A Diary of Pain

Summary: Tony Stark keeps his love a secret.


Monday, 12th May

Shut the fuck up, Jarvis

I've been better, but it feels like I'm gonna rip my hair off any second.

I haven't heard her screaming like that since Obadiah had tried to kill me that night. Anyway, I think that she's just mad because I suddenly decided to appoint her as CEO. If I were her I'd die with happiness, but I'm not her. Clearly.

Like I said, I've been better.

I promise that I'll try and be a good boy for the next several days, see if I can convince her to talk to me. I almost laughed when I saw the expression on her face today when I presented her my new PA. I think she's waaay jealous. She deserves it for turning me down cold. I just wish she would see what effect she has on me.

And my heart – the one behind the arc screams at me not to hurt her, but my pride and ego are saying that I should, because that's exactly what she did to me when she said, indirectly, of course – no to my offer.

I've got an idea.

I wanna know exactly how jealous I can make her starting with tomorrow. There's this meeting...


This is the alternate POV to A Diary of Love.