be killed in action so there is no need for this, but it's our promise right? Every time one goes out on a mission they have to leave the other a letter, just in case. You're so stupid. How did you come up with something like that? Isn't a 'goodbye' enough for you? You're just being greedy.

What is it you want me to write?

I think I'm the one being stupid now. Since I know that if you went on a mission and didn't come back, I would definitely want this. Your words. In case I never heard them again.

Everything I write sounds dumb. You know I'm no good at this, Usuratonkachi.

Ne, Naruto. Did you ever read any of my letters? Did you have faith that I would come back? I never read any one of yours. I always burned them the day you were due home. I wonder what you write in yours. Do you address with "To Teme?" Do you say "I love you?" Is each one similar? What do you tell me?

I want to know now.

I think mine are always different. The last one I told you about the day in the Land of Waves. About what I was feeling. The one before that was that time you and Gaara fought. I was worried. Then before that I think it was the day you carried me back to Konoha... and everything I wanted to say at that time...

This time is nothing specific.

I love you, even if you are an Usuratonkachi.

I don't say it a lot. But it's true. It's hard to say. Somehow words aren't quite how I want to get my message across. But I think that you know. You see that I say it in a way that's different from actually speaking it, right?

Can I ask for something selfish?

If I die, not likely, but if I do...

Don't forget me. Please. Because you are the only person I could ever possibly feel for and I want to be that person for you too. So don't forget me. It's selfish, but don't. I might follow you around as a spirit, just to make sure.

Love letters should be emotional, my mother told me that once. Do you want something poetic?

I can try.

If our tomorrow never comes, I want you to know that you are the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep and the first thing I think of when I wake. You are my only one. My 'precious person', as you say. If I close my eyes and never wake again, I'll be sure to dream of you; all golden like the sun with eyes like nothing else. Before you I'd never known blue like that...

How was that?

I'll be by your side forever. I promise.

I love you.



The ink smudged as a tear dripped on to the paper.

"Sasuke... Forever is so much longer than this, you idiot...

Yeeep... Sasuke died T_T Clearly I still have some issues with him...