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ZOE: Come on, Heart... Who's that secret girl?

ME: That's why I can't tell you because it's a secret... And besides, you will know the secret tomorrow

ZOE: But I want to know her now!

ME: Hehe... Suit yourself (Walks away)

ZOE: Grrr!!!


JESS: Oh, Kouichi... You're really good...

KOUICHI: Yeah... I'm better than my emo brother...

(On the other corner)

TAKUYA: (Playing my PSP... Hey! He didn't ask me first! Argh!)

ME: Yo Takuya... H- Is that my PSP?!

TAKUYA: Huh? Oh uh... (Hide PSP at back) what PSP?

ME: The PSP on your back

TAKUYA: What PSP on my back? (Hides under his shirt)

ME: Now under your shirt...

TAKUYA: There's no PSP on my shirt (Going to hide in his pants but-)

ME: Hoy, huwag... Sa'yo na muna yan! I mean, you can have it for now... Just don't hide it under your pants or I'll kill you

TAKUYA: Sure... (Continues on playing)

ME: Say, what happen to the two lovebirds?

TAKUYA: Who? Me and Zoe?

ME: (Hit him on the back neck) No, you idiot... You know, the two that had doing the 'you know what' for 3 straight hours on that door (Shows 'that door' with a creepy music)

TAKUYA: Ow... Them... I think they're finish... I think

ME: I suppose they are now... I'll ask them...

TAKUYA: Ok but just don't open it... It'll give you nosebleed

ME: Right... *knock knock* Jess? Kouichi? Are you dead- I mean alive- I mean fine?

JESS: Yeah we're alive and fine

KOUICHI: But we're not dead!

ME: O-k... So, are you FINISH from WHAT you two are DOING in 3 hours?!!!

KOUICHI: Yup... I guess so?

ME: Good... Just clean up the MESS you make there

TAKUYA: You mean the-

ME: Don't say it

TAKUYA: I'm just trying to say-

ME: I said don't say it!


ME: Oh, I thought you're going to say-


ME: Oops! ^_^


TOMMY: I'm bored...

GERARD: (Making sounds like crying)

TOMMY: Gerard, what's wrong?


TOMMY: You miss your mommy?

GERARD: (nods)

TOMMY: Don't worry Gerard, we will find you mother soon as possible...

GERARD: Arf! (It means thank you... XDXD)


JP: That crazy dog... Yuck... I still feel saliva on my face... (Not noticing that he's heading for the stairs) I hate pets... especially that li- AHHH!! (Falls from stairs) Ow! AH! Ow! AH! Ow! AH! *THUG!!!!* Owww...

ME: See? Now you experience to be fallen from stairs... Jumbo... Hey! A new nickname ^_^

JP: (Tries to get up but he's too heavy so he stays lying on the floor) ARGH! Curse you stairs!


ZOE: Sora! Hi!

SORA: ZOE! *hugs Zoe*

ZOE: Glad you stay here...

SORA: Thanks... And I feel home already, thanks to Kouji...

ZOE: Oh, I see (Evil glares at Kouji)

KOUJI: *gulp*

SORA: Anyways, I'm just staying here for 3 days

ZOE: It's ok... Just enjoy yourself staying here...

SORA: I'm really happy that you're here...

ZOE: Yeah... (Glares at Kouji again)

KOUJI: (Mind: Stop glaring at me!)

The Next Day...

ZOE: Can you tell me now?

ME: No

ZOE: Please

ME: No

ZOE: Please!
ME: No!


ME: Ok, ok... sheez...

ZOE: Oh thank you thank you thank you!

(Hears doorbell)

ME: And here she is! (Opens door) Zoe... Meet, Haley... umm... what's your last name?

HALEY: Walker

ME: Right... Meet Haley Walker... Zoe, Haley... Haley, Zoe...

HALEY: Ni ^_^

ZOE: Nice to meet you

HALEY: So Heart, why did you call me?

ME: Oh, there's something you need to do

HALEY: Spill it out

ME: Would you make Kouji as your boyfriend?

HALEY: What?! Why?!

ME: Well, let me explain...

20 minutes later...

ME: So that's why we need you to... you know, just distract Kouji away from Sora until she'll travel home...

HALEY: But why I'm the one who'll distract him?

ME: I don't know, it just pop out in my mind that you're the right girl for him

HALEY: Well, I suppose I can do it... He's cute anyway


HALEY: What? What's so funny?

ME: N-oth-in-g (Rolling on floor laughing)

HALEY: What just happen?

ZOE: Uh, she got some tantrums...

HALEY: Oh...


TAKUYA: Hey Kouichi!

KOUICHI: Yo, what's up?

TAKUYA: Umm... Let me say that if you will do the 'thing' that you and Jess do again, remember to put a 'do not disturb' sign in the door

KOUICHI: Uhh, why?

TAKUYA: Coz, when the others or I sometimes will go to your room, we are getting nosebleed on your... Uhh... just put a 'do not disturb' sign (walks away)

KOUICHI: Ok, but I will also put a 'knock first, before enter' sign...


ME, ZOE & HALEY: (Head pop out on the curtains)

ME: There they are...

(Kouji is away form Sora)

HALEY: Guys, are you sure from this... I mean there's no sign that he's making a move with her

ME: That's what he wants you to think

ZOE: Uh, Heart, I think she's right

ME: Nonsense, you'd never seen that he'd almost kiss her when Matt call on the phone... uh oh (MIND: I forgot to tell Zoe that)...

ZOE: What?!

ME: Don't worry, it didn't collide, only inches away... Just don't be loud...

ZOE: Haley, do your job...

HALEY: Ok, but I don't want to it when she's around... or even you two...

ZOE: Ok, I'll get Sora

ME: And I'll be here, watching you...

HALEY: No, you're going with Zoe...

ME: But I want t-


ME: Wow, now who's the bossy now...


ME: Ok, ok... (MIND: There's something strange around here)

ZOE: Wow, you really scare her

HALEY: Yeah, I'm a good actress ^_^

ZOE: Right...


ZOE: I'm gonna call her...


KOUJI: So, how did you know Matt?

SORA: Well, h-

ZOE: Sora, can you help me from here, please...

SORA: Be right back...


HALEY: (Still hiding in the curtains) Good work, Zoe... Now's my chance...

KOUJI: (Randomly whistling)

HALEY: Hi Kouji...

KOUJI: Oh, hi Haley... HALEY?! What're you doing here?

HALEY: Aww, do you want me to go home now? *Puppy eyes*

KOUJI: No, no... That's not what I meant... I mean that I've didn't seen you since the last day I saw you

HALEY: Oh, so? Did you miss me?

KOUJI: I-I... sure, I miss you

HALEY: Aww, I miss you too (Hugs Kouji)

On my side...

ME: (Sipping smoothie) Tommy's right, surveillance camera is a great idea

(Watching Kouji and Haley on the surveillance camera room)

ME: Aww, that's cute... Well, Haley really is a good actress

Back to the two...

HALEY: (Still hugging Kouji)

KOUJI: Uh, you can let go now...

HALEY: (Let go Kouji)

KOUJI: So, what brings you here?

HALEY: oh, well... I just wanted to say that

KOUJI: Uhh, what?

HALEY: That I love you (Quickly kisses Kouji)

KOUJI: ???

ME: (Spit smoothie) whoa... that was quick... good job Haley...

ZOE: (Suddenly appeared) OMG!

SORA: (Also appeared along with Zoe) Uhh? What's going on?

HALEY: (Breaks the kiss) Oh, hi... You must be Sora

SORA: Yeah... How'd you know?

HALEY: Well, Kouji tells me


ZOE: *Giggles*

SORA: I see

HALEY: Oh, by the way, I'm Haley... Kouji's girlfriend

KOUJI: What the?!

ME: Sweet...

ZOE: (MIND: You go girl)

SORA: So, you're Kouji's girlfriend, right?

HALEY: Yup...

SORA: (Looks at Kouji) Kouji I didn't know you have a girlfriend...

KOUJI: It's not l- I didn't- I can explain

ZOE: Well, well, well Kouji... Looks like you got your own lover now


ME: I need to see this personal! (Goes to door) The door's lock! I can't open it!!! It's lock from outside...

(A chair was locking the door from outside)


SORA: Ok then... This is awkward but I'm cool... Come on Zoe, let's get some smoothie... (Walks away)

ZOE: Right behind you... See you two lovebirds


ME: Help me!!!


TOMMY: Well, Gerard... Here we are... The place where Heart and I find you...


TOMMY: Don't worry Gerard, you find your mother...

???: Woof WOOF!

TOMMY: I think we find her...


TOMMY: Wh- she talks?!

GERARD: Mommy!

TOMMY: Hey, wait a minute? Gerard? You talk to?!

(And there's the scene were a mommy dog and his son hugging each other... awww ^_^)

TOMMY: So, this is weird... now dogs can talk...

GERARD: Yeah, sorry if I didn't speak for a long time when I'm with you

TOMMY: Nah, its ok...

GERARD'S MOTHER: Thank you so much for taking good care of my child

TOMMY: it was no big deal

GERARD: Looks like it's time to say goodbye

TOMMY: Yeah, I will miss you so much... *sniff* I promise not to cry- I (Starts to cry) I'LL MISS YOU!!! WAHH!!!

GERARD: I miss you too...

TOMMY: Can you bite me one last time

GERARD: (Bites Tommy's hand)

TOMMY: Oww... Goodbye buddy

GERARD: Bye Tommy

TOMMY: Hope I see you soon

(Scene where Gerard and his mother fade away)

TOMMY: *sniff* back to business...


ME: Uh, guys? Can somebody please open the door... Hello? Anyone?


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