Crossing Paths

Chapter Three

(No Place Like Home)

In Seravy's household, the smell of freshly squeezed orange juice and crispy bacon wafted through the air the next morning. Today was going to be different or he dares hope it would be. After yesterday's talk with Dorothy, she softened up a bit despite retaining a minimum amount of bitterness with his irrational love for her hair because it paved the way for a disastrous wedding ceremony—a rite, which she confessed, to be the only thing she ever wanted from him.

He could only sigh at this memory, "I did screw things up bad, didn't I? Just knowing she gave me a second chance makes our relationship lethal. I really don't want to screw this up."

Shaking his head in dejection, he affixed each plate carefully on each place mat. He stopped to count the number of plates on his table. He put six. Chacha, Shiine and Riiya would be coming home this morning to visit for a few weeks—that makes five including himself and Dorothy—so he immediately deducts one plate. He definitely was out of it.

It wasn't long before he received a knock on his door.

"Ah, please wait!" Quickly gliding around the table, careful not to bump into anything, he opened the door to reveal the person his heart had anticipated for six years. Dorothy.

His eyes glinted and he gave her a smile. "I'm surprised you came."

"Well, didn't you want me to?" She cocked her brow.

"Of course, I did, Dorothy-chan~!" Seravy says in a singsong tune.

"…baka of course I'd come for my Shiine."

He gestures for her to come inside. "By all means, do come in! You're the first to arrive."

Dorothy's eyes wander around the small living room, noticing that nothing had changed—from the colors of the drapes to the messy arrangement of furniture. She walked past the dining table and headed towards the wall decorated with several family portraits. Seravy watched as she carefully placed a hand on one, and moved the slightly slanted frame to fix its position. As she took a step back, she marveled at the pictures.

The first frame contained a little girl dressed in red, wearing the brightest smile. Dorothy noted how little Chacha wore her hair down that day without the hood. It was the day she was going back to the imperial castle, she thought with a sad smile. Moving on to the next frame, she found Seravy and herself wearing their respective wedding clothes. The both of them looked so happy. For a moment there, he thought she was going to smash the frame but instead, he saw her eyes glint. She looked quite surprised.

She suddenly clears her throat. "So, what time are the children coming?"

"I'm pretty sure they'll be here soon." He simply says, pulling out a chair for him to sit on. "Why don't you sit down for a bit with me?"

The pink-haired witch quietly walks over to the table to take a seat facing him. She stared into his evergreen eyes and smiled, "I never thought you still kept that photo."

"Which photo?" He inquired rather innocently, taking a sip of the orange juice.

She hesitated but decided to speak anyway, "Our almost wedding."

With one quick glance at the said photo, Seravy lets out a sigh. "Of course I have. It's the only thing I have left of you."

"…yes, but displaying it out in the open like this," Dorothy gulps as she focuses her full attention on the photo. "Wouldn't you turn off some nice young witches you could have invited in for a cup off tea?" Although, she could not stand the thought of him with another woman, she wasn't sure why she wanted to pry on whatever "love life" he had in the last six years.

He couldn't help but chuckle, which causes her to cock a brow. "Why are you laughing?"

"…because you're forgetting how much I gave up in the city just to be with you." He tells her with a smile on his face. "…I'm really not interested in anyone else if that's what you're getting at. Well, there was an instance in the market wherein this woman gave me "the wink" …but I didn't really encourage anything."

"…Oh, because she didn't have gold curls?" She says jokingly.

"No, she actually did have gold curls but, " He knits his eyebrows together, catching on her humor. "…I'm pretty sure it was because she wasn't you."

Upon hearing this, she instinctively moved her gaze to her empty plate, attempting to hide the blush on her cheeks.

"You know, you shouldn't really ponder on about the love life I had for six years because I spent them knocking at your door and trying to get a read out of you. Besides, Dorothy, I'd rather have my house blown in smithereens everyday rather than live in it with someone else."

This makes her genuinely smile for the first time in a long time. Sure he had his childish tendencies but in spite everything they've been through, he will always be there for her even when she just can't be there for him. Their unique relationship has so many facets to it and despite the six-year stalemate they had going on, the fact is, he didn't leave even when he had the opportunity staring him in the eye.

He chose to stay.

Come to think of it, the only possible reason as to why he'd stay in the middle of nowhere was because of her, not to be conceited or anything.

He proposed marriage to her despite being pink-haired Dorothy, he put up with daily tiffs with the same pink-haired Dorothy (partly because he instigated them) and more importantly, he declared his love to non other than the pink-haired Dorothy.

With all these facts in check, how could he leave her for another woman that could never give him the same kind of relationship?

To him, it was absolutely priceless.

Breakfast with the children had been one of the highlights of Seravi's day. Cha Cha, Riiya and Shiine were now eleven years old, and yet they were still the same as ever. Cha Cha, being the spontaneous girl she was, talked about her experiences in Magic Kingdom and how she might have accidentally summoned a dragon on occasion instead of monarch butterflies whereas Shiine, the smart boy he was, humbly dismissed the fact he graduated top of their class and Riiya surprisingly had good scores as well despite not knowing anything about magic.

Dorothy and Seravy sat back and smiled like the proud teachers they were.

"…And of course, the principal had to reprimand me. I was punished with several demerits." Seravy's apprentice continued as the whole table listened. "It was horrible! I thought to myself that if Seravy-sensei were here, he would be disappointed."

"But Cha cha-san! Your magic has improved! King Genius says that one day you could possibly the world champion magician!" Shiine butt in.

"Hehe~" The young girl grinned, rubbing her own head in embarrassment. "He only said that because I was family…but I really think Shiine-chan deserves it. You worked so hard."

"Only if he defeats Seravy…which is impossible because even Dorothy can't defeat him—" Riiya bitterly mutters as he stuffs himself with more helpings of bacon.

The whole house stood still in silence.

Shiine, Seravy and Cha Cha nervously stole a glance from Dorothy who dropped her utensils upon hearing Riiya's words.

"Oh dear, Riiya, must you talk with that huge mouth of yours…?" The world champion wizard nervously stuffs more bacon in his mouth, to which the child starts choking on.

"Oshou-sama…" Shiine silently prayed that she won't burst into violence any time soon for they knew it always ended up with a house reduced to ashes and their stomachs restricted with very good food.



She then flipped the table, soliciting a gasp from poor Riiya, who sprung himself on the floor to lick the remaining food off the floor.

"Well, I'd like to see you try…" Seravy said smugly. "Ogre."

The children never looked so horrified. "Sensei! Stop!" Cha cha cried.


"Ill-tempered, ogre, ugly, pink-haired, wretched girl." He said in a mantra, which easily caused the witch to boil inside.

It didn't take long before she burst into flames. "THAT'S IT. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. I'LL DEFEAT YOUR SORRY ASS."

"HOHOHOHO~! You'll have to chase me for it!" With one snap, he summoned his broom and flew away. Dorothy did not hesitate before hopping on her own broom to chase after him.

The three children, cautiously looked outside the window to find Dorothy throwing all sorts of random objects at Seravy who put a force field around himself.




"To be fair, the house didn't explode," Shiine whispered to Cha cha, who nodded most gratefully.


Unfortunately Seravy's force field had deflected all the objects and ironically, they all bounced back to the direction of his house—which pretty much included the several sticks of dynamite she threw.

Now, the house was entirely in smithereens.

With audible sighs, the trio exchanged looks and declared,

"It's great to be home."

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