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Chapter 8

Then everything changed. Everything started sparkling, and for an instant I let myself hope. Silly really, he would never come back.

It was Laurent, one of the vampires in the chase to kill me last year. I was furious that he walked into EDWARD'S meadow!!! OUR meadow!!! He didn't finish the chase to kill me instead he went and stayed with another vegetarian vampire coven in Alaska. He chickened out, I suppose, when he realized that the coven protecting me was larger than his own. I decided to break the unbearable ice.

"Laurent? What are you doing here?"I asked adding in a hint of fear so he wouldn't see through my charade easily.

"Bella? I'm surprised to see you here. When I went to the Cullen place, it smelled as if it had been empty for awhile. I thought they would've taken you with them, weren't you sort of a pet of theirs?" This comment pissed me off. PET!!! Me a pet? I tried my best to hide my death glare, he just kept looking at me sardonically.

A voice in my head, that sounded remarkably like Edward, told me to lie ( I was rather accomplished at this particular skill ), and I wanted to play with him a little bit. But I knew that in the end I had to kill him.

"They stop by every so often, but I didn't want to move." I lied coolly.

"Mmm, is that so?" he murmured, and took a step toward me.

"What are you doing here?" I was uncomfortable with the direction this meeting had taken.

"I'm here on a favor to Victoria. You remember her don't you? She was James's mate." He said in a wistful tone that I couldn't place, and smelling the air around me.

I knew why he was here and what Victoria wanted him to do. Find me, and give her the information necessary to kill me. Mate for mate. Edward killed her mate so she would kill me in order to get back at him.

"She's put out with you, you know?" He sneered.

"Is that so?" I was getting bored with his girl. Each time he said something he moved closer to me.

"You've actually caught me at a bad time. I'm out hunting at this very moment, and you do smell so mouthwatering." He went for my neck, he was close enough now that all he had to do was lean in.

"I've heard that before you know?" I said with all my confidence, and threw him toward a tree with back-breaking force.

"What the …?" But I had already changed form into a silver lioness and lunged at him.

I tore his arm off. He screamed in bloodcurdling agony, and I let out a snickering laugh.

"What are you?" he demanded with pure rage. I let out another laugh.

In his head I growled "Your worst nightmare!" Then I lunged and ripped off his other arm. Another scream escaped his lips. I changed form into Polar bear (A/N: polar bear thanx to Harrypotterandtwilightgirl257), with white and silver fur (I was always beautiful in my animal forms).

I lunged again, and this time it was for his throat. His scream was cut off with a gurgle, and he was no more.

I slipped back into human form and made a fire, and then I collected all the pieces and burnt them.

Absentmindedly I heard footsteps from the forest but ignore them, I have bigger things to worry about than stray hikers.

"You're kidding me right? This had got to be some sick joke!" I spun round and saw Jacob with four other huge Quileute . All I could do was feel sorry for him and the rest of these men who had lost their choices and futures to give their souls to me.

"I told you it was bad." I sighed as I started collecting up the pieces again.

"I didn't think this was what you meant. I didn't even think you were serious." he demanded.

"Jake! You can do this later, first I'd like to understand what is going on here." The biggest man said, I could only assume it was Sam.

"I don't mean to be rude, but what are you? And why are you here?" he demanded gently. I could see why he led the pack.

"Well Sam," he was surprised that I knew his name, but let it go, "I could tell you many different ways. But they're all very long. Why don't you sit down?" I said encouragingly.

I told my story in the best light I could, but I left out the most gruesome parts of my life, and explained my part here on earth as a Keeper and Guardian (Keepers are demons or devils that have been given responsibilities, and Guardians are the same thing, just angels) I was both to compensate for the differences from the rest of my kind.

But as much as I was impartial to this discussion (and also which was more favorable: Heaven or Hell) I put extra emphasis on the fact that I was not all bad, and the part of me that was usually listened to common sense. I knew Jacob was fuming but on the most part I ignored him and so did Sam.

"Can you just explain one thing?" Sam asked with fascination, "Why didn't you just kill that vampire at the very beginning if you could? Instead you let him play with you." I was beginning to like Sam, he was a good leader, he was honest and always cautious. He was genuinely interested in my answer, but the question made him seem kind of slow.

"Who was playing with who?" I asked slightly annoyed, but only gently chiding. This would be the perfect time to tell him when I was here before, when the Cullen's were also here, when they made the treaty with them, the one that I made them agree to before they would all perish in a fight.

"Oh, I see but I still don't really get it." His tone was confused and his brow was furrowed.

"Let me see if I can explain it any better," I thought for a minute. "Well, as old as I am, I'm only the age as you see me now. I spose being all powerful has made me immature in some ways, 'cause there's no restraint at on me all. Does that make it easier?" I had never put it that way before, not even to myself. I realized it was true.

"Don't get me wrong, I am mature in plenty ways; I've been enlightened by the messiah, I've fasted for 100 years, I have complete understanding of any philosopher or literature. But I like to play games. Don't we all? Even life is a game to me. If I die I can just come straight back. If I'm really bored I'll bring someone back from the dead, though of course I can only do that with the souls I own-" I got cut off by one of the other three boys( maybe only a boy) I guessed it was Quill since everybody rolled their eyes and sighed.

"You own souls?"

"I should explain. You know that I am here to maintain the balance of good and evil on earth. Where I come from they are called Guardians and Keepers, I am both since I come from both parts of the afterlife realm. Well to help me with that I own the souls of the earthbound supernatural souls." It seemed to be a long day when I finally got home. But it wasn't over yet.