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Ever since he had been 'born', Blackbird had known that he wasn't Natural.

Blackbird, as he had named himself in his first few moments of awareness, had been born as the sun was exactly half-sunk behind the horizon in an alleyway in industrial Jump City...

...As nothing more or less than a freak accident in a fight between the Teen Titans and 'The Amazing Mumbo'; A chaotic mix created when Boy Wonder Robin was struck by the combined forces of Mumbo and Raven's opposing magic and Starfire's starblasts.

Robin appeared to have gotten out of the blast with no injuries, leading the Titans to believe that their leader had been protected by the contrasting energies present. They did not notice Blackbird go flying further into the alley and behind some garbage.

Blackbird had woken naked and covered in ash. This was where the story begins.


"Hey," A disinterested girl's voice asked. "You alright?"

The boy twitched and squinted in an attempt to see through the gloom, flashing glowing eyes the colour of bluebell flames.

"...Wha? Who...?"

Having caught sight of the glowing blue eyes and realising that he was probably a meta-human, the girl knelt beside the older teen and helped him sit up, blushing when she realised he was naked except for the ash and grime.

"I'm Jinx." The girl, who had just introduced herself, was now revealed as a pale girl with cotton-candy pink hair and slit-pupil eyes the same hue as deep pink diamonds.

Realising she wanted a name, he caste around in the chaotic mess of him mind and subconsciously rubbed his head as he thought. He caught a brief flash of black wings and a stream of birdsong. Black wings and birdsong. A black bird? Blackbird? Yes, he thought his name was...

"...Blackbird." He said, though not to without doubt. "I think my name is Blackbird." He gently leant away from Jinx to sit on his own.

Jinx, for her part, was curious about the teen and rather thankful that he had pulled her from her doubtful thoughts on her standing in the world.

"What are you doing here?" She gestured around the darkened alley, "And where are your clothes?"

Blackbird looked around, only just realising where he was and that he was naked. As he tried to recall how he got there, he was suddenly hit by mind-numbing pain and all his muscles started seizing.

He vaguely realised and was grateful that the girl, Jinx, was holding his head in her lap as she tried to hold down the thrashing of his torso, a piece of plastic hastily shoved in his mouth to both muffle his screams and stop him from biting his tongue.

Lost in his haze of pain, he didn't realise that the concrete beneath his flailing limbs crack under the force of his blows or that black energy swirled free and dangerous around the two teens as flames the same glowing blue as his eyes chased across his, then her, skins, protecting them from the shrapnel flung up by the wind created by the black energy.

Jinx, however, was well-aware of these things, leaving her in a state of shock, awe and fear as she struggled to hold the teen, Blackbird, down.

It happened quickly; so quickly she hadn't time to protect herself with her power of Probability Manipulation. As the powers began flaring even further out of control, the blue fire-like energy surged more strongly towards her and engulfed her.

Time hung immobilized for a few moments or eternity as the world suddenly became a babbling mess of sounds, emotions, pictures, tastes, smells, textures, impressions, knowledge and finally, in her mind's eye, a translucent figure of swirling black and luminescent blue flung itself at her, a figure of grey and glowing pink, wrapping its 'arms' around her and burying its 'head' in her middle like a frightened child. It took her less than an instant to realise that the blue-black figure was Blackbird.

The 'noise' receded a bit and Jinx was able to look 'up' into the seething, chaotic mess of Blackbird's psyche.


Hours later, after Blackbird's power had long since settled, Jinx gently laid the both older and younger boy against the wall, numb from what she had learnt and gained.

Maybe, just maybe, she could play the hero just this once, just for this Blackbird.


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