Crossing Paths

A Fan fiction by: Ellora's Death Wish

(A/N: There is this one scene here that I took from an episode but not totally)

Chapter One

(I'm a magician, y'hear? Not your apprentice!)

It has been precisely six years since my young apprentice and her friends, Shiine and Riiya left to continue their studies at the imperial castle. Although young Chacha did not want to leave, I promised her I would visit very often. In truth be told, I haven't seen her ever since I made that promise. I was afraid she would grow even more attached to me and miss home. It was better off this way. This way, letting go would be easier. I knew that someday Chacha and I would have to part ways and I knew very well this was not a very easy decision to do as a teacher and as a father figure.

There was only one person in this world who could relate to with what I was going through and that was Dorothy, the witch of Mt. Urizuri. However, like the others, I have not caught the sight of her for a long span of six years. And dear Lord do I miss her. My feelings for her remained throughout these couple of years but not once has she come to see me.

Believe me, I tried all sorts of ways to see her. I tried breaking in, I tried shouting insults outside her castle, hoping she would burst out angry but later on, we'd be the best of friends.

Apparently, things don't work in that way. That would be too easy.

Upon being "disturbed" with my insults, Dorothy drew her head out the window and glared at me with her frozen grey eyes. "Just grow up."

Slamming the window, she retreated to her room. I felt as if my heart had broken in two, but half hoping she would come back and fire something at me.

Let me tell you that she did not respond with a ball of fire and it wasn't like her. She was so different. Different without Shiine. She was a mess and I, not knowing what to do, left with my broom and freshly baked chocolate cake I was hoping to share with her.

I'm an idiot and I'll always be one.

Faced with current dilemmas, I stared at my empty cup and sighed. I was out of tea. Gravely, I stood up and shrugged on my white robe, summoning my broom, I set out for town. I needed to go buy groceries anyway. I haven't done food shopping in a week. To be honest, I haven't even taken so much care in myself throughout these six full years. I hadn't even realized I had grown myself a stubble until I looked at my reflection through a shop's window.

I sighed, keeping a low profile with my hands in my pocket. I could hear children laughing, running and screaming all over the place. It reminded of a scene that took place years ago.

It was that day I was working undercover in Dorothy's mansion under Doris. I asked Dorothy that day to go grocery shopping with the kids and of course she refuses.

**start of flash back**

"What? Why do I have to do things for you?"

"I have to run some errands." I simply shrug at her.

"Then why don't you go grocery shopping along the way—"

With a collective sigh, I placed the wallet in her hands. "Just do it."

Leaving her with no choice, Dorothy went down town with the children, unaware I was watching her all along. I was laughing beneath my disguise as I watched her go ballistic at Chacha, Riiya and Shiine's pleas to buy candy. She wasn't used to baby-sitting the kids because I usually took care of them. It wasn't because she had this profound dislike for children but because it just wasn't her thing. She'd rather spend a day in her castle reading tons of reference books on potions and crystal balls. I mean, look at that boy, Shiine, he had grown to be independent due to Dorothy's inability to take care of him fully. He did her laundry, cooked her food, ironed her clothes and even cleaned her room. Not once did this boy protest for he was rewarded with a spell or two taught by his master. Shiine took whatever he could from his teacher because he believed he was a step away from being the world's greatest magician.

I focused back on the scene whilst leaning on a lamppost. I could tell she was experiencing massive irritation by now. Judging by the way her eyes were pinned at them and her hand gestures, she was getting infuriated. I was about to jump in the scene but then, I was stopped by one mere phrase.

"Okay. You win, we'll buy candy and curry."

I was quite stunned by this action; I didn't know Dorothy was capable of exhibiting human characteristics.

"YAY! CANDY!!" The three little children began running about in excitement quickly entering the shop as Dorothy followed behind.

It took them about thirty minutes to get everything they need. Not bad. I could do it in five minutes with the three of them but Dorothy is a woman and women are usually slow when shopping for groceries and clothes although I seriously don't get that stereotype.

Dorothy scolded the trio lightly, hoping they would listen to her command. "Hey careful! Don't run around like that!"

"Dorothy-chan is like a mommy!" My Chacha chirped happily, taking a bite off her chocolate bar.

The trio exchanged glances with mischievous smiles. "Mommy! Mommy!"

Dorothy's face reddened at that awkward remark and she tried shushing them but it was too late, everyone was staring and saying how young she was. Laughing to myself, mental images of Dorothy in an apron holding a ladle in one hand and a small baby on the other arm. It was too adorable for me to take. It brought tears to my eyes from laughter.

"Ne, if Dorothy-chan is the mommy then Seravy-san must be—"

Before Ria could continue he screamed as his candy bar fell on the floor and a familiar black limousine ran over it. My eyes widened not because some candy bar "died" but because I knew what he was about to say. Hell, I couldn't imagine Dorothy and I living in the same roof! What chaos it would bring! Dorothy and me? Never gonna happen.

**end of flash back**

Back to reality, I was walking through the town smiling at myself as I reminisced these memories. Due to the shallow fact that I was so engrossed with my memories, I ran into a post.

It hurt. I muttered some incoherent words after and rubbed my reddened forehead.

"That's not the first time you walked into a post."

A smile curved on my lips as a response. "Yeah, no kidding—" I turned to face the person in utter shock. "…Talk about déjàvu."

My chest tightened in that instance. I felt like my heart just landed a nuclear bomb, literally thumping hard. Dorothy. The woman I've always loved finally shows up after six long years and the first thing she says to me?

"God. It's disgusting how you grew yourself a stubble. You're not only a pervert but you're unhygienic as well." Her very same soft grey eyes glued to my face.

"…I…what…well, what are you doing here?" I managed to say, regaining immediately the composure I had a while ago. "Going shopping? That's new."

Dorothy simply shrugs. "Needed time to think. It gets lonely up there sometimes without the kids. Shiine and I always come down here every Sunday…I guess old habits don't die, huh?" she stiffens a laugh and awkwardly rubs her right arm.

I shook my head understandably, telling her I knew how it felt like. I knew how it felt like there was a dark, unending void with nothing to fill it. It was painful. Sure Chacha pestered me everyday but I miss the kid. I honestly do. "I mean…you know what I'm saying, Doro—"

She snorts, I shot her a questioning look and she simply shakes her head. "Sorry, your domestic side is showing again."

"...I guess there are some things I don't grow out off. But you have to admit, it does suit me."

Dorothy takes a quick look at me and laughs, "You're right."

"But hey, I'd think you'd make a great mother. Domestically speaking." I flash her one of my famous grins to witch she blushes to.

"A-anyway." She clears her throat. "How have you been throughout these six long years?"

"Six years?" I raise my eyebrow curiously at her.

"Yes, six years right? Since we've last talk."

I couldn't help but smile at her innocent question. She gives herself away so easily. "So you've been counting all the years you haven't seen me?"

"W-what are you talking about, Seravy? Six years is not that hard to remember. That's all."

"…Hmm, I wonder why it isn't that hard to remember. Thinking about me?" I teased, circling my arm around her, drawing her closer.

"God, no." Dorothy immediately pulls away, flustered. "Pervert."

"But seriously." I reverted back to serious business. "You could have at least dropped by." We were already walking together side-by-side downtown, without any of us noticing.

"Don't take this the wrong way," She breathes slowly. "After Shiine and Chacha left, I felt I had no obligation to keep coming back to that cottage…there's just nothing to come back to."

I could only scoff at this. Was she purposely being naïve? I'll never know. "Unbelievable. Even after you knew all along how I felt about you? That's just cruel."

With those unwelcoming grey eyes, she stared me down. "…Seravy, you know very well that nothing will ever happen between you and me. It didn't work out the last time."

…Now that just hurt me.

It doesn't stop there.

"Please forget me."


"Oh we're here!" I interjected, purposely making her stop firing painful words. "I didn't realize. I'll go buy the stuff I need." I pointed my thumb towards the marketplace to which she nodded at.

I turned around, managing to utter two painful words. "Goodbye, Dorothy."

She cracks a smile at my direction, raising her hand, waving goodbye. My eyes followed her the whole time, making sure nothing happens to her. I ruffled my hair. Why can't I just leave her be? She's not my girlfriend or anything. We're not even married. I felt like the biggest loser on earth.

But it's not that easy to forget you…Dorothy-chan.

You just can't make these feelings go away. I'm a magician not your apprentice. Don't tell me what to do.

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