I paled noticeably...and Paulie stood by my side.

Sr walked in and said, "I wasn't quite sure what had been going on with you after we left Vegas and knew even less after Albuquerque...but when you said you had a wife in California...and since WCC are the only people we know in California...I knew it had to be Riley...So I called Jesse...and flew out...much faster than your chopper Jr. And now were leaving to have it annulled...you're not marrying are enemies kid sister cause your horny one night."

Paulie said, "Pop, we've been married for 4 months...I'm not having it annulled."

Jesse walked over and said "I can't believe you didn't even tell me...Is he the pop?" I said, "Shut up Jesse. It's none of your business." Thank god Paulie didn't hear him...he was too busy fighting with his dad. Jesse said, "He is...isn't he...I can't believe you...you're supposed to be my sister not some slut who opens her legs for everyone." The room got quiet as the slap of my hand to Jesse's cheek echoed in the house.

Jesse touched his cheek and looked at me, like he couldn't believe I had slapped him...suddenly he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and said, "You're getting this marriage annulled and that's final...you can hate me all you want I don't give a shit...you can threaten to move out I don't care, but you will not be married to one of my enemies." I said, "Jesse put me down you're going to hurt me."

Paulie started to come after me when his dad grabbed him and said, "Jesse get that slut oughta here." Jesse was half way down the hall when Paulie heard Riley scream, "NOOOOOOOO!!!! PAULIE HELP!"

Paulie couldn't take it he wasn't going to let anyone take his wife...no matter who they were. Paulie looked at his dad and said, "Sorry pop...But I love her." Sr looked down at his son and started to make a smart ass comment when Paulie's fist connected with his jaw at just the right time and knocked him completely out.

Paulie said, "I love ya dad, but you're a pain in my ass sometimes." Paulie grabbed Riley's bag and took off down the hallway looked for Riley and Jesse...he could hear Riley crying...but since he didn't know his way around the house it was foreign. When he got to the bottom of the stairs Jesse was outside with her...as soon as she saw him she yelled her car keys were on the table. Paulie ran back in and grabbed them.

I finally got tired of crying and decided to get the hell out...I swung my foot up and it connected with Jesse's jean covered crotch...He let go of me as he dropped to his knees and writhed in pain. Paulie had gone inside for my car keys and I leaned over and said, "I love ya jess but sometimes you're a pain in my ass...I'm sorry Jesse...but I love him...And I'm not going to spend the rest of my life without him."

Paulie ran over and we took off to my car which was always parked in the street in front of the house...Paulie had parked behind me...Paulie said, "You got a plan?" I said, "Yea...follow me."

Paulie kissed my lips on last time before he ran over and fire the chopper up...and took off following my through the dark streets of LA...we pulled into a storage place and I punched in a code...and Paulie followed me in.

We stopped and Paulie said, "What are we going here?"

I punched in a code on a storage door and it slide open...I said, "Put your bike in...If they can't find your bike they can't find us...they'll send people to look for us they'll be looking for a mustang and a chopper...if were in one vehicle no one will be the wiser."

Paulie pushed his vehicle into the storage room and we covered it with a blanket...I said, "I got this storage a few months ago just for this reason...incase Jesse got thoroughly pissed about the whole marriage thing and kicked me out."

Paulie pulled me close to his body finally content after the whole ordeal...Paulie said, "He didn't hurt you did he?" I said, "No I don't think so...I was scared." Paulie said, "Yea me too." Paulie placed feather light kisses around my face then my lips and said, "Let's get the fuck out of dodge." I said, "Good idear."

I tossed my keys to Paulie and said, "You drive." Paulie nodded as I punched in the code and the door slide down and locked tight...We got in and took off to Tahoe. Making sure to use all the back roads and non major freeways.

When we got to the cabin, we had stopped at a store and bought food and what not to keep us there for a few weeks...I finally sat down in the living room next to Paulie and said, "I have something I need to tell you." Paulie looked at me with concern and said, "Go ahead baby."

I stood up and started pacing the room and finally stopped and looked at him and said, "Well...I'm pregnant..." Paulie stood up and said, "How far along?" I said, "8 weeks." Before anything else could be said, Paulie scoped me up in his arms and spun me around in circles.

Paulie placed me back on my feet and I started to say something but was cut off.

Paulie captured my lips…My hands slowly came up to Paulie's chest…I opened my mouth and his tongue found mine…he intensified the kiss and went deeper…I pretty much lost every thought.

I knew from then on everything was going to be okay with the way it is.

The End