I was trapped in this knowledge of myself, dying for the truth to come out, dying for him to know everything about me, but scared that he couldn't handle it, that he would leave. Even with everything I could control, with all the power I held I couldn't make him accept who I was. But he was the only, and without him I was sure I couldn't be who I wanted to be, that the angel in me would fade away and the devil take over. I had fought so long to become what could be called a good person, I was part devil, so as good as I could be. Was I going to let the only person that I could ever, in this world, love, do that to me?

I was thought incapable of love, I belonged to my father, they thought he wouldn't let me. But he did, and now I stood to lose that because of what I am. Think of the irony. I knew I would never love again, but from I'd seen (and that was many millennia's), you had to be honest with your beloved. I was always terrified of the truth. It was in my blood.

If that happened it would be the end of the world. It was all on him, the future of everything, and on if I could make him understand. I wasn't sure I it was possible, but I had to try. Right?

But first I had to save him, from something that was merely one of the things I was here to control, but the most annoying. Them being vampires, they weren't used to someone, (or something, I wasn't exactly sure) Being infinitely more powerful than them. But they were right to be afraid.

Chapter One

He thought I was turning 18. The truth was I was turning eighteen thousand years old. He was scared that his world was too much for me, and leaving was always in the back of his mind. Of course he didn't know that. He thought I was a weak human that he could protect and shield from the worst of everything. He thought I needed sleep, that I needed food and all that other human jazz.

He was so past wrong that it was kinda funny. Of course if you don't know what I'm talking about this would all sound crazy. To understand you must hear where I came from all those years ago. So here's the story:

At the dawn of time there were the Gods, including Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite and all the rest. But like all gods before them, they died away from power and from human beliefs. Then the world turned to Christianity, after Jesus was crucified, and also God. But as God came to power, so did is brother, my father. The Devil.

But as unexpected as it was for me to fall in love, it was even more so for my father. But he fell in love with one of prized of my Uncle, God. My mother is the High Guardian Angel, that's where I get my goodness it seems. She fell in love as well, and made the ultimate sacrifice. She moved to Hell.

I know this seems crazy, but it is true. And when I came, everybody was overjoyed. All but one, my father was not the happiest. He knew I would have good in me, that I would have all the universe on my side, from him, my mother and God. But most important I would be more powerful that him. He was furious. You can't even imagine the wrath of the devil. And when my mother finally saw that side of him she came to her senses, and fell out of love (I say fell out of her insanity). She went back to heaven and begged for her old soul back. Since nobody can go from heaven and hell with the same soul. Except me of course, since I have both necessary.

As soon as I was old enough, the world of the supernatural was put into my charge. I make sure there's a balance of good and evil in the world.

Edward had no idea of any of this

He thought I was like anybody else, human, and totally unaware of the supernatural.

He was special though. Nothing that I couldn't top though. He can read minds. Of course I can control, read and block them. But I'm ultimately powerful so that doesn't count. He was surprised when he couldn't "hear" me, but I blocked him so he couldn't.

After I snapped my fingers to change my clothes, called my bag to me, and filled my wallet with an acceptable amount of money for a teenager to have. I didn't have breakfast like always, 'cause I didn't need to. I could if I wanted to, but there was no point. I got into the piece of junk that was apparently able to be called a car. I could get there so much faster just by thinking of the place I wanted to be. Anywhere I wanted to go if I thought about it I would be transported to, but people would most likely be suspicious if I appeared out of nowhere.

When I got to the school parking lot I saw Him. Waiting for me like always, like, well not an angel, I had seen too many of those, maybe an Adonis or one of the originals (what my world called the gods here before time began). I almost lost the control over his mind (and mine) when I heard him just stop thinking anything and started seeing me and thought of nothing else.

But as soon as I got out of the car Alice, Edward's future seeing sister, was right there.

"Happy Birthday Bella." She almost purred.

"Thanks" I moaned, I hated charades when it wasn't a game. But she thought I was moaning about being older than Edward, and I almost laughed. Almost.

"So when do you want your presents?" she asked enthusiastically. Walking slowly to Edward's car.

I hate presents, I have everything, and I feel bad when I don't use useful things and that they put thought and effort into getting me something they thought I might like.

So I decided to be cheeky. "I thought you would give them to me at the surprise party tonight. But I don't mind." I said with a smirk on my face.

She was totally caught off guard, and that was not common. She finally gained her control, and then became 'Alice the Detective'.

"How'd you know?" she demanded.

"I was guessing, but now I know for sure. Thanks." I said very cheekily.

I loved messing with vampires, they were always so sure of themselves, and didn't like being taken by surprise. Especially Alice.

When we finally got to Edwards car, he cut in.

"So when DO you want your presents? Oh! And Happy Birthday!" he said with a sly wink that Alice didn't see.

That made me both happy and sad. Him saying happy birthday felt worse than it did when Alice said.

Again I just said thanks.

On our way to lunch (Edward managed to get in all my classes this year) I saw something, not real or distracting, but of the future (again if somebody could do it I could top it). But my visions were not subjective like Alice's, they were set in stone.

I saw me and the rest of the Cullen's at their house, tonight it seems because I was opening present I would feel bad about later. As I was opening one that was shaped like a CD case I slipped. A papercut. I may be amazing at everything, but in human form, I was as human as human could be, and still vulnerable to injure.

Jasper was there, Edwards brother and Alice's husband, he was the most recent to become what the Cullen's called Vegetarian Vampires (they only hunted animals not humans) and was still weak around blood. Me being supernatural, could fix everything about my human self except this delicious smell of my blood, even in this diluted form, it tortured Edward, my blood would be special for him, it called to him. It wasn't as strong for the others, but it was still sweet to them.

Jasper was caught off guard, he lunged, Edward pushed me out of the way and I crashed into one of the Cullen's crystal vases, and that cut me even worse.

Emmet and Carlisle, Edward's other adopted brother and his father (creator actually), had just enough time to stop jasper before anything worse happened.